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Robin Williams – American actor. Winner of the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”. The most famous films with his participation – “Dead Poets Society,” “Good Will Hunting,” “What Dreams May Come,” “Patch Adams,” “Bicentennial Man.”
Williams was born on July 21, 1951 in Chicago. His father was one of the heads of the company Ford Motors, and his mother was a former model. Due to the high office of his father’s family was more than good software, they often changed their luxurious mansions, the little Robin was full of a variety of toys, but his childhood still has not been a happy, due to continual loneliness. He was not one to play, because other homes, as a rule, were far away, and my parents almost did not pay attention to his son, so that close friends have become a dog and turtle. So when there was a school in his life, it was a joyous event for him.
Robin began to catch up in communication, he liked to laugh classmates, so quickly coming actor got friends. And after graduation enrolled in Claremont Williams College to study political science, but of all the items available there it was more interested in acting. So soon it safely expelled, and comments by the father disapproved, he went to study at the Juilliard School of Drama (one of the most prestigious Theatre Academy). After some time, he began to act in clubs with humorous numbers, but the theatrical scene it did not take.
At that time, Robin met his first wife, and together they decided to move to Los Angeles, where Williams quickly noticed and identified a key role in the television series “Mork & Mindy.” Robin Williams is fond of the producers for their sense of humor and ability to improvise. A couple of years later, Robin and his debut on the big screen, playing a major role in the comedy “Popeye.” But next film was more successful with his participation – “The World of Garp.” Gradually acting career Robin Williams began to gain momentum, coming out more and more, his film, including “Survival School”, “Moscow on the Hudson”, “The Best of Times”, “Club” Paradise “” and “Seize the day.” Even greater success was marked with the release of the film “Good Morning Vietnam”, a role which Williams received the prize “Golden Globe” and nominated for “Oscar”. The success secured the other two tapes – “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” and the drama “Dead Poets Society”, which was extremely well received, and Robin Williams once again nominated for “Oscar” award.
Among the other notable films of the period with Williams may be noted drama “The Awakening”, a comedy drama “The Fisher King”, which brought another nomination for “Oscar”, a film by Steven Spielberg’s “Hook” and the comedy “Mrs. Doubtfire,” produced by Williams. By the time the actor manages to overcome alcohol and drug addiction, which is also beneficial to his career.
In the mid-90s out these movies with Robin Williams as “Jumanji” and “Secret Agent” and the picture “Good Will Hunting” brought him “Oscar”. The following year saw the screens drama “What Dreams May Come,” so loved by the audience. Robin Williams is increasingly moving from comedy to drama. Great success enjoyed films like “Patch Adams” and “Bicentennial Man.” All subsequent years, Williams continued to actively removed, pleased the audience with new works, among them “One Hour Photo”, “Secrets of the Past,” “Big White”, “Man of the Year”, “Madhouse on wheels” and “August Rush.”
Credo Robin Williams: “Never be afraid of nothing. In an extreme case, let fear be your inspiration. “

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