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Successor acting dynasty, father bred and absolutely indifferent in regard to the creation of his own family. He does not like to give interviews, movie theater prefers, he just idiosinkratichen and ironic. Sam Rockwell – eccentric and independent.
He was born November 5, 1968 in California. His parents, actors and Pete Rockwell Penny Hess, broke up shortly after the birth of her son. He continued to live with her father in San Francisco, and her mother came to the summer on vacation. It is thanks to his mother, he got his first acting experience: Sam came on the scene, along with Penny Hess when he was 10 years old. I must say that Rockwell bohemian lifestyle like not to since childhood, but with adolescence. He studied matter, and even the school theater, which is constantly offered the role of a talented gouging (Rockwell himself so calls), could not hold it in the walls. But then parents intervened and returned the hapless teenager on the path of learning. Then he wrote down in the Higher School of San Francisco acting skills, and in the course of study, he was invited to star in the horror film “House of Clowns” (1988). The film was nominated for the Grand Prix of the jury of independent cinema “Sundance” and Rockwell after graduation moved to New York.
In New York, Sam two years he studied in the studio of acting William Esper, played in the theater and slowly appeared in films and television series: “Beyond” (1990), “Law & Order” (1990), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (1990 ), “dead drunk” (1993). Roles were not the main theater of special income is not brought, poet, aspiring actor moonlighted at the restaurant. In 1994, Sam successfully starred in beer advertising, the fee was worthy and allowed him not to worry about the part, so he decided to focus only on her acting career. After filming the movie “Box of Moonlight” (1996), where he played an eccentric adventure character named Kid, Sam Rockwell noticed criticism. In the drama “prairie dogs” (1997), he played well Lawnmower Man, who made friends with the 10-year-old girl from a wealthy family in the performance of actress Mischa Barton. For this role, Rockwell received the award in the category “Best Actor” at the Montreal film festivals and California.
Then director and producer Frank Darabont Semy invited to star in the movie “The Green Mile” (1999), based on the Stephen King novel. The film was nominated for “Oscar”. Sam Rockwell played named Wild Bill maniac. Here it is from this work, from such a role, the actor by his own admission, he was a real pleasure. This philosophical Sam says he would like to be a character actor, but, on the other hand, I want to also earn. And, ideally, it would only have played in the theater, but appeared in arthouse cinema. “Money – it is a kind of power that gives you the ability to choose – philosophizes Sam. – I’m from San Francisco, and perhaps one day osyadu there. But I love LA (Los Angeles). I have fun out there, it’s a fun town if you have money in your pockets. A good city”.
Perhaps the most noticeable and striking movie and the critics, and viewers, with Sam Rockwell starring – “Recognition of a Dangerous Mind” (2002), the directorial debut of George Clooney, who also starred in the film. Rockwell actually failed his character, Chuck Burris, a man with a double bottom. In 2003, at the Berlin Film Festival, the actor received the “Silver Bear” in the category “Best Actor”.
Interesting work by Rockwell is represented in the film “Moon 2112” (2009). It is literally a one-man show and the actor – Sam Rockwell. Painting is a full-length directorial debut, the son of the cult musician David Bowie – Duncan Jones. “Moon” noted independent films Jury “Sundance”. And many believe it is the role in the “moon” the best in the career of the actor.
Sam Rockwell continues to play in the theater. He believes that the scene needs from you all, that you only can give. “I always try to work with the best. When you work with someone who is superior to you, you have a chance to surpass himself. ” Let the actor on his creative path there are only the best in their profession.

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