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San Francisco – California is a beautiful city, located on the West Coast and is called the “gateway to the Pacific Ocean.” Officially, the city of San Francisco is so named only since 1847.

Before the settlement was of Spanish name Herb Buena, which means “good herb”.

Dali is the name, as you might guess, the Spaniards, who arrived here the first Europeans and declared the territory of their colony.

In 1776 Spanish missionary Juan Batista da Anza founded the Mission of St. Francis Aziaskogo. After 45 years, Herb has Buana is a part of Mexico, which declared its independence from Spain.

But in 1848 the United States, because of debts, declares war on Mexico. Mexico is losing the war and forced to pay for the debts of the loss of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California and San Francisco.

But San Francisco city at that time still very small in numbers, its population is nearly 1000 people. His height was required to “Gold Rush”, hovering over the United States, and thousands of people pulling together in these places. Originating in the south-west coast of San Francisco Bay, the city is rapidly win in the nearby hills all new territory.

Trying anything to keep up with New York, San Francisco, city fathers also paved streets slender as on a chessboard rows. It was quite a complex architectural challenge, given that San Francisco is spread among numerous hills.

Now the population of San Francisco, without the suburbs, is 800 thousand. Man. The city with the development of commercial shipping and a huge service area. On the territory of the district there is the oil refining industry, automotive, aircraft, shipbuilding. Everyone is familiar with Silicon Valley, which is the largest center for the production of integrated circuits.

Of the 10 largest companies are located here – 7 specialize in the field of high technologies, including world leaders such as the electronics industry, “Intel”, “Hewlett Packard”, “San Microsystems”, “Apple Computer.” San Francisco is famous for its wines and (Napa Weili). Wine company, located along the highway Highway 29, will organize tours and tasting.

City of San Francisco – one of the most popular characters of the Hollywood industry. Countless crews on the streets for a long time no one is surprised, they just used. Residents of San Francisco as well tolerated and towards settled here many ethnic minorities.

Everywhere there is a Spanish or Mexican influence; a significant portion of the city population are also Italians, the Chinese, the Vietnamese and Cambodians.

About tolerance and existing residents said the city “Society Gay,” which is one of the first declared war on AIDS. Gay Parades taking place in San Francisco surprised the world with its size and spontaneity. However, the picture of the city, the modern look is formed, first of all, the hippie 60s – 70s, is not without dark spots. The most picturesque cities of California for many years held the record for the number of deaths among addicts.

Recently, the city opened the Beat Museum. It is located near North Beach on Grant Avenue, where famous writers generation of the 1950s and 1960s lived and worked. This literary and youth movement that emerged after World War II, proclaimed voluntary poverty, vagrancy, erotic freedom, anarchic hedonism, detachment from social problems, hobby Zen Buddhism. Among the well-known authors of this direction – J. Kerouac, Ginsberg, A., L. Ferlinghetti..

San FrantsiskoPomimo this museum, in San Francisco, many other cultural centers:. Modern Art Museum, War Memorial Opera House, the center of art and Asian culture, Jewish Community Center, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, etc. There are several museums in the park “Golden Gate” but they go out under the charm and originality of the park.

Bridge “Golden Gate”, symbolizing the city, was inaugurated in 1937, but to this day he is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Its length is 2730 meters, with six rows of traffic and two pedestrian walkways. With each machine for entrance to San Francisco through the “Golden Gate” will be charged a few dollars.

Another attraction of San Francisco – is the “end of the earth” in Sutro Park. So called the place where the latest extremity of the continental land in the direction of its rotation around its axis. For example, the New Year is coming here as a last resort. Next on the ocean between San Francisco and Japan held the prime meridian from which to start a new day. Chinatown in San Francisco – the largest in America Chinatown with endless seafood restaurants, pagodnymi roofs and souvenir shops where you can buy all sorts of gadgets from different countries and continents. In the old part of the city, you can see firsthand and one of the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s most curve of the street – Lombard Street.

In 1945, San Francisco hosted an international conference, at which the UN was founded.

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