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Serval, or as it is called bush cat – a representative of the predatory felines.
Serval is very beautiful and if you saw her, you immediately wanted to have a pet, remember that this is not just a cute pet, such as the African hedgehog and African cat serval, direct ancestors which existed in the wild, the black continent.
So before you buy an animal to get the most information about it. Serval is very graceful and elegant, the average weight of adult males is about 18 kg, females weigh a little less.
Limbs shrub cats are very high, and the ears are large, which can only be found among the other breeds of cats.
The muzzle, chest and abdomen covered with white fur. The outer side of the ears spotted: on a black background with white or yellow spots. African serval cat
The entire body is covered with gorgeous patterned serval spotted coat.
Serval close to having to disappear from the face of the earth forever. Unfortunately, hunters exterminate these rare animals for their pelts.
In addition, some African tribes prey on these cats, as a source of food. In relation to people servals absolutely not aggressive, but the people, on the contrary, for the benefit of ready to destroy them.
In natural conditions servals exist in isolation, so they can not have a serious resistance to their enemies alone. Their young and young individuals may even become food for the birds of large predators.
Due to its large lugs and long legs, servals some of the best hunters. They are able to hear their prey at a distance and to make a jump height of three meters.
The most active of these cats in the early morning (5,00-9,00) and late in the evening (22,00-00,00). All the rest of the servals spend in sleep, sheltered from the scorching African sun.

African serval cat at home
Habits have Serval more dog than cat, but it does not mean that they will be wearing your slippers and chasing a stick. These cats are curious as small children and very capricious. They love playing in the water (which is absolutely alien to the domestic cat) and excellent anglers.
“Voice” is not serval cat, but rather a bird – these African animals great tweeting. Serval quite tender and the manifestation of sympathy begin to rub against the legs of his master.
As for the diet, it should be remembered that the servals predators, so fresh (freshly frozen) meat – it is a must serval daily menu.
When feeding these cats at home do not need to separate the meat from the bones, they are also eaten. After all, in the wild, no one will separate the flesh from the bones of them.
And remember, meat (well, if it is a home) should be eaten raw, boiled killing feral cats. Also, do not feed them normal cat canned food.
With bush cats should necessarily walk in the street, especially in sunny weather. After all, the sun’s rays – is the main source of vitamin D, so necessary for this pet, especially during the period of active growth.
Serval is very playful animals, and they need special toys. The fact that this cat bite force three times in the same figure
other breeds of cats.
Therefore, the standard-zavlekalochki sticks, decorated with feathers, not only last a long time (serval their snack in the blink of an eye) and can seriously injure your pet.
Therefore, purchase toys for a cat in the department for dogs, where they are much stronger than the cat. A rubber ball, which Serval bite – a piece of cake, can replace conventional potatoes. African serval cat
Remember, you never have to play with these cats hands, they can only caress the animal. A play should be exclusively with toys. Serval is so playful that even growing up, they frolic like kittens.
Unfortunately, these cats can very easily get hurt, for example, just by jumping from a low altitude. Therefore, the game should not be too much extreme.
If you notice that the cat is too played out and shows its wild nature, it is necessary to leave the premises with animals, previously taking with him a toy.
It will cool his ardor. If you are bitten serval, necessarily express a voice in the process of entertainment that you is painful and unpleasant. These cats are very intelligent and understand everything well, and they can bite accident, just too wild.
Serval Monogamous, so choose a lifelong one host. Therefore, if you want to get own a cat, it is best to buy 2 – 3 weeks of a kitten.
Reaching the age of puberty, servals are quite aggressive and are beginning to mark territory, to avoid such problems, castrated cat and best of all up to a year. Since the serval – exotic cats, and the prices are not quite small: from 1 to 10 thousand dollars.

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