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Scarlet macaw

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Red Macaw – majestic bird almost meter-long and weighing up to 1.5 kg. View is also known as macaws and Scarlet macaws Macau, it is worth noting that in English it has even more names: Scarlet Macaws, Red & Yellow Macaws, Red-breasted, as well as Red-yellow-and-blue Macaws.
Exterior dimensions
Red Macaw – is a large and beautiful parrots. The length 80-96,5 cm, weight 900-1500 grams. Latin name – Ara macao. The plumage is dominated by red, for which he received his name. Wings – blue, with yellow “insert” and a small amount of green. Facial skin – white and without feathers. The upper part of the beak – a light tan color, lower – black. Chicks have shorter tails, bare skin have a pinkish tinge. The main feature of the chicks – black eyes, which gradually change color to gray, white and become light yellow in adults.
There are two subspecies: A.m. macao – nominal, A.m. cyanoptera – as opposed to the nominal practically no green feathers on the wings.
These parrots are long-lived. International Zoo Yearbook tells about 33-year-old birds living in captivity, which is poorly flies (probably due to age). Journal of Avian Biology mentions individual under the age of 37.1 years, and the Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London says 64-year-old birds.
The contents in the home
Due to its huge size this pet need a very strong and large bird cage. Strong, because its beak parrot red macaw is capable of creating pressure 500-2000 psi. For a comparison of their people will bite pressure of about 150 pounds per inch. In nature, this power allows you to split almost any nuts. At home, the same conditions at risk is all that there is in the apartment and in the first place will be feathered cell. Among shipped to Russia to the most spacious and durable models include Triol 209-SY, Triol BC-22, FOP Siriana, Ferplast Expert 100. Their cost is quite high, although it is relatively inexpensive to buy a parrot cage for the online store.
The complexity of the high dilution. Currently nursery bred red macaw. Feeding in captivity in addition to dry grain mix should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, twig food, vegetables, sprouted feed.
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Lifestyle Nature
Habitats – eastern Colombia, Panama and Venezuela, and Ecuador and Peru. Lives in the rainy forests, wooded savannas tropical latitudes above sea level kolo 1 km. In many regions of disappearing as a species because of trapping, trade and environmental degradation. During Parry gave a loud cry. Through the meal, together with the team in a friendly family zelenokrylyh macaw and blue and yellow macaw. Very vigilant and careful. In the woods to find red macaws difficult to calculate their possible residues by falling food at feeding time. On the approach of danger is signaled by loud squeals. Forage for parrots are all kinds of nuts, seeds, flowers, mango, berries, young branches of trees, larvae and insects.
Also the shallows on river silt ingest soil that is rich in mineral salts, to neutralize toxins that are in the immature fruit.
They nest on the palms, living and nonliving of tall trees. Most nests are systematically used annually. Propagate than annually. Low birth rate due to the attack of predators, disease, loss of nests, natural disasters. Masonry is very small – one – two eggs. brooding time sometimes lasts 25 to 28 days.

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