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Ricky Whittle: Biography
British actor and model with an exotic appearance Ricky Whittle became popular in Russia after filming in the fantasy project “American Gods”, but his acting career began much earlier. The directors didn’t spare Whittle’s characters, and his body still has traces of shooting scenes of torture and fights. In addition to movies and TV shows, the handsome mulatto helps anti-racist organizations, knowing from personal experience how much trouble a mixed origin can deliver.

Childhood and youth
Ricky was born December 31, 1981 in the family of a soldier living in the UK, in the small town of Oldham. His mother is English, and his father was from Jamaica, which confused the boy as a child: apart from them, there were almost no blacks in the area, and at school he was the only mulatto. Peers plagued guy ridicule. Parents supported the upset son as best they could and assured him that a non-standard appearance would one day bring him success. The prediction came true, and the memory of the troubles at school later forced him to take part in the anti-racist movement.

The Whittle family traveled a lot. Ricky was fond of football, athletics and rugby and played for the country in the youth teams. Soon the unsuccessful fall and injury of a hand forced to leave a sports career. The young man entered the University of Southampton Solent, choosing to study criminology, but he still tried to spend his free time on the football field, playing for the university team.

Reebok drew attention to an attractive guy with a sporty physique and exotic facial features. After the shooting, Sky1’s casting agency offered Whittle a try as an actor in the Dream Team series. Ricky agreed, although the filming schedule was so tight that he could no longer go to university.

At the start of a young actor’s career, an injury awaited again, this time even more dangerous. Taking off in the third series, he broke his leg in several places. The producers had already appreciated his acting skills and did not begin to look for a replacement, but rewrote the script, adding to the character health problems.

In 2006, Whittle got a small role in the Holby City TV series, after which he was invited to the Holliox project, participation in which was a turning point in his creative biography. Ricky’s character, the mysterious Kelvin Vallentaine, was very popular with the public, but in 2010 Whittle refused to continue the shooting, and the hero had to be “killed”. The next project was the series “Successful People”, where the actor appeared in 8 episodes.

In 2008–2009, Ricky works on a television show. He reached the final of The Weakest Link – the British version of the “Weak Link” program and took second place in the Strictly Come Dancing dance competition paired with Natalie Lowe.

In November 2010, Ricky makes the final decision to move to California to fulfill the dream of Hollywood. There, he was immediately noticed by the famous producer Ken Jacobson, who had previously worked with Hilary Swank, Michelle Williams and James Franco. Whittle was invited to play in the short film Losing Sam, and then to the first role in the Austinland feature film – a romantic comedy based on the works of Jane Austen. The next few invitations he had to reject because of problems with the visa, but soon the actor was able to issue a green card and seriously pursue a career.

Whittle’s world fame brought work in the “Hundred”, where he played a lover hero named Lincoln. Film critics praised his acting duet with Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia). According to the actor, Lincoln became his favorite hero, but he didn’t manage to finish the storyline due to a personal fight with director Jason Rotherberg.

In an interview, Ricky said that Rotenberg did not like absolutely everything he did. The director intentionally ignored the actor, not giving air time and forcing him to spend days on the site in vain, and when he still allowed to participate, he pressed and criticized so that the shootings seemed torture. In addition, according to the director’s order, the tough scenes in the series were filmed as realistic as possible: if the characters had to be tied up or chained to the plot, the film crew did it for real.

Whittle is still on his knees and fingers, there are still scars from the handcuffs, and on the stomach is the trace of the stun gun, which the heroine Lindsey Morgan struck Lincoln in the seventh season on the plot. After that, the actor publicly called the director’s behavior “mean, low and unprofessional” and refused to continue working in the series. The next stage of the filmography was the film “Mistresses”, where he played the charming policeman David Zamora.

In 2016, Whittle was invited to American Gods – a film based on the popular novel by Neil Gaiman. For him it was the first major role. Whittle’s character Shadow Moon gets out of prison and unexpectedly falls into the other world of dreams, the center of confrontation between the old and new gods. The stylized narrative style, mysterious and at the same time frank atmosphere made the film a hit in 2017 and put Ricky on the lists of the most sought-after actors.

Personal life
Ricky Whittle has never been married. Like many other metrosexuals, he did not escape the rumors about homosexual orientation, but they quickly died out without receiving confirmation. The actor does not hide his turbulent personal life – he has several novels with popular movie stars, most often with his shooting partners. In 2007, he began a 3-year romance with Carly Stenson, who played with him in the “Holliox”. This relationship has broken the bond with professional dancer Nathalie Lowe.

Ricky also met with American actress Rumer Willis, but the girl wasn’t satisfied with the tight schedule of Whittle, due to whom they hardly saw each other – then he had to work in “Hundred” up to 15 hours daily. The novel lasted only three weeks.

Now the girl of the actor is an American fashion model Kirstina Colonna.

Ricky carefully monitors the appearance. The sports figure is part of his stage image, so he spends his free time shooting at the gym. Growth actor – 188 cm, weight – 85 kg.

Ricky Whittle now
In 2018, the actor spends on the set of the continuation of the “American Gods”, which is due out in early 2019.

Whittle is interested in charity and uses his name to support sports organizations, children’s hospitals, Christian associations, movements to help people of other races and nationalities. Ricky does not refuse from commercial projects, acting in advertising sports goods and game consoles. He has Twitter and Instagram accounts, from where professional actor photos quickly go online.

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