Robin van Persie

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Born a famous football player Robin van Persie in Holland, in the city of Rotterdam. The date of his birth is 06/08/1983. His unusual and interesting name the newborn received in honor of the brave Robin Hood. The boy’s father was an artist. Robin’s family had three children, he grew up with two sisters named Lily and Christina. Upon reaching the age of three, Robin’s parents divorced, and as a result of the court’s decision, he remained with his father.

Father Bob, brought up the boy on his own, so no more and not getting married. The character of the growing man was clearly affected by the male influence of his father, his temper was tempered. Robin was a naughty teenager. At one time, the disobedient boy was wanted to be expelled from school, for bad behavior.

The father decided to give the guy to the football section, and it’s not known how his life would have developed, and who he would have grown if it were not for this fateful decision of his father. The father wrote his son to the Excelsior school, where, starting from his first lessons, the boy began to show not only his leadership qualities, but also talent and aggressive disposition, all of which were favorable conditions for a successful and good game.

Robin van Persie, career

The career of the football player was started in 2001, when he joined the Feyenoord club. After the matches that were held for the period 2001-2008. this football player was recognized as the best football player among those who played for Holland. Until 2004 he was an attacker. If you count a total, during the game at the club “Feyenoord” a young footballer, high hopes, scored 14 goals and at the same time managed to play in the 61st game. Because of the conflict with the working coach, Robin was sent to the “bench”.

In the reserve, Robin did not have to sit for a long time, he almost immediately received an interesting proposal from the club “Arsenal”. Footballer signed a contract for a period of four years with the club “Arsenal”. In total, in this club Robin played 91 matches, and for this period scored 31 goals.
During the sports career, the young professional was constantly harassed by various injuries, but, despite this factor, he managed to become the recognized scorer of the English Premier League, he became one of the best.

In summer 2012, as a result of lengthy negotiations, the footballer leaves the Arsenal club and leaves for Manchester United. Literally from the first days of staying in this football club, Robin began to show himself as a real professional, and on August 25, he was able to score a goal in the match that the team played against Fulham.
During the work of a young football player in the Netherlands, he managed to score 46 goals, and play in 87 games. To date, Robin is considered the best scorer, given the entire history of the existence of this team.

Robin van Persie and personal life

In 2005, Robin was charged with a crime, namely in rape, as a result of which he was arrested by the police. Photo-model – Sandra Krigsman, at the time stated that the young man first molested her, then raped. Six months later, this case was referred to the court, then the player had to spend two weeks in prison, he was soon released, but the case at that time had not yet been brought to an end. As a result of the trial, Robin was fully acquitted, and the model who claimed it admitted that she had intimate relationships with Robin, but by mutual agreement of both.

As a result of this situation, Robin realized that at one point he could lose everything he has, and, according to his relatives, he changed a lot, became more calm and complaisant. The footballer’s wife believed in her husband’s innocence, and supported him in every possible way.

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