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Russian Borzoi – a breed that has a fairly long history. This is a hunting dog, which, however, can become a favorite family pet. Due to the considerable size of a greyhound, preferred to keep her in the country house. However, in the apartments of this dog, thanks to the quiet disposition, can be practically invisible.
History of breed
Descriptions of Russian greyhound has found in the records of the 17th century. This breed was used mainly for hunting animals, including the wolf. In the 18th century Russian greyhounds crossed with English and Baltic hounds. The first standard was made in 1888, after which the formation of the modern breed began. It is believed that the ancestors were laykoobraznye Borzoi dog.
In the 19th century in Russia hunting is the most fashionable fad. Almost every landlord kept several dozen greyhounds and beagles, which were an indispensable tool for catching animals. As a result, some owners had their own types of greyhounds that had the characteristics of appearance. Each type called by their host names. Over time, differences began to fade, and the appearance of Russian greyhound was closer to what we are today, and we have.
In the late 19th century began to take place the exhibition, which showcased the best representatives of the breed. The first pedigree book was launched early 20th century, which included 15 dogs. Prior to the revolution came a few volumes of genealogical books, but they were only dogs that were in Moscow. At the same time a huge amount of Russian greyhounds were owners across Russia. They can be found in Tambov, Saratov, Lipetsk province.
Russian Borzoi dogs are large enough, they rise up to 75 cm. The head of animal is long and narrow. Nose not tapered. Powerful jaws and scissor bite give the appearance of greyhound impressiveness. Ears set on high, have a triangular shape. The tail of a greyhound is long and thin, it can be sableobraznoy or crescent-shaped.
In the long silky coat can be large curls. Greyhound Colour meets different from light to dark. The most valuable are specimens with a white coat with yellow, red or brindle markings. For dark colors characteristic black muzzle.
Weight males can reach 48 kg, females – 41 kg. Despite the large size, suitable for keeping the dog in an apartment, however, require regular exercise.
Russian greyhound has excellent character. She is very affectionate and devoted to their owners. However, the dog loves only those who treat her with respect and understanding. Greyhounds need early socialization. They are distinguished by high intelligence and ability to learn.
As a rule, it is very quiet and calm dog. They are happy to spend time in a place chosen by them in the house. Russian greyhounds prefer to spend time in the room, but to be perfectly happy, some activity it is still necessary. As representatives of this breed have a rather big size, the house is not recommended to keep their young children. In addition, they may respond negatively to “play” with their kids. However, for older children, greyhounds can make excellent companions and protectors.
Among the features of the breed character, it should be noted intolerance of pain, not only real, but also supposed. This dog is very agile and fast. It is believed that an animal can reach speeds up to 90 km / h or 28 m / sec.
The earlier started learning Russian borzoi, the more effective it will bring. The dog’s owner should keep in mind that it very quickly learns the lessons. The frequent repetition of the same can lead to the fact that the greyhound quickly get bored and lose interest in their studies.
The problem for the owners representative of this breed can become her passion to the pursuit of other animals. Therefore, walking the dog should always be in control. The first time the puppy can strongly pull on the leash. It is recommended to rid him of this habit, using special hard collars. Once the dog stops pulling, the device should be replaced on a regular collar.
Despite the fact that Russian Borzoi characterized by a passion for the prosecution, they get along good with other pets, especially if they live with them from early childhood. If the house is already put in an adult dog, then it may be conflicts with other pets, mostly cats.
Health and care
Russian greyhound has a good health. The most popular breed for disease:
Uobblera Syndrome, which is a compression of the cervical vertebrae,
Bloating or volvulus,
During warmer months, the most dangerous are parasites, fleas and ticks. Moreover, Russian greyhound is very sensitive to certain products containing chemicals, particularly those that are designed to kill parasites. Furthermore, this breed dogs may react negatively to anesthetic drugs. Before buying a puppy should be familiar with the medical card dog parents who can ask the breeder.
Care Russian greyhound is simple, largely due to the fact that this breed is characterized by high cleanliness. A dog of this breed sheds heavily, which is an additional incentive of the owner to comply with the rules of care for her. But wool requires constant brushing, as it is very thin and has no undercoat. Too often bathe the pet does not need, rather than 1-2 times per month or a strong need. Between the toes on the feet is recommended to periodically cut the wool. In addition, care require eyes, claws, and the dog’s ears.
Representatives of this breed need to be an active pastime. The owner must be ensured that the hounds have always been in good physical shape. Long walks and games on the air – the guarantee of a good dog health.
To power Russian greyhounds and should be approached very carefully. Most members of this breed are pretty picky eaters. They need a special balanced feed and food of animal and vegetable origin. In order to improve digestion and, consequently, the state of health of the dog, a large-feeding twice a day is necessary to replace several small meals. After the meal, in any case should not be given to an animal exercise, it will require non-durable vacation.
Graceful and fast Russian greyhound its aristocratic appearance attracts artists and writers, inspiring them to work. In Russian culture, very often you can find a picture, which depicts scenes of hunting with the indispensable participation of the dogs of this breed. Russian greyhound will be a loyal friend and companion for those who appreciate her good qualities. She always will stand for the owner and his family. This dog is characterized by courage and sincerity, so is suitable for people who are characterized by these qualities. Russian greyhound feels great in any living conditions, apartment or house.

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