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Salt and Sanctuary

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You played in Dark Souls? Family couple developers from Ska Studios has played, and it is necessary to absorb every step. Some simple parallels between the games begin with a training level with serious boss in the final and never ends. Tips-letters on the floor of the sanctuary – the control points, parrying and somersaults, traps and painfully familiar locations and opponents. We’ve got their own Dark Souls with the cooperative, and salt without the third dimension. Why with salt instead of the shower? Yes, because it’s the emoticon in Twitch, that flooding the chat in moments of despair, prostration, and other extreme reactions of the tape on an unfortunate mistake.
Smoke and mirrors
Please send all cause a smile, like a good parody, then begin to irritate, as a bearded anecdote. In the best of times things go backstage, leaving room to something fresh, original, but after rip off the mask, and with him – yes, there is also encrypted with Dark Souls. Oh Gods!
The funny thing is that Salt and Sanctuary easily have done without such citation. In addition, in terms of gameplay, it is closer to the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, than to the game, any way trying to seem. And while Ska Studios insert your reference without unnecessary aggression and obsession, and ye shall afflict them. For the players – another reason to remember the beloved series, and for developers – easy advertising. The main thing that the game itself is not anticipated by the legacy from which sprouted.
By the choice of the character should be taken with full responsibility – get re on the go will be oh how difficult.
Sanctuary – local analog fires. Here and raise the level of possible and rest. And with the help of special items – to invite traders, blacksmiths and other helpful people.
Here and there you will meet NPCs. Everyone has their own goals and your challenges comrades, to put it mildly, do not care. Aid should not wait.
Leaving all attempts to play on the old “psychic” memory finally stopped dying, adaptirueshsya management, and simply accept the true image of the game. It’s amazing how a team of two people managed to do so flexible and workable mechanics and does not give a blunder with the saturation of the world the right things. Weapons, armor and spells is not enough for one army, and to explore all possibilities for setting parameters of the character, you need to spend in the game more than one or two dozen hours. The trick – in the development of the tree. Unlike “real» Souls, in Salt and Sanctuary you can not change the specialization on the go.
For each type of weapons and armor should strengthen the development of a consistent thread. Uglubivshi to study swordsmanship, you simply will not be able to pick up something that does not bow or magic staff, but even an ax. Change heavy armor for light leather armor, too, will not be allowed without the appropriate skill. The appearance of the character is rigidly attached to the selected line of development, and it’s hell shackles.
During a bad witch cosplay here may hang.
Tree of character development. One screenshot does not embrace, in one round of passage not master.
When your character begins to sweep away everything in its path, unicorns come for him. And it will not joking.
If you do not spray the experience of the tree of skills, and learn purposefully selected one branch of development, ordinary opponents will soon cease to be a stumbling block. We just need to get used to the fact that the knife-wielding thief will have to make a lot more effort than, say, a knight in heavy armor and two-handed hammer. The gap in capabilities between the classes visible to the naked eye. But it is enough to play with a sense of comfort.
When the mind develops a clear understanding of the principles of the in-game mechanics when hands start without delay to direct the character and the hero acquires a powerful arsenal, the voltage from the game, like a Sisyphean stone passes through the top and breaks down rapidly, sweeping away all obstacles. The more, the easier it becomes a Salt and Sanctuary, and even additional tests (irreversible death, the absence of “kits”, shields, armor, and so on. D.) No longer seem insurmountable.
And this descent from the Salt and Sanctuary are two trumps: experiments with the development of the character, whose purpose – to create the best destroyer of worlds, and a powerful incentive for research already passed places with collecting, mining resources and finding secret paths.
Select the desired “shaving brush” for weapons is extremely important. Many bosses are vulnerable to certain types of attacks, and only scratching the others.
Bread and salt you
On PlayStation 4 game came in a very good moment: Dark Souls fans lived the third part of the expectation, and kill it time for something similar in spirit and the atmosphere was very nice. But the PC version was delayed slightly. Fuss about Dark Souls 3 is still in full swing, and who is now can look and feel of its two-dimensional wannabe?
Salt and Sanctuary, thanks to established mechanics, perfect for high-speed passes. The abundance of secrets, hidden paths and atmospheric world easily tightened travelers. Fans of the game to overcome the difficulties many times podsyplet insult to injury. But best of all, it looks and feels at the passage of a joint.
NSA smooths out those flaws that would catch the eye with a single. Where the boss was too complicated for your type of character in the foreground with a partner more suitable weapon. Powerful equipment, useless to you, but other suitable, enhances your squad, rather than sent to the backpack. It is a pity that there is no online co-op, – will have to play sitting on a couch. Game of two people for two people – this philosophy.
Black-headed witch wanted to spit on the level of your character. Her magic is shocking and kills. No options.
Be sure to invite a friend to visit. Co-op mode multiplies the pleasure of playing at least twice.
Salt and Sanctuary is beautiful and atmospheric transport of the familiar scenery of Souls and Mechanics in two-dimensional space, interprets and adjusts them under its own story. The game is frankly aimed at a specific audience, which is why individuality is cut off for the sake of trying to pass for an old friend.
And because it has to be considered in the context imposed by the authors themselves: compared with the series, she is doomed to lose on all counts. But if we ignore the author’s desire to be “like From», Salt and Sanctuary – a worthy heir of the old “metroidvany” inscribed with the great co-op mode.

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