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Many familiar mischievous little Shepherds with black hair who has a well-built body, but did not have a tail. Have you seen such a beautiful woman, but do not know what it’s called? Someone calls them Black devil in her homeland she The Schipperke, and we have a beautiful name consonant Schipperke. The breed has become so widespread that it is time not only to photo Schipperke breed distinguished from other dogs, but also to know its history, character, habits.
The history of the breed Schipperke
For the first time learned about the breed Schipperke in Belgium, where she appeared in the Flemish provinces. The animal at all times characterized by its agility, had a good ability to hunt, so the man was used to catch mice, moles and rats. For a long time she lived on farms, on boats and barges, which protected the host from the good thieves, while saving it from damage by rodents.
Schipperke dog breed is not only an excellent hunter of rodents, but also a great helper of the shepherd. No wonder there is a part of «scheper», which translates as a lamb in its title. Not about whether it is said that a dog has been used for a long time in Belgium shepherds? To that there is confirmation of this theory in the 15th century, two very different breeds of small dogs were bred to help in protecting livestock from predators. One of those defenders and began penetrating dark hair The Schipperke, which translated from the Flemish means “little shepherd”, while others translate this word as a little captain, arguing that dogs were loyal friends of sailors on merchant ships.
Within a few years the fame of a small black dog spread through Europe and soon it became extremely popular with the artisans, who needed to be saved from the invasion of rats. Soon attitude toward dogs changed and it began to show in exhibitions. For the first time officially recognized the Schipperke breed in 1882 at an exhibition held in the city of Spa. Immediately we dubbed it the smallest of all the working sheep dogs, which are found in the world.
Appearance Schipperke
What they are cute, funny and cheerful dogs Schipperke. Their appearance can hardly be confused with any other breed. A small, powerfully built body always fit. It is decorated with a small head with a muzzle-like fox. Another advantage of the dog and decoration – such as keen as a fox, eyes, and the top of the head adorn small standing ears.
Description breed Schipperke is incomplete, not to mention eating her hair. It is the dog extremely hard and dense. Wool cover consists of two layers: the basic hair and undercoat. The muzzle and ears are covered with short hairs, but around the neck of a dog elegant fluffy frill, which makes her look like a elegant aristocrat. Fancy Pants long hair are on the hind legs.
dog’s height at the withers, never exceeds 33 cm. It weighs a little black miracle from 5 to 7 kg. Such small size of the animal should not scare anyone who wants to see it as not only a companion, but also a home guard. It is agile and diligent, so that the growth in this business is not so important, which proves Shepherd Schipperke.
Do not look Schipperke different colors. Nature gave her one color – black and that he is proud of. The only drawback of this burning color – fast overheating of the animal in the summer sun. Walking is mainly to do in the evening and the morning. In no case can not leave it in the summer in a closed car.
Schipperke character, habits and characteristics
Appearance breed Schipperke
Schipperke is extremely active animals and loves to take part in everything that happens around him. The breed is so active and curious, that as a puppy, and the adult is ready to everything to see and sniff themselves. It seems that the dog does not seek to become an adult. Until about the age of 5 years, she feels frisky puppy and constantly running around, is in some sort of movement, is not averse to play.
Over the formation of her character will have to work at once, taking home a little puppy. If it is correct to raise, he quickly learns commands. If a breeder is not enough knowledge on the breed of the dog training, she will feel it and will begin to show excessive activity, declining employment.
Training like Schipperke, because in those moments she felt freedom and instinct wakes up in it. Since childhood, the dog must be accustomed to the fact that it did not bark without reason, because such employment often bothers not only the family, but also neighbors. Pet happy to learn new things. He easily master agility and take the prize in the competition.
Not all can live together in one house Schipperke. She will never sit quietly in the corner. She needed activity. Do not lonely elderly people who want to communicate hope for a friendship with a black devil. Tandem does not work, because it is very capricious in her character and her freedom, even to the most devoted friendship is not exchange.
Care Schipperke
Admiring the beautiful wool Schipperke, we should not forget that this dog is one of those who shed three times a year. And this is not just a reminder and a warning, because the hair falls out from it in large quantities, which requires a corresponding dog care and painstaking frequent cleanings in the house. To molting process does not become a real disaster in the house, the dog should regularly comb. Especially often these procedures should be in moult. After all, those scraps of wool, which will remain on the comb, the house will not be scattered. Although care and painstaking, but it was he who saves the house from the drop-down undercoat. During molting can be more frequent than in the rest of the time to bathe your pet. This is also one of the measures to remove dead hair.
Field of how shedding over, the animal must have a rest from so frequent combing and washing. Enough to resort to water procedures so often, it is necessary to hold them only if contaminated wool, and comb the dog once a week is enough.
Breed Schipperke requires care of teeth and claws. Teeth need to view every week and remove plaque appears. The claws of these animals do not grind. They will have to cut at least once in two months.
Schipperke in the family: the relationship with children and pets
Schipperke loves family in which she lives. She is never pets. All members of the family, who show concern about it is good. The host for her children, such as family members, as adults. It never hurts them not, but happy to walk and can guard while walking from prying passersby. If the dog properly educated from childhood, he is able to relate unfriendly to small children, because they often love to an animal does not express the way he likes.
With their pets Schipperke does not conflict. They do not interfere with it, it gets used to them, so the house gets along with cats even though friendship with him would not drive without any problems. If you want that the dog was not alone, it is possible to get another of the same breed, but this couple in the same house would be extremely mobile.
Strangers in their territory Schipperke dislikes. When he saw someone suspicious, it immediately begins to bark, attracting the attention of the owner stranger. This applies to both strangers and casually approached the area the animals.

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