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Robert John Davi – American singer, actor, producer, director and screenwriter, has gained popularity thanks to his roles in the films “Licence to Kill”, “Distribution of darkness” and “Murder in Vegas.”
Robert was born on June 26, 1954 in Astoria (New York, USA) in a family of Italian Sal Davi Davi and Maria (Italian-American). With its roots in childhood is fluent in both English and Italian. In the family Davie also brought up his two sisters, Yvonne and Michel. Robert attended a Catholic «Seton Hall» school in a small town near New York. After that, he continued to gnaw granite of science at the University of Hofstra, where he studied drama (in the same institution once studied the famous American actor Christopher Walken). However, Davi has not graduated from university just before graduation, he dropped out and moved to work as a waiter.
During his artistic career, Robert Davi had to perform more than 130 diverse roles in films and on television. His acting debut in 1977 in the TV thriller “Contract on Cherry Street,” in which he shared the screen with Frank Sinatra. After that, he also honed his acting skills in the series ( “Now and ever,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Lou Grant” and others). Later, Robert was fortunate enough to work on the set with Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Benicio Del Toro, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other big-name actors.
Over the years, the actor can be seen in the films “Die Hard,” with Bruce Uililsom, “License to Kill” with Timothy Dalton, “Showgirls” (directed by Paul Verhoeven) and many other box-office films. In 2002, he starred in the fantasy adventure film “Merlin’s Apprentice”, as well as in supporting roles in several other films, including “The Hot Chick”, “fourth tenor”, “tough guys”, “shower Guardian”, “The Last trip “,” Mix “. At the same time, he went on to star in the series, on television Davie could be seen in episodes of popular American film “Body Parts,” “Criminal Minds,” “Batman of the future», «C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation “and others.
At the beginning of the second decade of the new century, the actor starred in more than 30 films. In 2010 he could be seen at once in the five new films, including “Murder in Vegas,” “Game of Death” and the gangster film “The Irishman,” where he appeared on the screen, along with Val Kilmer and Christopher Walken. In 2012, Robert Davi played a major role in the Canadian comedy “The Great Chameleon” and in the biographical drama about a hired killer Richard Kuklinski “Ice”.
A year later, in 2013, Davy was brought before the audience in the form of Goran Vata in action adventure “The Expendables 3”, Dr. Javier Reed of the thriller “Lost Time” Quentin in “Ideal vacation” and Levi Aaron in the drama “The Bull from Broniksa”. Also in 2014, the actor was involved in the shooting of a Russian-American movie “Black Rose,” directed by Alexander Nevsky, which played a major role. A few months later he appeared on the screens in the comedy thriller Josh Eysenshtadta “Dissemination of darkness.”
Back in 2007, Robert Davi tested their abilities in the field of directing, taking off on his own script the movie “Dukes”. He also starred in one of the main roles of his debut offspring, and with it at the site worked as an actor Chazz Palminteri, Peter Bogdanovich, Elya Baskin, and many others. The film premiered at the International Film Festival in Rome. After that, the picture was shown at the film festival in Monte Carlo, where she received the award for Best Screenplay and Best Director at the international festival of comedy films «Alpe d’Huez» in France. His next directing Davie completed in 2010, it turned out to be a family adventure film “The Magician: Talking dog.” The starring American actor Leo Grillo, who also acted as co-author of the script, and he Davi played one of the smaller roles in the film and became one of the producers.
Another passion is the music of Robert. Starting from school-age, he was interested in singing in a music school in New York on Davie Vocal Competition took first place, and then began to take lessons from professional teachers, who often said that he baritone to tenor heart. From the world of music Davie met again in 2011, releasing his first solo album at the studio «Capitol Records Building» in Hollywood, which once recorded the famous Frank Sinatra. The album turned out to be quite successful and even took the lead in the ranking of jazz «Billboard» magazine compositions. In 2013, Davie recorded single Nick Valelonga «New York City Christmas», which played Californian jazz band «Chris Walden Big Band».
Robert Davi five children from two marriages: Sin Christian from Jeri McBride, Ariana Mary, Francis and the twins Isabella and Edward Nicholas by Christine Bolster.

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