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Samoyed Husky

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Samoyed husky – a very beautiful dog with a thick coat of white or cream color. This breed is one of the most ancient. The country of origin it is considered Russia. During the years 3000 Samoyed was a great companion for the people of the northern tribes. The representatives of the breed helped the man in the hunt. Dogs were used as shepherds, and sometimes as a nanny. Samoyed huskies overnight could leave in the tent. Their thick warm wool helped people to keep warm. When the man hugging the dog, an animal dies and is trying not to move, so as not to disturb his master.
Samoyed Husky is proportioned. This dog of medium size. Her height at withers up to 56 cm. Weight Samoyed from 25 to 30 kg. Moreover, Samoyeds are so hardy and strong, it can pull the load, which is several times their own weight. The snow-white hair is particularly proud representatives of this breed. However, it may be a cream color and white with biscuit.
Standard exterior Samoyed husky
Thick woolen cover protects the dog from inclement weather. Given the fact that the breed is home to tundra, the Samoyed is not afraid of even very cold. Around the neck and shoulders in Samoyed huskies is formed a kind of “collar”, it is especially noticeable in males. If the coat has a regular structure, it is characterized by a special shine. In addition, it has a self-cleaning ability. In this connection, the dog of this breed is enough to bathe two times a year.
Samoyed husky little altered in any way by the breeders. Therefore, the appearance and character – it merits the dogs themselves. His name is obliged to breed Samoyeds – Nenets northern tribe. Nomads huskies highly prized for their dedication and ability to high physical loads. Despite the fact that Russia is the birthplace of the breed, their pure breeding began in England. It is here that the standard has been adopted, according to which the dog must have only light color, although initially there were also dark shades in wool Samoyeds.
Intelligent and dedicated owner, Samoyed Husky still has a very independent character. Complete obedience from the dog to achieve is unlikely to succeed. Sometimes it takes a strong stubborn, but never her no aggressive behavior was observed. Long life side by side with the people bestowed this breed incredible observation. They almost always understand what he wants from his people. However, not the fact that it will make the Samoyed.
Laiki never attack first. But they themselves can defend, and, in a fight is very impressive opponent, even if fights with larger dogs or animals. Therefore Samoyed huskies often used as a guard and took with them on the hunt. Representatives of this breed tolerate other pets. But the hunter instinct may, at any time to wake up in the dog, causing it to chase a cat or other small animals.
Samoyeds always a good relationship with the children. However, for kids huskies can be too pushy. Representatives of this breed boisterous and playful, they love to be in the center of events. Samoyed husky requires lot of attention, it is important to consider when buying a puppy. Very quickly, these dogs are attached to the host. They are happy to accompany the person traveling and walks. Samoyeds can be easily adapted to new conditions.
If you do not pay attention to the representatives of this breed, they may get bored. In addition, they are characterized fear of separation from the host. If they still leave themselves for a few days, the result may have behavioral problems. Puppies need early socialization.
Samoyed husky virtually experiencing health problems. It is a very hardy breed and physically strong. But it is possible to distinguish among the most common diseases:
Depigmentation of the nose,
Urinary tract infections,
hip dysplasia.
Some analgesics dogs of this breed can be sensitive. Rarely, but there are congenital deafness, and inherited eye disease.
care Features
In spite of the fluffy long hair, looking after the dogs of this breed is not very complicated. Samoyed huskies have virtually no odor of its own. However, their wool can absorb the smell of other dogs. If this happens, then you will need to bathe husky. Frequent water treatments representatives of this breed are not necessary, enough swimming in 2-3 years. quite suitable standard bath for water procedures. The dog is placed there so that only its limbs were in the water. throughout the body, you will need to use the shower for washing wool.
Combing Samoyedic husky needed daily. Particular attention should be paid to problem areas where hair can become entangled (armpits, stomach and so on. D.). No need to shave or cut the representatives of the breed. Wool cover for them is not only reliable protection against frost but also from direct sunlight. In some cases, you can shave a little more problematic areas: between the pads of the paws, the top of the legs. The owner of this dog breed should prepare for the fact that twice a year it will be pretty much shedding. At this time grooming will need a more thorough.
Samoyed needs regular exercise. These dogs are best suited for life in the country. However, the representative of the breed is not recommended to put on a chain, as a rather husky freedom-loving animals. If the Samoyeds live in apartments, the owners will have no less than two times a day to walk their pet, do not forget about physical exercises for him. Completely let go of the dog in the city is not recommended, too many dangers await her. But a tight leash, limiting space huskies, is not very convenient. The best option for walks – free leash with adjustable length.
It requires eye care and ears husky. Excess hair of the ears should be removed. Cotton swabs are cleaned corners of the eyes when visibly soiled them. After walking the dog paws will need to wipe.
Diet Samoyed huskies can be quite varied. These dogs are eaten as dry food, and meals prepared for their master. It should not be too much to give your pet treats, especially sweets. At husky, as well as other dogs, tartar can form which leads to inflammation of the gums. Periodically, it is recommended to clean the teeth of your pet. To do this at a pet store, you can buy a special paste, or use baking soda.
Of all the northern breeds Samoyed Husky is one of the most obedient. Favorite activities huskies – a walk or spending time with the owner. A dog of this breed is intelligent and very vulnerable. Therefore, there should be no rudeness or aggression in her upbringing. In order to manage the Samoyed husky, its owner will need something between firmness and kindness. After the approach to the dog is found, its owner will receive a great pleasure every time you communicate with your pet.

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