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Adventure games today are not as popular as in the 80s and 90s of the last century. But once we did not sleep at night, to unravel all the mysteries of such masterpieces as King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle and other great quests. Today, the once majestic genre is not much. No, of course, there are talented game designers and studios, which do not allow “quests” have finally disappeared to this day. One of these is the Czech studio Amanita Design, a new game that I would like to tell you today.
Amanita – Latin name of mushroom, which makes clear the image of a mushroom on the logo of the Czech indie studio. Amanita Design was founded in 2003 by designer Jakub Dvorsky. In 2003, while a student at the Higher School of Applied Arts in Prague, as the final work, he created a small Flash-game Samorost ( «deviant» – Czech.). In her funny little man, whose Dvorsky called simply “Gnome”, trying to save their home planet from an asteroid impact. Many teachers were surprised with the fact that their students instead of an animation or documentary film presented on their judgment interactive video game, because of what the final grade Dvorsky reduced to 4-ki. By the way, you can absolutely free to get acquainted with this game on the official website of the Czech studio.
However, the low estimate of the first game in no way influenced the designer decided to create a continuation of the space adventure Dwarf. Jakub started his own studio Amanita Design, and in 2005 saw the light of Samorost 2 game (you can play a demo of the game here), which is already familiar to many characters had to save a kidnapped his alien dog. The game though was rather short, yet get a much deeper and better the first part than just cemented Amanita Design title of one of the most unusual indie studios in the world. Then it was born the first full-scale game studio – Machinarium (2009), which received a heap of awards from the specialized media and gaming critics. And now, after 11 years after the release of Samorost 2, Jakub Dvorsky decides to return the series to life.
In Samorost 3 Space Gnome for the first time before the player appears in full HD-graphics, and the duration of the game, finally pulling on the full-scale project, rather than a half-hour entertainment. I eagerly awaited the release of this game, because each new game Amanita Design – is an incredible magical adventure in a unique, created by talented Czech designers atmosphere. Samorost 3 Uncomplicated story begins with the fact that the yard of the hero home from the sky falls a mysterious metal flute. From an old book, he discovers that the inhabitants of a distant flute belongs to the world, so he decides to return to its rightful owners. But for this he must first collect at least some semblance of a spaceship.
Spacecraft assembled from half a plastic bottle, an old cast iron tub, and a giant mushroom, it allows Dwarf move in space between the five amazing planets and four of their companions. Gameplay from the time of the first two games in the series has not changed. Before us is a classic point and click adventure with lots of puzzles, very unusual visual style and the surreal atmosphere that is somewhat reminiscent of the films of Terry Gilliam and domestic cult motion picture “Kin-Dza-Dza”. In this surreal what is happening is not repelled on the screen as is usually the case, but on the contrary, charms and does not allow to break away from the gameplay.
From innovations in Samorost 3 may be noted the ability to put Gnome magic flute to your ear and hear the music in the seemingly ordinary things. After losing hear the melody in response, he can communicate with the spirits, living in different subjects, and they, in turn, help the main character in his adventures. Also straight from the game Machinarium migrated book with visual cues. If you ever get stuck and do not know how to solve a puzzle, just look at the book and see the illustration suggests what to do next. But in order for the player to not part with the use of cribs, unpretentious puzzle book sealed by folding patterns of colored balls, which will have to decide each time you want to open it.
Visually, the game looks just great. Jakub Dvorsky uses when creating a back background playing many real pictures of moss, leaves, grass, stones, tree bark, which are then carefully processed in the graphic editor, animates and adds hand-drawn elements, making the game looks like something distinctive and unlike any that . On the screen, so the smallest detail, living their own lives, that sometimes you just open-mouthed studying gaming landscape or try to catch the mouse pointer of a particularly brisk bug hiding from you in the foliage. By the way, for such entertainment player even gets a special “achivki”.
Separately, I would like to highlight the excellent music and sound effects. Diverse soundtrack not only accompanies you throughout the entire trip, but is a direct part of the game mechanics. Every now and then you will come across a puzzle whose solution will have to repeat the sequence of notes, make wading leeches for you to fulfill “a cappella”, turn the giant beetle in a live musical instrument or type of vocal and instrumental ensemble of the miners. Music in the game is important, not less, than what you see before you on the screen, so I want to shake the hand of developers for how well they were able to weave it into the gameplay.
The game does not need localization for different countries, as created with the account in order to be understandable to any person without words and text. Characters speak a fictional language, and the player to understand what was going on, he is shown visual images. Such an approach to game design allows you to distribute the game without any restrictions and additional effort on the part of developers. Another brilliant find employees Amanita Design, for which they should be commended. In Samorost 3 saddens me only one thing – a small duration of the game. I flew her in the same breath about 6 hours, and then I suddenly felt unbearably sad that such a wonderful trip over. The game is available for PC and Mac owners at the price of 799 rubles.
Stunning visual component of the game, painstakingly created by hand.
Excellent music and sound effects that are integrated into the gameplay.
The mechanics of the game is simple and familiar to fans of the genre “quest”.
Interesting puzzles to solve which hurriedly turn out not at all.
It has an intuitive hint system if you happen to get lost.
This versatile game is clear to players without any text and words.
The game’s plot, as before, very minimalist.
Too short duration.

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