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Ride Along 2

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When it comes to the state, people cease to be kind and nice. Those who are in power, are willing to pay thousands of people to die, to hold in their hands at least a little bit of control. They do not care what happens to people when the country happens revolution, if only all went well and the former leaders were overthrown. This is what happened in Chile, where there was a sudden coup. People suspected of treason and sent to Germany in special camps, which had a good reputation and is famous for the good, and religious affairs. In fact, this activity was only a cover, and the gray stone walls were carried out brutal torture, with the hope to find out all the secrets and to make fun of those who turned out to be weaker.
Under these conditions, were the protagonists of this film. Lena and Daniel young people in love with each other. They are a great German couple, who was in Chile at the wrong time. When I did the military coup, Daniel caught and sent to torture and then was sent to the German settlement called “Dignidad”, where people are engaged in a religion and helping the needy. Lena, fearing for her lover, decides to get him out of there, but for this she needs to get to where Daniel was taken. She pretends to be a nun, and comes to the settlement, to work together with those who are inside. Caught behind gray walls, Lena understands that hard work and endless prayers a cover, and tortured and mocked by men at the lower levels of the building. Among them, and her lover, who had long been preparing to escape. Under the camp there is a whole system of tunnels that will run away lover at the right time. But whether they can cope with this difficult task? After watching them closely, and each time poll for the presence of evil thoughts.

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