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Name: Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty)
Date of Birth: February 20, 1988
Age: 28 years
Place of Birth: St. Michael, Barbados
Height: 173
Occupation: Singer, actress
Relationship status: Single
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Rihanna: Biography
Rihanna or Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in the small town of St. Michael, Barbados. Beautiful nature exotic island, washed by the Caribbean Sea – that seems good and all that seen in childhood and early adolescence girl. The family lived a wealthy life. Also Robin family grew two brothers. Together they held a tiny house into three rooms. Is Rihanna summary brother and two sisters from his father’s previous marriage. Ronald Fenty was inspector wardrobe factory warehouse. In his veins Barbados and Irish blood. My mother Monica Braithwaite was a retired accountant and had an Afro-Guyanese roots.
Ronald Fenty had an addiction to alcohol and drugs. I suffer the whole family, especially the eldest daughter of Robyn Rihanna. Up to 15 years of her tormented terrible headaches, and doctors even know a girl with cancer. And yet Robin had known from childhood, that is hard work. She was forced to help his father sell clothes in a tent. When Rihanna was 14, her parents divorced. It was both a relief and new financial problems.
The only outlet in Rihanna’s life was music and singing. The girl grew up to the music of reggae, is very popular on the island. While studying at the school, she has created a musical group, which sang with pleasure. Since childhood, Rihanna knew that would be a singer and actress. She gladly attended amateur clubs, various competitions and festivals. She participated in musicals and beauty contests, as the appearance was extremely bright. In 2004th it becomes “Miss School”.
15-year-old beauty with an extraordinary voice notes known producer Evan Rogers from the United States. At that time, he has worked with such stars as Christina Aguilera and Rod Stewart. Producer recognized in the young Barbadian singer considerable talent and invited him to America, where over the years they recorded a demo disc. They were sent to several record companies. So Rihanna has learned about the popular rapper Jay-Z, with whom she is working today.
Star Rihanna biography started when the girl was 17 years old. In 2005 it came her debut song «Pon de Replay», immediately became a hit. Listeners won an unusual mix of Caribbean motifs and fashionable pop sound. The composition was in second place in the ranking of Billboard Hot 100. Soon, a new hit – single «If It’s Lovin ‘That You Want», which had the same success.
The end of the summer of 2005 to become Rihanna’s special: it goes first CD «Music of the Sun». He immediately falls in the top ten world records. In America, it sold half a million copies. Then the singer learned about not only her small Barbados, but the whole world. This allowed Rihanna to begin his first concert tour. However, until the solo: Rihanna sang in the pauses between the performances from Gwen Stefani.
During this time, Robyn Rihanna Fenty reveals another facet of his talent: she is not only a great singer, but also a good composer. Many tracks of the album, Rihanna wrote on their own.
A few months after the first had a second disc of Rihanna. «A Girl Like Me», which enters the Top 5 countries such as America and Britain. Promo-single «SOS» music critics consider the best in the creative career of Rihanna. There she used the electro-funk band Soft Cell songs of the 80s. The single very long radio airplay all America and Canada.
Beauty popular singer also did not remain unnoticed. Rihanna touts one of the lines of NIKE apparel company and becomes the face of the brand Miss Bisou.
In 2006, Robyn Rihanna will debut as an actress. She starred in the youth comedy film “Bring It On”, which plays itself. Rihanna appears in two serials – “Las Vegas” and “set up”.
In the summer of 2007, a third album Caribbean singer, in the creation of which took direct part rappers Jay-Z and Ne-Yo. One of the songs titled «Rehab» Rihanna helps write Justin Timberlake performing backing vocals. But the disc becomes a hit song «Umbrella», sung by Rihanna with Jay-Z.
In the late autumn of 2009 it appeared the fourth album «Rated R». It Rihanna a few unusual and new for her fans: she appears in a brutal role with a hint of sadomasochistic aesthetics. The experiment was a success. But the 5th album «Loud» radically different: it is a dance and incendiary fun.
All discs Rihanna immediately after becoming event of the year. Caribbean singer recognized as the best at the prestigious ceremony Barbados Music Awards. 2008 Rihanna brings the long-awaited first «Grammy».
Personal life
Life Rihanna constantly in the sights of the paparazzi and the vigilant attention of the press. Although the singer does not like to tell the details of private life, but information leaked anyway. It is known that she had a brief romance with rapper P Diddy. And in 2008 it became known that Rihanna became romantically involved with the African-American singer Chris Brown. However, soon the tabloids in full relished the scandalous details of these relations. Chris Brown brutally beat Rihanna in his car, and even ran away from the crime scene. For this he was sentenced to 5 years probation. But in the 2010th Chris said he wanted to resume the relationship with his ex-girlfriend, and even made a tattoo on his neck face battered Rihanna. In the spring of 2012, Chris and Robin recorded a song Birthday Cake. But former relations are not resumed.
The 2015th tabloids talking about Rihanna’s novel with Leonardo DiCaprio. Already very often couple appeared together. As it turns out, Rihanna and Leonardo binds only friendship and romance with the singer friend DiCaprio – owner of a chain of nightclubs Richie Akiva. Rihanna and Akiva met in the Caribbean, where a girl in the company of Leonardo met the New Year.

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