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Roger Bumpass was born in 1951 in Jonesboro, Arkansas. After high school, Little Rock Central High School, he enrolled at the University of Arkansas, specializes in the television, radio and theatre. During his studies he had to work at the radio station of the University, and later he began to work in television, having worked as operator, speaker, editor, audio engineering and even technical Director.
In 1977, Bumpass got the role in the musical Comedy show “That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick”, which tours traveled across America.
The first work Vanessa on scoring became the animated series “the Jetsons.”
In 1981, Roger appeared behind the scenes in a fantastic animated Thriller for adults “Heavy metal,” voicing one of the main characters. In the cartoon, became in some measure the cult, sounded the music of the era of the birth of metal “Black Sabbath”, “Cheap Trick”, “Blue Oyster Cult”, “Nazareth”, “Sammy Hagar”, “Journey”.
Subsequently, the actor Roger Bumpass became famous as the actor voicing – his work at the microphone has today, many dozens of roles. Perhaps, the greatest popularity has gained him the Squidward character in the popular “spongebob Squarepants”. Squidward – haughty, irritable, a bore, a squid, who cherishes his imaginary genius, doing nothing to achieve success.
So, despite the fact that Roger appeared on the screens and as an actor, his main work was behind the scenes, as an actor dubbing. In his huge list of works of such famous cartoons as “Batman”, “Timon and Pumbaa”, “angry beavers”, “101 Dalmatians”, “the bug” and many others. After the stunning success of “SpongeBob” Roger Bumpass took part in “toy Story 2”, “the fairly oddparents”, “Invader ZIM”.
The year 2001 brought the work in the English version awarded the “Oscar” of the animation project, Hayao Miyazaki’s “spirited away” about the adventures of a little girl Chihiro. In the same year he released another landmark animated film “Corporation of monsters”, also won an Oscar.
In 2004, Roger was again voiced Squidward in the next version of “The SpongeBob”, in 2006, worked on “Ice age 2: the meltdown” and “Cars.”
The television version of the story of Sponge Bob, “Square Roots: The Story of SpongeBob SquarePants”, was released in 2009 year.
In 2010, the actor took part in an animation project Andres Cooter “Kung Fu Magoo”.
It is known that the actor is married to actress Amy Stiller, and, accordingly, is the son of the famous comedian Jerry Stiller and brother-in-law of actor Ben Stiller.
In 2006, in the press there was a rumor that Roger Bumpass died during heart surgery. His date of death was recorded in the IMDb database and in the newsletter graduates of Arkansas State University. Meanwhile, running Bumpass managed to turn everything into a joke and not to make an unfortunate misunderstanding of the value.
It is known that Roger likes to spend his free time rolling on ricamente – “recumbent” bike, like his famous character Squidward.

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