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Biography of Sean Penn
Hooligan and rebel
Sean was born in a Jewish family from the Lithuanian-Russian roots and a Catholic Italian-Irish blood. This alone implied the birth of children with expressive character that, in general, it happened. The rebellious character of Sean Penn already imposed legends. The actor and his brothers spent his childhood in Santa Monica, where friends with the boys, who also became famous – is Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez.
Acting not immediately fascinated Sean, he’s just a kid about it and did not think. The town near the ocean Boy enjoys surfing, hooligans, and even thought about the police profession. But in high school, Sean was in the company of the Los Angeles theater and the stage became ill.
However, the theater was not sweet. Aspiring actor most trusted technical work, not the role. He remained faithful to the scene, though was in the series “Little House on the Prairie” frame. And besides with my friends at school made several short films. And after school instead of to go to college, I went to the theater in a 2-year tour.
Towards the dream
Long Sean Penn would not recognize the actor’s environment, that it is very embarrassing, but not compelled to turn from the path. Future celebrity still ran to the dream and to Broadway. That is why in 1980, Sean and his friends went to New York in search of the main roles. But there he was in the movie, but not in the theater. During trips to listen to Penn caught the eye of film producer and a year later he was offered a small role in the drama “The End”, which also starred Tom Cruise and Timothy Hutton. This was the beginning of a long journey.
Then the novice, but capable actor was invited to a major role eternally drunken surfer in the comedy “The rapid changes in Ridgemont High.” Sean first major work coped successfully, immediately gained fame and secured themselves the roles of the future.
For no one doubted the young actor’s talent after the crime drama “Bad Guys” Rick Rosenthal. Sean Penn played antisocial and violent character and the actor playing the entire movie has been pulled. Then the critics have compared Sean Robert De Niro. Then the actor let himself relax and starred in the crime comedy “Crackers” Louis Mal and melodrama “Racing with the Moon.”
But perhaps the most promising actor Sean Penn has become after work in 1985 with Timothy Hutton in the political thriller “The Falcon and the Snowman” by John Schlesinger. Following the actor threw himself into the role of his son in the criminal drama “In the focus”. It’s time for Sean has been a landmark since it first met Madonna, which took the song as a soundtrack in the film. In 1986, together with the pop diva Sean broke affair with her, he played in a rather unsuccessful film “Shanghai Surprise”. Inspiration from critics after seeing the pictures was not. They argued that the lovers of the actors of the senses had no time to the real game.
Two years later, the actor returned to the path of a great play, playing in the crime drama “Colors” Dennis Hopper. Then it became clear that Sean prefers to make movies with sharp political and social issues. And in 1989 in a duo Penn and Robert De Niro has successfully played in the crime comedy “We are not angels” Neil Jordan about two escaped convicts.
Brian De Palma
Twice on the set of Sean Penn met with the famous Brian De Palma. The first time – in 1989 while working on a military film “death toll”. There actor played one of their hottest roles. The second meeting took place four years later, when in full swing work on the gangster drama “Carlito’s Way.” Sean played a lawyer protagonist, played by Al Pacino. Penn even got nominated for “Golden Globe”.
Not a few different roles, Sean Penn was in the 90s. First, he starred in the thriller “State of Grace” Phil Joan. This is a story about a guy who has returned home after a long absence and learned that his friend was the mafia, and the beloved – a real lady. It is, incidentally, played Robin Wright, who in reality was the wife of the actor. Next came the painting “Rotate” romance “It’s beautiful,” and the thriller “Game.” Two other paintings followed in 1998, when the actor played in colloquial drama “Turmoil” and “The Thin Red Line”, which attracted celebrities and the inflorescence had a huge number of awards.
Victory and defeat
For the first time Sean Penn was nominated for “Oscar” for his role in the 1995 crime drama “Dead Man Walking.” The actor played the offender, sentenced to death and awaiting execution. For the role of Sean useful experience of three months in prison. It happened after a scuffle with journalists.
The second “Oscar” was followed in 1999 for the title role of jazz gitaristay 30s in the film “Sweet and Lowdown.” A third award came after 2 years for the film “I – Sam”. For the latter work, by the way, Sean specially visited the center for the mentally retarded. However, it was only the nomination, the most awards for this work the actor has not received.
But recognized and decent “Oscar” was Sean game in the drama “Mystic River” directed by Clint Eastwood in 2003. Total picture has received six nominations for the prestigious award, of which received only two. Second in his career, the “Oscar” Penn got five years. He played pomaded gay drama “Milk” Gus Van Sant.
On Olympus
In 2000, the actor was seen in a couple of pictures – the thriller “The Weight of Water” and the drama “The Villa”. But in the wake of Fame movie “I – Sam” these roles were almost unnoticed. Two years later, followed by a poignant drama “21 Grams” by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Sean Penn played so great that the entire film does not leave the viewer a sense of hopelessness. During the work the actor received a prize of the Venice Film Festival.
In the new century, Sean became increasingly appear in studio films. For example, he starred in the movie “Kill the President” Niels Mueller. This film about the attempted murder of the 37th President of America. In 2005, the actor starred in a commercial thriller “The Interpreter,” Sydney Pollack, who has been successfully in global box office.
But next role was unsuccessful. Sean Penn starred in the movie “All the King’s Men.” This disastrous remake of the 1949 drama about corruption in the government. Recent work by the actor – in “Tree of Life” film, “Crossing”, “In Search of Captain.” All Sean game was nervous and flawlessly. This once again proves that Sean Penn – one of the consummate actors of our time.
In addition, Sean Penn srezhessiroval five paintings, including a film with a lot of awards, “The Promise” and the controversial “September 11”.
Personal life
First Woman Sean Penn Hollywood actress Elizabeth became Makgovert, with whom he played in the melodrama “Racing with the Moon.” The relationship was short-lived, as a fleeting affair with Susan Sarandon. But later he followed a stunning and emotional affair with Madonna. It ended the wedding in 1985. The marriage lasted only four years, all this time, the couple then fled, then reconciled, then beat each other. Most humiliating, apparently, it was that Mr. Penn called Madonna.
In 1996, Penn married Robin Wright, with whom he met six years earlier on the set pattern “State of Grace”. There relationship was calm and even. Before the official marriage the couple had two children – daughter Dylan and son Hopper.

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