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Scott Stewart Bakula, nicknamed Buck, was born 9 Oct 1954 in St. Louis, Missouri, the son of singer Sally and the lawyer J. Stewart Bakula. The name is of Gypsy origin and means “flower”.
The first “jump” he, unwittingly, has made in four years. That’s when Scotty went to help a neighbor paint a fence. Come back kid with white hair. In vain the mother tried to wash the “white” – gray hair was real. As it turned out, the white stripe was the result of some genetic changes and always busy home just didn’t notice the grizzled baby. Eventually everything calmed down, however, Bakool had to undergo many surgeries. The real nightmare started in high school. Nicknames Dracula and the Count Scott even liked playing to the audience, he dressed in black and carried in his pocket a “vampire” of the jaw.
Scotty’s parents have a passion for rock music. Probably it was from them he took that passion – sang in the Church choir, learned to play the piano and guitar, and in the fourth grade, he created a rock band, he wrote songs and he played them. One of her favorite Hobbies Bakula (vocals, tennis, football, basketball) was the theater. In school productions he played with for 13 years, but never considered acting a serious occupation.
After school, Scott spent a year looking for himself. Worked as a house painter, a music Director and many others. After graduating from College, he entered the University of Kansas. Studied accounting and law, but soon dropped out and decided to play on the stage, his priglasili for the lead role in a production of “Godspell”. However, this didn’t work out, Scott moved to new York. Shortly thereafter, he got the role in the play “Shenandoah” in North Carolina.
Soon debut on Broadway in the musical “Marilyn: An American Fable”. Scott starred in commercials on TV and involved in several theatrical productions.
Two years later, Bakula has appeared on TV in the series “On us”. In the musical “the Baker’s Wife” he met dancer Krista Neumann – soon beauty stood beside him at the altar. Deciding that a career should be done on the TV, Scott transports his wife and daughter in Los Angeles.
Nominated for a Tony award for the Broadway musical “Romance/Romance” helps Scott to his starring role in the telekhit “Quantum Leap”. The work brought him numerous awards, acclaim and a loyal friend in the person of Dean Stockwell.
After the show, Bakula continued to play. He performed well in mini-novel “Murphy brown”, voiced Danny cat in the cartoon “Cats don’t dance”, starred in a small role in the cult film “American Beauty”, a couple of times, sang the national anthem at stadiums during hockey and football games, played in theatrical productions with such masters as Malcolm McDowell. But these mythic roles were not. The actor has even founded his own company “Bakula productions Inc”, produced two series and played in them the main characters. Alas… the Ratings disappoint, and projects closed. The same fate awaited three “pilot” with the participation of Scott.
In desperation, the actor was photographed for the magazine “Playgirl”, telling in an interview that he doesn’t feel embarrassed to be naked in public. Score still remained zero. Only pleasant event of this period was the marriage to actress Chelsea field.
That day, when Scott Bakula was going to tie with the movie, in his house there was a call from the producer of the series ENTERPRISE. The actor was invited for the lead role in the fifth part of the legendary tallpoppy star TREK.
Much later Scott admitted that at first it was a feeling of unreality – after all, about to take the command seat on Board the space ship ENTERPRISE, he, like all American boys, dreamed of from the cradle. Even, acting in its most successful TV series QUANTUM LEAP, Bakula suggested that the writers parodied star TREK and introduce a wandering consciousness of his character in skins an interstellar captain from the distant future.

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