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Born 02.25.1971, Santa Monica, California, USA
American actor
Winner of the prize “MTV Movie Award” (2003)
Childhood, youth
Sean Astin was born February 25, 1971 in Santa Monica, California, USA, the son of actress Patty Duke. When he was three years old, he was adopted by actor and director John Austin. Sean graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he earned a bachelor’s degree from two disciplines – history and American literature and culture.
Film career
Respecting the wishes of Sean, his parents decided to do everything in their power to help his son to start his acting work, the more they themselves were actors. Filming “Please do not hit me, my mother,” began when he was only nine years old. The first part in the shooting made a huge impression on Sean Austin. The director and crew appreciated his budding acting talent.
At the beginning of 1984, in the age of thirteen Sean Astin starred in the children’s adventure film “The Goonies”, often described as the “Children’s Indiana Jones.” Not the least role in the development of talent and interest in filming the young actor played by director Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg, which contributed to the emergence of Sean Austin desire to become not only an actor, but a director.
Austin successfully acted in films. In 1987 he took part in the filming of the picture “The B.R.A.T. Patrol” and tape “White Water Summer” with Kevin Beykanom. He then appeared in the film “Like father, like son” with Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore. It was the first role of Sean Austin in the teen comedy, which helped him to obtain the status of a teenage idol, appearing on the covers of famous magazines like Teen Beat and other youth publications, often with his brother Mackenzie. During these years, Sean Astin attended art school The Crossroads High School for the Arts, where he studied with the famous Stella Adler.
In 1989, Sean Astin worked in a small role in the film “War of the Rose”, where starring Michael Douglas and Catherine Turner. In the same year, the talented actor starred with Dermot Mulroni in the family drama “Stick together.”
In 1990, Sean Astin earned his first adult role in the film “Memfiskaya Beauty” with Matthew Modine in the title role. Immediately after the tape “toy soldiers” with Will Uitanom, Sean Astin played brilliantly in the horror film “The Willies”. This was followed by painting “When the day finds you” where Sean again played with Dermot Mulroni comedy “Frozen Californian” with Brendan Fraser and Pauly Shore.
The movie “Rudy”, where Sean Astin worked for a leading role, proved the presence of his unique acting talent. In 1994, Austin starred in the film “Safe Passage” with Susan Sarandon and Sam Shepard and the film in the style of art-house “Low life”. 1994 was a landmark for Sean since he acted as director and producer of the film “Kangaroo Yard”. This cinematographic was nominated for an Academy Award. Coincidentally, Sean’s father – John Austin, was also nominated for “Oscar” in the same category only in 1969.
In 1995, Sean Astin again starred in the title role in the film “Harrison Bergeron”. Despite the fact that the film was intended for television viewing, he received a great response from critics and huge success in theaters. 1996 was for Sean Austin is extremely important, not only because of the participation in the film “Courage Under Fire” and is mainly due to the fact that he became a father.
Sean went on acting work. In 1998, for her role in “The Long Way Home” Sean Austin won Academy Award. In the same year on the screens released another film starring Sean Austin “Bulmort” Warren Beatty. At the end of the 1990s, the famous actor completed work on the tape “The Sky is Falling, Dish Dogs” and a picture of “boy meets girl”.
“Lord of the Rings”
In 2001-2002, Sean Astin held in New Zealand while filming starring Semvayza Gamgee in the film trilogy by Peter Jackson based on the well-known English writer John Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” In 2002, rolling out the second part of the mega-blockbuster called “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”, where the actor again perfectly played the role of Sam. To be like his character, Sean Austin had to gain 30 pounds. In the film, the actors were involved: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Liv Tyler, Brad Dourif.
Continued epic campaign Frodo Baggins, who must destroy the Ring of Power, storing power the Dark Lord Sauron, the audience saw in the fantasy film “The Lord of the Rings: The two kings.” The main roles performed great actors: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, John Bach, Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom.
Sean Astin starred with much pleasure, good suggestions the actor got plenty. His track record included such films as: “Elvis has left the building,” “50 First Dates,” “School of Dance and good manners”, “Smile”, “West”, “My Name is Earl,” “The Trap of Time”, ” Hercules “,” More than the sky. ” In 2006, Sean Astin worked perfectly on the set of such films as: “Click: With remote control for life”, “24”, “What is love”. In 2007, a great actor took part in the work on the film: “Last season,” “Masters of Science Fiction,” “Beyond Fear”. The following year, Sean Austin joined the cast, who participated in the filming of the picture “The Colour of Magic, Terry Pratchett,” tape “enduring”, the movie “Just peace of mind.”
In addition to the roles played by Sean Astin pleased with his voice and a young audience, he took part in voicing animated film “Balto 3: Wings of Change”, “Asterix and the Vikings,” “Spirit of the living forest.”
Also Sean Astin tried his hand as a director of such films as “House of the kangaroo,” “Perversions of Science”, “100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd,” “Jeremiah.” And he became the producer of the short film “The House of the kangaroo”, paintings, 2005 “Time Trap” and tape in 2007 “The Last Season”.
Personal life
In 1992, Sean Astin married Christine Harrell, who over him for three years. The wedding was held in the house of the mother of the actor in Idaho and their honeymoon the young couple spent in Europe. They have three daughters: Alexandra, born November 27, 1996, Elizabeth, was born August 6, 2002, and Isabella, who was born July 22, 2005, all with the second name of Louise. The eldest daughter of Sean Austin – Aleksandrov played in “The Lord of the Rings” Sam’s daughter Elanor. Currently, Sean Austin lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, who are obviously very fond of cats, as the actor has got a kitten named Dusty, who became a full member of the Austin family.
Interesting Facts
In 2004, Sean Astin co-authored with Joe Leiden has published the book “Back and forth: the story of the actor,” which shared his impressions about the filming of the trilogy based on novels by JRR Tolkien..
Sean Austin, like other actors who participated in the filming of the trilogy “Lord of the Rings”: Elijah Wood, Sean Bean, Billy Boyd, Ian McKellen, Dominic Monegana, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom at the ankle has a tattoo – the number nine written with original Tengwar.
In 2004, Sean Astin supported Senator John Kerry of the United States during the presidential elections, as the actor took part in the Kerry campaign rally in Portland, Oregon, as the introductory speaker. In the presidential elections of 2008, Sean Astin its support Senator Hillary Clinton made multiple appearances during the election campaign on its behalf, including joining the Clinton daughter Chelsea Clinton on some stations.

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