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Release year: 2010-2016
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Paul McGuigan
Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Lu Shaved, Rupert graves, Mark Gatiss, Zoe Telford, Vinett Robinson, Tanya Moody, Jonathan ARIS
Description: British TV series from BBC, where-are treated anew the immortal works of sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the action moved to the present day. To watch stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes in our website, simply visit virtual cinema. The series “Sherlock” is available here for viewing online, so you can also select the episode and click on start.
Stories and novels about the famous detective from Baker street has been filmed many times, and in many cases that the creators were actually pretty good. This time the authors decided to modernize the act, bringing it into our time. It has a certain effect on the character and habits of the characters. For example, Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective, which, unlike its prototype abandoned tubes in favor of nicotine patch. According to him, today in London, the smoker has become uncomfortable.
Doctro, Watson, like his counterpart from the nineteenth century served in Afghanistan, where he was a military doctor. Now measured urban life does not bring him enough satisfaction. Brave doctor misses risk and hazards during military service lay in wait for him at every step. Mrs. Hudson, too, has the features of modern elderly lady that don’t care about the chaotic life of its occupant, but only to the point till it touches her personal belongings. Modern features inherent in and the rest of the characters from the works of Conan Doyle.
In the first season of “Sherlock” is also an acquaintance of the detective with Dr. Watson, and together they investigate a series of mysterious murders, the culprit which turns out to be a Moriarty, DTA who Sherlock Holmes is a idol.
Moriarty constantly brings Holmes out of trouble, but that like the pleasure of this confrontation. The denouement comes at a time when people Moriarty threatened with weapons, Watson and Holmes, but the latter turns out to be a grenade, which he threatened to blow up all those present.
Sherlock (2010-2016) seasons 1,2,3,4

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