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Sebastian Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel: Biography
Sebastian Vettel – one of the most famous people in motorsports. He fulfilled his own cherished dream and became a four-time world champion.

Childhood and youth
Sebastian was born in the summer of 1987 in the German city of Heppenheim. Six years later two of his sisters were born, whom the boy loved and brought up. The father of the family was the owner of the karting machine, so children often spent time on karting. When Sebastian was 4 years old, his parents gave him a karting machine. This birthday is the starting point in the biography of a guy who, from a young age, dreamed of a career as a rider.

At the age of five, the boy is already in full swing in karting, and it turns out even professionally. Since 8 years, Sebastian periodically participates in mini-races. At this point a talented child notices Michael Schumacher and takes over him patronage. It’s funny, but at this age the boy dreamed not only about the career of the rider, but also about the stage. However, not having the right vocal, the data decided to use talent on the races.

Participating in mini-races, the teenager already in 9 years has achieved the first victory, which was fixed on karting in Wittenberg. The succession of victories and glory follow the future champion on his heels. Teenager Sebastian plays for the youth team “Red Bull”, which brings a lot of fame, defeating four times at the championship in the North Rhine.

By 2002, the young racer won an incredible number of awards and prizes in this form of motorsport and won the title of champion among juniors of Germany and Europe. A year later he manages to participate in the “Formula-BMW”, where he takes the first place. This victory gave the young man a chance to enter Euroseries “Formula-3”, in which in 2005 he took the 5th place and the title “Rookie of the Year”. Sebastian considers it a failure and makes efforts to achieve a full victory. To win 2 prize-winning places it is possible in 2006.

A month after the significant victory, the junior conducted the first tests in the royal race, choosing for this car Williams. In the year of his own adulthood the young man becomes a silver medalist in Formula Renault. In this race, the German took the second place, but the disqualification of the competitor, who arrived faster, allowed to collect the prizes of the champion.

“Formula 1”
The career of the German driver is rapidly torn up, thanks to Sebastian’s tenacity and the thirst for victory. In 2006, Vettel is officially appointed to the position of the third pilot in the BMW team, in exchange for Robert Kubica, who went to the promotion, who replaced the Canadian Jacques Villeneuve. In sessions of free races the young racer repeatedly sat at the wheel of a racing car. Having proved his professionalism, he becomes a test pilot of BMW Sauber.

The debut arrival of Sebastian Vettel in “Formula 1” falls in the auto season at the Grand Prix of the US-2007. A very promising sportsman replaced the injured Kubica at the wheel of the car. In this race, he showed his capabilities on a professional level, coming to finish eighth and earning 1 point. The prospective driver immediately noticed the “Red Bull” and was invited to the team “Toro Rosso” as a combat pilot, displacing Scott Spida.

“Red Bull” was not mistaken in the choice of the pilot, because the race in China, the pilot came fourth, and in Italy in 2008 was the first. The Italian race of Sebastian Vettel is marked not only by victory in the race and qualification, but also by the establishment of a world record. Arrival was difficult, because the track was slippery from the pouring rain, but the German showed his own professional skills and deservedly received the championship title.

In 2009, the driver goes to the team “Red Bull”, in which he repeatedly proves his skills. In the next interview, the driver admits that the idol of his childhood was Fernando Alonso. Ironically, now on the court, Vettel and Alonso are becoming irreconcilable rivals. At the age of 23, a young athlete becomes the world champion of “Formula 1”, 4 points ahead of his own idol.

2011 – getting the second champion title
2012 – the battle of Vettel and Alonso. In the first half of the season the young German was partially inferior to the position, but by the end of the competition literally snatched the victory from the opponent’s hands.
2013 – is an ambiguous season and there is a fierce battle between the leading riders (Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel). Before the summer holidays, athletes go level, but after rest Vettel wins 9 consecutive victories and again wins the champion’s title. In the last race, the driver risked disobeying orders from the boxing and did not lose.

2014 – during this season the Mercedes team dominates. Motorists from Renault and designers of Red Bull had big problems in the technical equipment of cars. They did not oppose anything to the new V6 turbo engines of the rival team. Vettel because of the technical part does not have a decent resistance and at the end of the season makes a decision to leave the team. By the end of the year, the driver signed a three-year contract with Ferrari (Ferrari).
2015 – Since this year Sebastian has been working for the next three seasons as a member of the Scuderia, and his main partner is Kimi Raikkonen (a Finn of origin).

Personal life
To advertise a personal life the racer dislikes and even zealously protects private property from someone else’s attention. But it is known that Sebastian is very fond of hanging out with friends. In the circle of close relatives he is known as a cool parodist and often pleases sisters with amusing parodies of show business stars. The younger sister revealed her brother’s little secret – the favorite of the public and the titled champion is afraid of mice. From music he prefers the hits of the 70’s, he listens to vinyl records.

Sebastian leads an active lifestyle, loves hiking, playing badminton and snowboarding. The German also has bad habits – this is an irresistible craving for sweets.

Vettel is not officially bound by marriage, although he has lived with Hanna Prater for a long time. Young people are the parents of two girls who were born in 2014 and 2015. Relatives of the couple have long insisted that they register their relationship. But it is still unknown when Hannah will become the wife of Sebastian.

Sebastian Vettel now
For 2017, the driver is bound by a contract with Ferrari. Responds to the team positively, but regrets that while he does not have a powerful enough machine to win victories.

Sebastian wants to raise this team to the top of Olympus “Formula 1” and even suggests that he will be forced to quit his career, if this does not happen.

Interesting Facts
The rider’s height is 175 centimeters. Weight – 62 kg.
He is afraid of rodents.
He likes a tea mushroom.
Your favorite dish is pasta.

The sign of the zodiac is cancer.
In races has 2438 leading laps.
Of the machines prefer “Infiniti”. It is known that even a limited series of Infiniti FX50 machines is dedicated to the rider. This is confirmed by an advertisement posted on the Internet. In the filming participated: Sebastian Vettel, Celina Jade (a famous actress) and SUV.

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