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Sarah Gadon: biography
Sarah Gadon was born in Canada in April 1987. Her childhood and youth were held in Toronto, in a family where no one has been associated with the world of cinema. Pope Sarah psychologist, and his mother a teacher. Parents giving children – daughter Sarah and his eldest son James – complete freedom in the choice of future profession. Nevertheless, the young Sarah Gadon was torn between two passions – dancing and a stage.
The aspiring actress visited the National Ballet School, then enrolled in drama school Claude Watson. She loved to dance, and cinema beckoned the girl. After all, in the age of 10, she came to the set of the film, after which became a cult hit, “La Femme Nikita”. And let Gadon got only a small role, but she managed to “get sick” movie for life.
A year later, a cinematic biography of Sarah Gadon continued. In 2000 she appeared at once in 4 projects. This, too, were the episodes, but about a young actress already knew and directors are increasingly offered her a job.
After high school, she had to decide. She chose a movie, even though the love of dance has gone nowhere today.
Sarah Gadon success came with the film of the famous director David Cronenberg. Looking ahead, it is necessary to say that the master and projects, in which he called Sarah, was a huge success. It is no secret that the actress was referred to today as’ the mascot of Cronenberg. ”
Before meeting with the famous director Gadon managed to star in a dozen films and TV series, many of which were rating. Monica sensational thriller “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” And the young Laura in the melodrama “Twice in a Lifetime” – these works have made a recognizable actress Sarah.
In 2000 Gadon was nominated for the prestigious award «Young Artist Award». This happened after the show exit, “Friend, I am.” The award “the Gemini” and the Prize of the International Festival jury in Houston, came to Sarah for her work in the television series “Ruby Gloom” and the short film “The flowering and withering.”
But the real fame, as mentioned above, came to Gadon only with the name of Cronenberg. The first joint project of the actress and director was painting “A Dangerous Method”, released in 2011. And although the film Sarah Gadon went to a secondary role, she was the star for her. The actress played the wife of the founder of analytical psychology Carl Jung – Emma.
As later admitted the actress, the transformation was not difficult, because she grew up in a family psychologist and treatises Jung and Freud’s pleasure read in my youth. The only thing that Sarah threw in a shiver, a work with real Hollywood stars such as Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender. But in the process Gadon realized that the stars do not look down on it, they are simply engaged in their separate roles. The experience proved to be invaluable.
Soon Cronenberg called Sarah in their new projects – “Cosmopolis” and “Star Card”. They had a great success with the critics and was warmly received by the audience. Over the last film Gadon was honored at the Cannes Film Festival.
The 2012th favorite actress of her father invited her debut movie son, an aspiring director Brandon Cronenberg. His painting “Antiviral” also was a success.
Of the new paintings in which there was Sarah Gadon, one of the most striking and memorable can be called the tape “Dracula.” Here, the actress played perfectly in tandem with Luke Evans.
Personal life
After the release of “vampire” story “Dracula” any rumors of a romance between the two stars – Sarah Gadon and Luke Evans. Too convincing actors portrayed the amorous passions on the screen. The tabloids were their joint photo. It does not stop the rumors about an alleged romance even the fact that back in 2002 Evans frankly confessed his homosexual.
The actress strongly evades a direct answer to the question of its relation to Evans. She only admired his talent and said that playing in a duet with a professional was incredibly lucky.
It seems that the love life of Sarah Gadon still not connected with Luke Evans. After “Dracula” was presented to the audience and the passion subsided after the premiere, the actors are not seen together anymore.

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