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Scorpions: continuation of the legend
As a rule, the growth and decline of popularity of the performers takes place simultaneously with the change of the age of their admirers. Rock band Scorpions is unusual, first of all, the fact that since its inception has been more than half a century, and while its founders are still on the scene. Performers had to overcome mistrust countrymen, and the dismissive attitude of the English kings of rock and their fans, go through creative crises and gain strength for new growth. The group is firmly in forty-sixth place in the list of the kings of hard rock, while the number sold of their albums well over 100 million.
The performers, who stood at the origins of the Scorpions, were born in post-war Germany. Their musical tastes were formed under the influence of the king of rock Elvis Presley, and in adolescence they have gone through a wave of Beatlemania. A resident of Hanover Rudolf Schenker, who took the first guitar at the age of five to sixteen years decided that can create his own team. In 1964, Rudolph announced the creation of a bit-group, Nameless, which was made by guitarist and vocalist. The group was varied, and in 1965 they changed their name to the Scorpions, which became popular in those times the film ‘Attack of the Scorpion’.
In 1969 the cast included vocalist Carl main and the younger brother of Rudolf, Michael, after which the group was chosen as the dominant direction of hard rock. New year’s eve 1970, the group was recognized as the best in Hanover and won the right recording Studio. However, because of the lack of quality sound equipment they had to invent different tricks, including singing in an empty bucket. The financial ability of the musicians was more than modest, they pool their savings to buy a used car, which was left to speak. Once a producer group has become the Cony plank, they released their first album. Seven songs in the style of psychedelic rock sung in English, which was very critically received in Germany. However, talking about the band and their new record quickly began to disperse. The Scorpions were invited to warm up such famous performers as Uria Heep, IFO, Rory Gallagher.
In the mid-seventies, the group made several tours in Western Europe and recorded the album Fly to the Rainbow (1974), In Trance(1975) Virgin Killer (1976). Hard rock style, outrageous covers – all this aroused great interest in Europe and Japan. In 1975, being officially recognized as the best German rock band ‘Scorpions’ were able to conquer the English fans at a concert in Liverpool and then in London. Virgin Killer, and the subsequent album Taken by Force (1977), has achieved ‘gold’ level of sales in Japan. This success was marked with a tour group for Japan and the release of the album Tokyo Tapes (1978) which to date is highly appreciated by rock fans and in a sense is the outcome of creativity ‘Scorpions’ period of the seventies.
The next frontier, which had to conquer the group, became the United States. After the constant shifts of the performers in the group, except meine and Schenker, included guitarist Matthias jabs, bassist Ralph Rickerman, drummer James Kottak. Their trip across the USA, performances at outdoor venues, particularly in Chicago, and also albums Love Drive (1979), Animal Magnetism (1980) and Blackout (1982) became a real triumph. However, during recording the last album (now platinum), Karl meine lost his voice, but managed to recover after a risky surgery on his vocal cords.
However, Scorpions are not only among the best rock artists in the world, but even contributed to the emergence of private locations in the USA (in particular, of the band ‘van Halen’). Three concerts at new York’s Madison Square garden 1984 total number of visitors exceeded 60 thousand. It can be argued that the mid-eighties, became known as ‘the Golden age of hard rock’ thanks to its performances. At their concerts in California was attended by 325 thousand spectators, and in Rio de Janeiro – 350 thousand. The warm UPS have Scorpions were such later legendary bands like ‘Iron maiden’, ‘Bon Jovi’, ‘Europe’, ‘Metallica’ etc. the Best that was created by ‘others’ during this period, a part of their album World Wide Live (1985) Savage Amusement (1987), which received platinum status. The song Still loving you became an international hit and the unofficial rock anthem. The breakthrough the group began their tour in Leningrad in 1988, collecting a full house. Legend for local fans of the rock and became a Festival of music and peace in Moscow, after which the band wrote the legendary hit ‘Wind of change’, published in Russian. This song is included in album Crazy World (1990), and in 1992 ‘the Scorpions’ was awarded the music award of the world.
As usual, the rise was followed by decline. The group again changed the composition of their album Eye II Eye (1999) refused to deal with the American producers. However, the reputation of the Scorpions managed to overcome the emerging crisis. After their tour of Thailand this album became platinum. Also in the late nineties, the group began its cooperation with the Philharmonic orchestra of Berlin, with whom they performed at a concert in honor of the ten-year anniversary of the unification of Germany and recorded the album ‘Moment of glory’ (2000) which was presented during the tours in Russia and the CIS.
Their new album Unbreacable (2004) again has pleased fans of heavy rock return to the traditions of the past. In 2005, where the group held a series of open-air concerts in Vienna, Budapest, Colmare. In 2007, the band played successful concerts in Moscow, Petersburg, Kiev in support of the new concept album Humanity. Shortly afterwards spread information about the completion of the presentations, ‘Scorpions’, and that touring 2010-2012 will be their last. However, after the recording of the album Sting in the Tail (2010) and communicating with young fans, the band decided to continue their activities. Their last to date album Return to Forever (2015), and after a successful tour of Russia which included Moscow, Tyumen, Novosibirsk and other cities, in 2016, Scorpions spend touring in France, Monaco, South America and the USA.

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