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The young British actor Robert Sheehan became a real star after the release of the first season of the famous “hooligan” series “Dross”. In this multi-part project, Robert Sheen played the role of the richest and sharpest guy in the language – marginal and malicious violator of the order of Nathan.
In fact, Robert Sheehan has never been truly implicated in crime stories, but in real life he is quite a decent young man who can always find friends and gets along well with people.

Robert was born on January 7, 1988 in Ireland in the family of a policeman. He was the third in a row, the youngest child. And the only one who chose the road associated with acting. From early childhood, the younger Shien loved to spend time at the TV screen like a sponge, soaking up everything he saw in various films. And then Robert arranged his own “cinema” – he played out the whole scenes from what he saw. Of course, the parents could not help but notice this feature and began to show the son at various children’s castings. It ended with the fact that in 15 years, Robert has already become an actor.

Film career Robert Sheehan
The first film in which Robert Sheen starred was the full-length drama “A Song for an Outcast”. The young actor got a small role: he played one of the pupils of the Irish Catholic school with impossibly strict rules. Despite the high ratings of the film, in Russia it is almost unknown, but in fact for Robert it was a great start. Few novice actors immediately fall into full-length pictures.
Although the role was small, Robert coped with it perfectly and was noticed by many directors. Soon he received invitations for new projects, and in the next 10 years he managed to play in almost 30 different projects, many of which became very popular. These projects include Tudors, Witch Time, Bloody District and, of course, Garbage.

Robert Sheehan and his role as Nathan in the TV series Garbage
In the project “Garbage”, Robert got one of the most vivid and memorable roles – the role of Nathan Young, a young man “without brakes”, who has the reputation of being the worst persuasive in the company of children serving their sentences in public works. But no matter how bright the role in the script, without the talent of Robert himself, his hero would never sparkle with all facets: during the film, viewers have more than once the opportunity to make sure that, despite the bad character and even more bad language, Nathan is rather a positive character than the other way around. He is characterized by normal human feelings: such as love, affection for friends and the ability to stand up for them in a critical situation.
Robert Sheean: “I remember one major skirmish when I was 13 years old. It was not far from my house. And it was strange: it was necessary to decide which side you were on. There were guys on steep wheelbarrows, and suddenly a police car pulled up, and my dad leaned out of the window and shouted “Robert!”, And I exclaimed guiltily, “Forgive me, forgive, forgive!” And quickly dumped from there. Then I was close to the fact that my own father would handcuff me. ”

On correctional work Nathan got for theft and outright rudeness in a public place. On the very first day of his “labor activity”, he, among other main characters, came under the influence of anomalous forces and got a unique feature that he hadn’t guessed about for a very long time. His gift was the ability to return to life after death. In addition, in the appendage Nathan got the opportunity to see ghosts.

The personal life of Robert Sheehan
Robert is a very cheerful and friendly person. He likes good companies and never away from the heart to have fun, for example, to go on an exciting journey. Few people know that in his early youth he was very shy of his lush curls, which are so fond of all the fans of Nathan in the TV series “Scum”. Robert cut his hair very shortly or simply straighten his curls. Another of its features is that the famous actor is left-handed.

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