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Sheldon Lee Cooper is one of the stars of the sitcom Big Bang Theory, starring Jim Parsons and dubbed in Italian by Leonardo Graziano. For his performance, Jim Parsons won four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.
Sheldon Leonard’s roommate and neighbor Penny. He’s a brilliant man, crowned with titles such as Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science, but to understand great difficulty adjusting to social life and social conventions.
The character’s name is a tribute to the actor, director and film producer Sheldon Leonard, and the name comes from the Nobel Prize in Physics Leon Cooper. The character has achieved considerable popularity, so that they are dedicated, among other things, the name of an asteroid and of a new species with, in the specific dipped with the name “Euglossa Bazinga”.
Fictional character biography
Sheldon was born in Galveston, Texas, and is the sign of Taurus. His mother calls him the nickname “Shelly” and claimed to have given birth to the supermarket. He was a child prodigy, as evidenced by his IQ and his rapid academic career: he graduated at the age of 11 years he was at the same age at the university and at the age of 16 his first Ph.D. search. Sheldon, as himself repeatedly, has a photographic memory and perfect pitch.
Sheldon was raised by a mother extremely religious; on several occasions, this aspect contrasts with the scientific accuracy of Sheldon. The mother seems to be pushed around Sheldon are the only person.
It also has a twin sister named Missy, with a normal character from childhood to Sheldon has implemented real bullying. Despite being twins, there was no agreement between the two: Missy, in fact, is a very attractive girl. Sheldon justifies the difference in appearance with his fraternal twins; His sister had a grandson. He also has an older brother, George.
Sheldon lives in the apartment with her roommate Leonard 4A at 2311 North Los Robles Avenue Pasadena.
Sheldon is a theoretical physicist who works at Caltech, as his friends, and his work includes research on string theory. His dream is to be able to get a Nobel Prize for physics with studies. The new discoveries about the Big Bang, however, he begins to consider changing the field of study, but would prevent the university that because funding they received with respect to the string theory; This, coupled with the many big changes ahead, the mature decision to move away from Pasadena and take a year.
At the beginning of the eighth season, after returning in Pasadena, Sheldon manages to change the curriculum, by the search for dark matter, by promoting a professor who gave the university him.
Because of his great intelligence, Sheldon believed to be intellectually superior to his interlocutors. However, it is deep in a position to forge social relationships and has great difficulty to understand and accept the behavior of people in informal settings.
It is a very neat and habit: every action is part of a routine perfectly organized and schedule Sheldon explains also the people around him. It does not tolerate mixing others in his habits and hard to grasp the idea that there may be reason to change; This behavior is especially noticeable when you need to maintain the evening “theme” program, even when his friends plan to give it up due to other proposals for their attractive. In general, Sheldon tend to exaggerate problems arising from a change in his routine, even if they cover aspects seemingly imperceptible or irrelevant.
Has a permanent place on his couch, chosen based on the perfect combination of light, temperature and the ideal angle for watching TV while participating in a conversation without sounding too sheltered a recurring gag of the show is to disappointment when he realizes Sheldon someone has been in place.
It is not inclined to go along with the wishes and desires of others, unless she along with her, and often puts his interests above everything and everyone; For this reason, his friends find it easier to go along with his bizarre behavior groped in place to prevent it. Precisely for this reason he signs Leonard has a “contract between roommates”, which greatly limits the freedom of action and allows a priori behavior. On several occasions reference is made to the clause which prohibits Leonard Leonard thermostat temperature or force it to change limiting the weekly nights of her girls in the apartment. In the fifth season, a “contract for boyfriends” sign to Amy that, like the previous one, is one-way, as it only takes into account the needs of Sheldon.
Often manifests itself in the behavior of children, has proved in fact many times not only know how to himself, which is why it uses the people in favor of relying on ‘ “friendship” as if a moral duty, as steps to drive to the strip mall, the dentist or in another place where he wants, which can be attributed to the fact that can not drive, but will not admit, claiming to be “to emerge for the ride.” He does not much care about other people’s feelings, so always say whatever comes to mind, regardless of the effect his words have on people.
It is not able to understand sarcasm and humor, as well as a large part of the social conventions. On several occasions Sheldon seems these treaties, such as the offer of a hot drink to respect raising the morale of a person, but he does it in a mechanical way as a result of maternal education, so that even if the drink is not desired person, he does the same, allow no choice. It is also very picky and does not hesitate any errors it finds in the interaction and to correct the action of others, regardless of whether his statement skilled or clumsy little.
He hates feeling indebted to the people, even if it involves an exchange of gifts, in fact, if it is a gift which he feels to feel the need to even make a gift with a monetary value which is equal to that bestowed receives it.
It is unable to lie or to keep a secret because he was seized by visible tics or have to expose themselves after a few seconds. The same tics occur when it is interrupted while pronouncing a sentence or when not know the answer to some questions.
There is a long list of phobias, especially those for germs and disease, to the point of decline and anxiety physical contact with other people or that by the birds.
Among his passions, it’s science fiction, but repeatedly reiterated his disgust for the TV series Babylon 5 and a number of films in the saga of Star Trek. Stephen Hawking considers the only person who can understand, so much so that he says he dressed as a Halloween when he was a child, and just to see him suffer all the humiliation that forces him Howard. He loves the character of Spock and feeds admired Leonard Nimoy; However, Sheldon does not comply with the actor because he is prevented by a restraining order that keeps framed; in return, Sheldon, the DNA of the actor, as always Penny has gave him an autographed napkin which the actor is clean mouth, a gesture for which they receive from Penny Sheldon one of his rare hugs.
Sheldon loves trains and their models, know every feature of many types of train, feels a passion for certain animals, such as monkeys and koalas.
Another passion of the scientist is vexillology, ie the study of flags, so it has launched its own program podcasts, have fun with flags, whose argument flags, often recorded with the help of Amy.
Sheldon is a teetotaler, do not drink any alcohol, but the few times I assume alcohol manifests a fun personality, cheerful and friendly.
It has a very subjective way of knocking: after giving three quick taps, say the name of the person who has to be repeated on the other side of the door, three times.
Like the other characters of the show, Sheldon always wears the same kind of clothes. In his case it is a T-shirt or polo shirt with long sleeves, worn on a t-shirt with short sleeves, containing photographs or drawings related to the world of nerds: comics, video games, TV series or scientific subjects.
personal ties
Sheldon does not like personal ties, although Leonard has repeatedly called his best friend and roommate, one who manages to wear a certain point in his delusions. Even Raj and Howard are his friends; the relationship with Howard is especially complicated because Sheldon’d humiliate him reminding him every time does not have a doctorate. He initially struggled to accept his group Penny due to the fact that they had nothing in their world, but eventually the two become friends. He once said Leonard, Raj and Penny are his three best friends, while Howard a “good friend”.
Next manages a strong bond with Amy Farrah Fowler, a girl trovatagli friends Howard and Raj forge a dating site you all the features of Sheldon entered in the final episode of the third season. Amy can be defined as the female version of Sheldon theoretical physicist in the fifth season will ask her to be his girlfriend, but proposed to miss a contract of engagement with very strict conditions, similar to those already on his roommate and friend. Despite attempts by women to make their relationship more intimate, he points physical contact, except for keeping the hand or other type of sporadic contacts. The report, but over time evolved from the emotional point of view is from the physical point of view, so Sheldon comes to kiss on the lips Amy, and even confess his love.
It has a very controversial with the mother, who disputes respectful, friendly and firm mentality very religious, who loves. She is still like a child, especially when they are sick, treat me as you would a child in various ways, including by singing the song Soft Kitty. Again, because of his delusions of habit, he claims that this is the song sung by someone who cares. She also loves and honors his very grandmother who claims to be the only one with the right to speak from the heart cream. Admires the mother of Leonard, neuroscientist and so much closer to him than his mother, statement to the extent of invidiarne childhood.
Sheldon has a good 62 “mortal enemies”, including Leslie Winkle, Joel Schumacher and Wil Wheaton, replaced in the list of Brent Spiner after being ruined by a gift Want to him.
Some viewers speculated that the character Asperger can have, in fact, the authors have reported according to the Aspanger as a basis for the personality of the character.
In an episode of the tenth season of Two and a Half Men, one of the protagonists, Jake Harper, say the word “bazinga”.

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