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Shakira was born on February 2, 1977 in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. Father – William Mebarak Shadid, a Lebanese-born owner of a jewelry store. Mother – Nidia del Carmen Torrado, a Colombian Spanish and Italian roots. Shakira – the first child and the mother of the 8th child’s father.
In Hindi, Shakira – the goddess of light. The talent of the future star was manifested in childhood. At the age of 1.5 years, she learned the entire alphabet. In the three years already I read and write, and four years wrote poems. The parents, seeing how rapidly evolving their child, have made every effort to develop the talents of his daughter.
Shakira has a child knew exactly what would be a singer. In eight years, she composed songs and eleven have already played the guitar. During these years she has been an active participant in various amateur competitions, which are constantly defeated.
In ten years, Shakira was invited to dance belly dancing. Then the parents insisted on her participation in the popular local competition, which he won. Since then she has won all the prizes at competitions in his hometown.
Already in the 14 years she was the most popular singer in Barranquilla. Gradually it began to recognize the name of the whole country. Shakira Colombia presented at the festival “Viña del Mar” and it won with the song “ERES”, which is composed herself. Judging the festival Ricky Martin all the forces supporting his favorite girl!
In the beginning, the producers wanted to make a career of singer Shakira merengue, but she refused. Then the singer chose the role of pop singer. The first album «Magia», which Shakira recorded in 13 years, had no success.
In 15 years, Shakira recorded a second album «Peligro» ( «Danger”). The album, not particularly successful, only one song and enjoyed success with the audience. The record company «Sony Discos», concluded a contract with the singer on three albums, gave her one last chance at that Shakira has set a condition that the company does not interfere in its work.
She moved to Bogota with her mother and began work on their third album. This went on for quite some time, in between writing Shakira has managed to become “Miss Colombian TV” and remove the “Oasis” in the local series. Unhappy with the producers of Sony were going to break her contract and caused her to have a conversation. In the taxi on the way to the office Shakira composed a song «Donde estas corazon? “(” Where are you, my heart? “), Which won the hearts of the producers and the audience. Since then, Shakira did not know failures.
«Pies descalzos» singer’s third album was released in 1996. In 1995-1997, Shakira went on their first tour of South and North America and gave 59 concerts in 43 cities. In 2005 he was released the next studio album in Spanish «Fijación Oral, Vol. 1″. Towards autumn Shakira released a video for the song «No», rotated exclusively in Hispanic stranah.V November 2005 they released their second album, «Oral Fixation in English, Vol. 2. ”
In June, Shakira went on another tour of «Oral Fixation Tour», in her concerts around the world were more than 2.3 million people, she gave 150 concerts in 100 cities in 37 countries. In 2007, Shakira won her first prize «MTV Video Music Award» for “Beautiful Liar» ( «Beautiful Lier»), which she performed with singer Beyonce is gaining popularity.
After a long silence, in October 2009, she released the album «She Wolf». Later came a Spanish-language version of the album titled Loba. Album is different from the prior art electron-tantsevanym singer sound.
In early January 2014, Shakira released a new song, which she performed with Rihanna. The track called «Can not Remember to Forget You» was released on January 13 and was the first single from her new album «Shakira». Its Spanish version titled «Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte» was released on January 21 and January 30 was released clip.
Shakira: “There were three of them – my skeletons in the closet, I remember them, but do not want to talk about them. It just so happened that they were all much less older than me – regardless of age. After all, I am 13 years was used as a ship’s captain, to manage all their affairs. ”
In 13 years, Shakira fell in love with a neighbor boy and told him that he wanted to become a singer. All childhood she ran spent in the company of local hooligans, playing different yard games.
In 2000, Shakira began to meet with the son of the former President of Argentina, Antonio de la Rua. Thanks to the love of Antonio woman has composed many tunes that are so loved by her fans, for example, almost all the songs of the album «Laundry Service» and the famous song «Whenever Wherever», which became very popular in Russia. Shakira and Antonio began to prepare for the wedding, when his father was still acting president.
Shakira: “Antonio around fits my idea of the perfect man – he is handsome, noble, smart, extremely patient and always tells the truth.”
But in Argentina there was a crisis, the president sacked and relations gave a crack. Preparations for the wedding has been suspended. In January 2011, the couple announced the break. According to some reports, Antonio de la Rua, Shakira requires compensation in 45 million. Dollars for the sake of career left him prodyuscirovaniya singer and frozen contracts, loss of profits which exceeded $ 200 million.
In 2010 there were rumors of a romance with Shakira quarterback of the football club “Barcelona” Zherararom Pique, younger than her 10 years. March 29, 2011 Shakira has officially confirmed their romance in his “Twitter”. They met at the World Cup in 2010. The Spanish team, which protects the color Gerard Pique, then for the first time in the history of the tournament won. Shakira also graced the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup.
Since then, for a passionate romance Gerard Pique and Shakira watched all over the world. In September 2012, Shakira confirmed rumors about her pregnancy. The singer said that she and her boyfriend are expecting their first child. January 22, 2013 Shakira by Caesarean section gave birth to a son named Milan Pique Mebarak.
Shakira: “To his family I have, rather, the mother of the family. Wherever I was – on the road or on the road – I always accompany my family. And I do not think of themselves lunch or dinner without their presence. ”
From clothes Shakira prefers narrow dark jeans, high heels or platform, loose tops bright colors, which is not only on stage, but also in everyday life. Very fond of different chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and eastern zones, which puts almost his every speech.
In 1997, Shakira founded the charitable organization «Fundación Pies Descalzos» (literally “Fund bare feet”), to raise funds to fund schools for poor children in Colombia and other Latin American countries.
In 2011, the singer came to the commission of the US President, which deals with the problems of education of Hispanics.
In 2012, Shakira released a fragrance «Elixir», and in 2013 – «Elixir Wild». flavor «S by Shakira Aquamarin» was released in the same year, a limited edition. For all his career, Shakira has become one of the most successful Latin singer having sold more than 75 million. Albums and received more than 200 different awards, including two awards “Grammy and eight” Latin Grammy “.
January 29, 2015 Shakira and Gerard Pique second son was born.
(Total received more than 200 awards, lists the most important)
▪ Latin Award “Grammy” in the category “Best Female Pop Vocal” for the song «Octavo Día», ( «Ojos Así») (2000)
▪ Award “Grammy” in the category “Best Latin Pop Album” for the live album «MTV Unplugged» (2001)
▪ Latin Award “Grammy” in the category “Best Music Video” for video “Suerte” (2002)
▪ Award «MTV Europe Music Awards» in the nomination “The best performer of the year” (2005)
▪ Award «MTV Latin Awards» in the nomination “The best performer of the year”, “Best Music Video” clip for «La Tortura» (2005)
▪ Award American Music Awards in the category “Best Latin singer” (2005)
▪ Award «ALMA» (American Latino Media Arts Award, the award is called “Latin American Oscar”) in the category “Outstanding musical performance” (2006)
▪ Award “the ALMA” in the nomination “The best Spanish-language album,” for the album «Fijación Oral Vol. 1 “) (2006)
▪ Award “Grammy” in the category “Best Latin Album of the Year” for the album «Fijación Oral Vol. 1 “) (2006)
▪ Award «MTV Video Music Awards» in the nomination “Best Choreography” for the clip «Hips Do not Lie» (2006)
▪ Latin Award “Grammy” in the category “Best Album projected”, “best pop album of the singer”, “Album of the Year” for the album «Fijación Oral Vol. 1 “(2006)
▪ Latin Award “Grammy” in the “Song of the Year,” “Record of the Year” for the song «La Tortura» (2006)
▪ Award American Music Awards in the category “Best Latin Artist” (2006)
▪ Award MTV «Video Music Awards» in the nomination “Duet of the Year” for the video “Beautiful liar” (with Beyoncé) (2007)
▪ Award “the ALMA” in the nomination “Charity” (2008)
▪ Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters (2012, France)
A family
Civil marriage – Gerard Pique (02.02.1987), football player
Son – Milan Pique Mebarak (01/22/2013), from Gerard Pique
Son – Sasha (29.01.2015), by Gerard Pique
Antonio de la Rúa (2000-2011)

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