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Ross Lynch: a biography
Ross Lynch is a young and talented American actor, musician and singer. Fame young man managed to win in all three fields. Despite the obvious youth, the biography of Ross has several successful serials, and he managed to prove himself a truly gifted musician.

Childhood and youth
Ross Shore Lynch was born on December 29, 1995 in Littleton, Colorado. By the sign of the zodiac young man – Capricorn. His second name was due to the fact that he was born on the same day as his uncle Shor. He is the fourth oldest of five children, Mark and Stormy Lynch.

The family has mixed roots: the ancestors of the youth were immigrants from Germany, Ireland, England and Denmark. Music has always played a big role in the life of Lynch – his parents even met at a concert by Elton John.

Since childhood, Ross was taught to play musical instruments: piano, guitar and drums. After 4 classes, the boy was transferred to home schooling. When he turned 12, the family moved to Los Angeles to help Riker, Ross’s older brother, in his musical career.

For the first time on television, Ross appeared in 2009, and already in 2011, he received the lead role in the Disney TV series Austin and Ellie. The young actor played a teenage performer, one day became a celebrity thanks to video on the Internet. In addition to playing the lead role, Ross was involved in creating the soundtrack for the series, recording more than 20 songs for it.

In 2013, Disney Channel once again invited the young man to act, this time in the film. Romantic musical comedy “Summer. Beach. Cinema “fell in love with both viewers and critics. The soundtrack to the tape reached an honorable 3 places in the Billboard 200 chart.

2017 gave the actor the opportunity to try himself in a fundamentally new role. Ross, who previously starred in Disney’s lyrical comedies, won the lead role in the TV series My Friend Dahmer. Lynch played the young Jeffrey Dahmer – one of the worst serial killers in history. With the role of an actor coped brilliantly, conveying the character of a man, slowly becoming a psychopath. On the Rotten Tomatoes website, the series received a prestigious rating of 87%.

At the same time, in May 2017, the comedy “Status: Updated” appeared with Ross Lynch and Olivia Holt in the lead roles. In this film, the actor appeared before the viewer in the more familiar role of a modern young man, not parting with a smartphone.

Together with brother Ricoeur and sister Rydel Ross in 2009 created the group R5, playing songs in the style of pop rock. The first mini-album “Ready Set Rock” was recorded by the band in 2010 and in September signed a contract with Hollywood Records.

The second mini-album “Loud” was released on February 19, 2013, and after a few months the band recorded their first full disc, “Louder”. The work of Lynch was a success and it turned out to be in demand – in the first week 15 thousand copies of the album were sold.

2014 was a significant year for R5 – we won in two categories of the Radio Disney Music Awards – the “Best Group” and “The Group that caused a storm of applause.”

The musical series “Violetta” provided an opportunity to appear on the screen not only for Ross, but also for his brother and sister. In season 3, the group R5 appeared in the role of themselves.

In 2015, Linci, to the delight of fans, recorded their second full album “Sometime Last Night”, which reached a high position in the Billboard charts. On May 12, 2017, the band released a new mini-album, “New Addictions”, and soon after that, the single “Hurts Good” appeared.

Song “Hurts Good” by R5
R5 participants never complained about difficult relationships within the team, but everything comes to an end. On February 1, 2018, a video appeared on the group’s YouTube channel with the talking title “The Last Show”, and by March 1, the group’s accounts on Instagram and Twitter changed their name from R5 to The Driver Era. The new Lynch format is a duet from Ross and his brother Rocky.

Personal life
The young actor does not lead the life of a hermit, but he is trying not to endure his personal life. However, the heterosexual orientation of the young man was not questioned. During the filming of the series “Austin and Ellie,” fans attributed Ross a romance with partner on the set Laura Marano.

These conjectures have not been confirmed. Laura and Ross have repeatedly stated in interviews that they are just good friends. Nevertheless, Lynch admitted that the “chemistry” between their stage heroes is very strong. This fueled rumors, giving Raura fans (as fans called them who want to see actors together) food for speculation.

During the filming of “Summer. Beach. Cinema “there were rumors about Lynch’s romance with leading actor Morgan Larson, but these rumors were also not confirmed.

In 2015, the young man introduced model and actress Courtney Eaton as his girlfriend. Hiding romantic relationships young people did not. In the Instagram account of both stars often appeared joint photos. On the red carpet during the celebrations, they also tried to appear together. However, in 2017, the couple announced the breakup, while Ross and Courtney confirmed that they continue to be friends.

Ross lynch now
Ross continues to creative activities in the usual areas. The Driver Era performs at music festivals and has some success. The number of musical instruments owned by a musician is growing – now a young man is learning to play the violin.

The young man is still thin: Lynch is 183 cm tall, and the weight is 75 kg.

The acting career of Lynch also does not stand still – he starred in the TV series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, the spin-off of the classic sitcom “Sabrina the Little Witch”. The creators promise that this time there will be no comedies, it will be a classic horror with fantasy elements. Ross got the role of Harvey Kinkle, one of the guys in the main character.

In early 2018, Lynch made his debut as a model – he presented 3 images for the new Dolce & Gabbana collection.

As for his personal life, after parting with Courtney, he never began to meet with anyone. Or, perhaps, simply does not want strangers to know about his romantic hobbies.

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