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The main problem Tomb Raider restart was not mediocre script and not a tipping point somewhere on the third or fourth hour, when the game is all spit and turned into a shooting gallery. The main problem was the fact that the developers of Crystal Dynamics as if trying to prove to the world and above all to themselves that they can not be worse than Naughty Dog. Alas, it turned out still worse.
Rise of the Tomb Raider, fortunately, is not trying to prove anything. At this time, the studio made it Tomb Raider – a modern, more spectacular, but still the very Tomb Raider.
They’ll know my name
The Rise of the Tomb Raider we continue to watch the transformation in real Lara Tomb Raider. Mysterious events on the island yamantau Lara convinced of the rightness of her father, who devoted a large part of the life of the legendary quest for the Source of life, the giver of the alleged owner immortality.
Unable to find conclusive evidence of the existence of the Source, Croft, Sr. landed a barrage of ridicule from the media and the scientific community, I could not stand the shame and committed suicide when his daughter was still a child. Lara also vowed to finish the job and find an artifact – by and large, to atone for the fact that at the time did not believe in his father’s study.
The script stopped squeeze sympathy ostentatious drama. Lara still has a hard time (hurt, coldly, sadly), but no more tearful scenes and false “formation of a strong woman” by attempting to rape the heroine, and break on the rocks.
Lady Croft, remaining kind, intelligent, honest and compassionate, hurts, shoots well, messy tangles with a distinct British accent and spits in the face of the main villain, being tied to a chair in a dark basement. This way the writers Lara manages much better than the image of a wailing girly armaturinami in the abdomen.
The action of one of the introductory levels takes place in Syria, but then we move to Siberia.
Wild animals and patrol can look for the footsteps on the snow.
The camera, as in the original, so often chooses angles, to show us the local scenery in all its glory.
Nevertheless, the dialogue now and then skips the clichés and characters often with excessive pathos declare quite so obvious. Sitting by the fire, Lara aloud presents “a summary of the previous series,” and overly dramatizing, he reflects on life. Solving the puzzle, she openly hints at what should be done here, and at some point all starting command when to jump to reach the required platform. Here really wanted to look into the eyes of a man who decided it was entertaining – keep the player for an idiot.
Whatever it was, in the Rise of the Tomb Raider really important is not the story, and the place where it develops. The search led to the Tomb Raider Legend of Kitezh-hail. According to legend, Prince Vladimir Yuri Vsevolodovich built a city on Lake Kitezh Svetloyar the banks of the rivers tributary of the Volga. When the city was attacked by the Mongols led by Batu Khan, residents began to not defend themselves, and pray. Suddenly the earth shook under their feet beaten keys, and the city went under water in front of the Mongolian army.
It is here that Crystal Dynamics and put the Source of life, simultaneously transferring Kitezh of the Nizhny Novgorod region, where there is a lake in Siberia – according to the local legend, the city sank, and was buried deep beneath the glacier. But we do not take offense. Hideo Kojima forgiven Ural jungle and it’s easy.
One of the most memorable tombs – frozen into glacier body frigate.
Liberty geography studio fully reimburse the stunning scenery. At one stage Rise of the Tomb Raider we walk on the vast territory of the mining plant, where the party exiled objectionable: obligatory scene in the Gulag, sickles and hammers, granite Grandpa Lenin, rusty ZILy.
But when Lara carefully twists in the hands of a silver cigarette case during the war and peers into the battered family photo with difficulty parsing on the back side outputted piece of graphite, “Remember,” a desire to stop snobbish remark cranberries disappears, because the farther away, the more imbued with the fact how attentively Crystal Dynamics treated to an atmosphere.
Lara genuine interest in studying Orthodox murals and banners, poring over Cyrillic, increasing skill with the Greek and Russian (the study of manuscripts adds experience and opens up special skills), and you are at this moment sitting in front of screen, and full of pride for their country. No, really, Rise of the Tomb Raider incredibly colorful and beautiful.
The second part is several times the previous one. On the passage of only one five-minute story line minus side quests and optional tombs may take more than twenty hours. Besides, where the Tomb Raider in 2013 managed three bored, ruffle, and for the tenth time to bring to the tantrums ridiculous scenario, RotTR is gaining momentum.
By the middle of the game action moves from the Siberian forests in the great lakeside valley, resembling not the Howling Fjord of World of Warcraft, not the views of Skyrim. Here the picture harsh Russian winters are combined with birch leaves and dissolve the frozen streams, pipes of dugouts and huts belching smoke, and dilapidated wooden church stands alongside the majestic fortress. The notes referred Kashchei Immortal and Baba Yaga, but it is worth to stop, because well, what kind of Tomb Raider without mysticism?
Some animals are selected from the dens only at certain times of the day, but the bear can be obtained on the head day and night.
In any fight, you can operate covertly …
… Or the old fashioned way.
After the storms are passing through
In such circumstances, the bloodthirsty action, which eventually evolved into the previous Tomb Raider, have looked at least ridiculous. Therefore skirmishes take second and even a third plan, giving way to what was most important to restart – Exploration, puzzles and acrobatics.
Puzzles compulsory and secondary, has increased, and neither of the couple of dozen tombs is not like the others. The tests are based on the basic laws of physics. For example, this: fill the water pan, tie it to a rope trolley, stretch the rope, pushing the trolley, pererubaet rope – chan and weighted flies in the icy wall, opening the passageway. Solutions are fast, but I still feel very clever every time your car Goldberg still works.
The design environment worked Nate Wells, one of the leading artists of The Last of Us, System Shock 2 and Thief of the first BioShock.
The shift in emphasis does not mean that the spectacular moments in the game left, but the pounding in the frame formulation Rise of the Tomb Raider does not abuse. A couple of times Lara confronted face to face with a number of enemy troops in the corridors scripted, and closer to the final great increase pace, sometimes even a little slowly to a climax. But it fits the game much more harmonious than in the first part.
What worked well, the developers have not touched. We are still masters of everything and everyone, getting hunting animal skins, firewood, mushrooms, and every pasture, increase skills and improve your equipment by the fire, climb trees and shrubs, cutting into the soil and ice pick and a bow stretch cableways , drags objects and peremahival through the chasm on a rope. And jump. Many jump.
In RotTR Lara is much more confident, stronger and simply cool.
The game from time to time takes time out and allows you to enjoy the beauty of local nature.
At checkpoints Lara can choose clothes. Only, for God’s sake, do not let her in the cold in a T-shirt – neck and so is not closed.
Added to this is the hook that allows to climb on high ledges and special arrows, which you can climb. All equipment as before, set in motion in certain places, and any selected path one way or another leads to a goal, but a variety of gadgets and the fact that to plot points can come in several ways to create a believable illusion of freedom.
Progression works according to the laws “zeldoidov” – growing arsenal over time allows to reach new places and secrets, but you can always go back to the old levels to climb up to where it was previously not accessible. In fact, the game, of course, completely linear, but grumbling because this would not be desirable.
I shall rise
When it comes to battles, it turns out that many of the shooting, in fact, the same puzzle. So, at some point, Lara encounters a detachment of armored commandos on the thick ice. Lady Croft drags one of the soldiers in a hole, cut his throat, and while the others turn to screams, swims to the other hole in the ice and again in the rear.
In another skirmish Lara lures opponents by oil lamps, unleashes them on enemies’ heads, flies deftly to another part of the level, and repeats the same trick. Simple, but much amusing standard cuckoo behind cover.
Some tombs are actually under the nose, to the other is necessary to get on the underground catacombs.
Difficulty better from the start to set higher as behaving like children on average do simply nothing, the enemy in battle. On the high no health regeneration in combat, you can rely only on the makeshift bandages (and they often do not have as cartridges), opponents pluck actively shouting, saying, “This bitch is recharged,” and kill three or four hits. An incentive to play discreetly and carefully, that is not too difficult with sufficient caution. In peacetime, AI amazingly stupid – enemies often do not respond if a stone’s throw from the open cut them kicking the patrol.
But in stealth Rise of the Tomb Raider allows you to experiment. You can climb higher and take time to deal with the arrows or rivals one by one, but much more interesting to improvise.
Lara on the fly, just like in The Last of Us, collects missile weapon of improvised means: glass bottle turns into a Molotov cocktail, the bank – in a smoke bomb, or shrapnel canister with petrol – in a fire-bomb, the enemy radio – in the mine. When on the battlefield appear different types of opponents – fast, armor, shield hiding, flamethrower, sniper – willy-nilly, to indulge in all that are folded under the arm.
Popular scheme puzzles – several times to raise the water level in the room to get to the right mechanism.
The combat system in the Rise of the Tomb Raider is the same as before, including physics, rolls and counterattacks. Which is good, except for the rather silly conventions: with corpses still can not remove the weapon to have an incentive to develop skills and discover new trunks. So imagine a compromise. No feelings of trash than the realization that at the right time you can not pick up the rifle, from which you shoot in two seconds ago.
After twenty-five hours spent on thoughtful passage, I want to forget about the stupid script, mindless AI and gameplay conventions and return to the taiga – not even for artifacts or unclimbed tombs. Just. Hug birch, hunt for protein, meet the dawn at the fire, remembering the endless starry sky above the Solitude. Too romantic? May be. Handsomely? Not that word.
Now, much more difficult to say that Tomb Raider copies of Uncharted (the same one that in the past many borrowed from Tomb Raider). She found her and no less interesting way.

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