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Already in high school, she enrolled in the internship Toronto Fashion TV ( ‘Toronto’s Fashion Television’); the last two school years Sheney visited also the City Academy (City Academy).
Sheney Grimes (Shenae Grimes, 24.10.1989) – Canadian actress. Currently plays Annie Wilson (Annie Wilson) in the television series ‘90210’ ( ‘90210’), a spin-off of the popular youth project ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ ( ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’). Prior to ‘90210’ actress played Darcy Edwards (Darcy Edwards) in the series ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ ( ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’). Also in the bank known roles Grimes including regular role in the project ‘Naturally, Sadie’ ( ‘Naturally, Sadie’) and a recurring role in the horror film ‘Scream 4’ ( ‘Scream 4’).
Grimes was born in Toronto, Ontario (Toronto, Ontario). Already in high school, she enrolled in the internship Toronto Fashion TV ( ‘Toronto’s Fashion Television’); the last two school years Sheney visited also the City Academy (City Academy).
Start Sheney had a relatively small role; however, already in 2004, she was given a major role in the show “Degrassi: The Next Generation ‘. The image of Darcy Edwards Grimes got used brilliantly. In 2008, the series ended, but Sheney did not have to miss – in the same year she won the role of Annie Wilson in the TV series ‘90210’.
In 2008 Sheney starred in the feature film comedy ‘Through the Lens’ ( ‘Picture This’); starred with her on her colleagues ‘Degrassi’, Lauren Collins (Lauren Collins) and Ashley Tisdale (Ashley Tisdale). In the same year, Grimes played even in ‘Confessions of a Hollywood starlet’ ( ‘True Confessions Of A Hollywood Starlet’); here her company was singer JoJo (JoJo).
In 2009, the ‘People’ magazine included Grimes in the list of most beautiful people in the world – without makeup. In 2009, the same Sheney starred in the video for the single ‘Our Lady Peace’ ‘All You Did Was Save My Life’.
In 2010 Sheney starred in the short silent ‘Unzipped’ film; In the same year she performed as a screenwriter and director, releasing a video for the song ‘Myself and I’. The video, incidentally, starred one of his colleagues Grimes on the series ‘90210’, Ryan Eggold (Ryan Eggold).
In April of 2011, on cinema screens came fourth part of the cult horror saga ‘Scream’; Sheney played in this film a cameo.
In 2011, Grimes, along with other stars ‘90210’, Anna-Lynn McCord (AnnaLynne McCord) and Jessica Straupe (Jessica Stroup) went to Japan (Japan), to held in Tokyo (Tokyo) project ‘Asia Girls Explosion’. The timing of the visit to the country of the Rising Sun has chosen Sheney extremely inappropriate – it was at this time on the islands have been an earthquake and tsunami. Earthquake Grimes caught in a Buddhist temple; impression rampant disaster made her just incredible – the actress soon launched a charity campaign ‘Spread The Heart’. Grimes is not just decided to help the victims of the disaster, but also to engage the participants as much as possible – and it succeeded it to the fullest.
In May 2011, the actress was admitted six weeks internship at the New York ‘Teen Vogue’; Sheney later admitted that the post of editor of the fashion magazine has always been her dream.
In the fall of 2011 Grimes shot a video for the song ‘Are You Happy Now?’ ‘Megan & Liz’; the clip was posted October 17 on site, and a day later appeared on the official channel ‘Megan & Liz’ on YouTube. By the current moment in the video had accumulated more than a million views.
Sheney confessed that from her fellow actors above all inspired by Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman) and Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp).
From 2007 to 2009-th Grimes met with Canadian-Rapport Ethan Cole (Ethan Rapport-Cole); later, in 2011, she began an affair with the Canadian DJ Brendan Ellis (Brendan Ellis).

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