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A brief biography of Santa Claus
More than three million children every year I write the fat funny guy in a short red coat. Moreover, moves to that mysterious person solely on the deer. From reliable sources we got to the file on that mister.
The main secular figure of Christmas is Santa Claus, which in the United States two houses. In Torrington (Torrington), Connecticut has a Christmas village where Santa with his elves distributing gifts. In Wilmington (Wilmington), upstate new York, Whiteface mountain (Whiteface Mountain) built the house where Santa Claus lives constantly. He has a blacksmith to Shoe the deer, chapel and post office. More than 100,000 people annually visit the house of Santa.
In America there is a Santa Claus. More than three million letters addressed to Santa arrive each year in this city. There You will find colorful statue American Santa Claus with a height of almost eight meters.
Who is Santa and where did he come from?
In the seventeenth century, the Dutch celebrated the sixth of December St. Nicholas day, known patron Saint of sailors and children (Details on the cult of St. Nicholas, see here). According to the legends, common in Europe, Saint Nicholas was also famous and those that generously gave gifts. In some legends Nicholas rode through the sky on a horse in the company of a black Peter, an elf who punished disobedient children.
But, back to the holiday itself. Since Saint Nicholas is the patron Saint of children, night children were given gifts: a wooden Shoe filled with fruits and sweets (now replaced by a Shoe hung over the fireplace socks). The Dutch brought this tradition to America and made her a part of Christmas celebration. Santa Claus, the legendary funnyman is just a distorted version of the Dutch St. Nicholas.
Americanized image of Santa Claus was elaborated by Illustrator Thomas Nast in Harper’s magazine in the years 1860-1880.
Nast added such attributes as North pole and a list of good and bad children. The modern version of Santa, where he’s not an elf, but man, was presented in 1931 in advertising Coca-Cola. In 1939 there was Rudolph, the ninth reindeer with a big shiny red nose.
Thus, Santa Claus – fat, Jolly old man who delivers gifts has become an integral part of Christmas celebration around the world. He’s definitely a white beard, a red jacket, pants and hat with white fur trim. He travels by reindeer-drawn sleigh filled with gifts. He enters houses through the chimney and leaves presents under the tree or in a special sock, but only obedient children.
America is a huge country with different climatic zones, therefore it isn’t Santa Claus may appear on the sled. To Hawaii he arrives at the Christmas ship, and in California on a surfboard.
Yeah, I almost forgot, if You want Santa Claus looked in Your house and left You and Your households long-awaited gifts, don’t forget to leave him milk and cookies millions of American children do this before you go to bed at night on Christmas.
In accordance with tradition, St. Nicholas was born in Lycia (Lycia), located in South-Western Asia (in modern Turkey) and was a province of the great Roman Empire, in the seaport of Patara (Patara). In his youth he traveled as a pilgrim to Egypt and Palestine, and on his return to Lycia became a Bishop in Myra (Myra).
Nicholas was imprisoned during the persecution of Christians under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, but was released during the reign of Constantine the Great. He becomes first Consul of Nicaea. After his death on 6 December 345 or 352 years, buried in the Church in the World.
By the sixth century the tomb of Saint Nicholas became widely known. In 1087 Italian sailors and merchants stole the supposed remains of Nicholas of Myra and transported them to the Italian city of Bari. This event only added to the popularity of St. Nicholas. The Basilica of Saint Nicholas is still one of the most popular places of pilgrimage.
Saint Nicholas is a popular across Europe and especially in Russia (Nikolay Chudotvortsa). It also considered the patron Saint of sailors, travelers (remember, many of the drivers You’ve probably seen icons of Nicholas), merchants. Thousands of European churches were erected in his honor. Miracles Nicholas has been a favorite subject for medieval artists and liturgical plays.
During the reformation of the Church of the cult of St. Nicholas weakens and almost disappears from Europe. Only the Netherlands still celebrate Saint Nicholas day or Sinterklaas, as they call it. This holiday, with traditional holiday gifts for kids, Dutch settlers brought to new Amsterdam, as it was called new York. In America, the Dutch Sinterklaas became Santa Claus (Santa Claus). Under this name became an American Saint and is now known all over the world.

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