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Roe – one of the most beautiful and graceful animals. This small deer with a short trunk, slightly reminiscent of a goat. Summer deer golden red color, and in winter their color changes to gray. Do deer blunt muzzle and a very short tail. Under tail light wool. Sensing danger, deer high lift up the tail, white spot is clearly seen running behind. Hunters call it white spot mirror.
Neonates roe spotted coloring. It helps to mask among the foliage and summer vegetation. Eventually, after 2-3 months, babies hair darkens, it becomes brownish-red, spotting disappears. Roe – a very graceful animal. Her movements are light and subtle. She seemed flutters above the ground. Only the white dot flashes. At the head of the small horns in males, standing almost vertically. In December, the males of their shed, and in the spring they grow again. Roe can be found in the middle lane, in the south of the European part of Russia and the Caucasus. It is the European roe deer. Siberian deer much more, she lives in Asia.
The activity observed in these animals at any time, but they can open places often seen in the early morning or late afternoon. They eat grass, shoots, berries, mushrooms, are very fond of acorns. In winter, they eat buds, bark of trees, dry leaves and hay. If the food is not enough, they can dig out from under the snow moss. Drinks lots of deer, several times a day, so there is always somewhere near water.
The courtship period, called rutting deer. At this time, males are very excited, they sometimes end up fighting wounds. Hong lasts from July to mid-August, and in the Siberian roe deer until September. Roe cub bears almost 9 months. For the hotel, it chooses the most remote places. Nulliparous doe usually brings one calf, after – 2 or 3 males may have one or more females. In the first days after calving deer-mother does not depart from its young, is constantly kept on the alert, in case of need dedication rushes to defense. Goats eventually start to go over the mother. Sensing danger, they cork, hugging the ground.
Roe deer often migrate from one area to another. In the past, when the number of roe deer was high, such migration took place in the territory of the European part of the former Soviet Union each year. Autumn deer moved from the steppe areas in the forest, and the spring back. After the extermination of deer migrations are stopped. It was only in autumn 2012 unexpectedly after the first snowfall, the animals began to gather in groups. Migration deer resumed. Many attribute this to the extreme weather conditions, high altitude snow cover. Roe always anticipating weather changes and get off in large groups. Animals are easier to survive in large numbers, it is easier to break the snow in search of food, easier to tread the hard cover. But when deer gather in large groups, they are in danger from poachers. Defenseless animals cruel light extraction fans sometimes shoot straight off the track.

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