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Richard Ayoade

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Birthday: 12.03.1977 year
Place of birth: Whipps Cross, London, UK
Citizenship: United Kingdom
The most famous geek of British television
English actor and Director; best known for roles in television series ‘the Abode of darkness Garth Marenghi’ (‘Marenghi’Garth’s Darkplace’) and ‘Computer scientists’ (‘The IT Crowd’).
Born Ayoade in Whipps Cross, London; he was the only child of Norwegian and Nigerian. Later, Richard’s family moved to Ipswich, Suffolk (Ipswich, Suffolk); it is in Ipswich Ayoade went to College. He continued his studies Richard is already in College in Cambridge (St Catharine”s College, Cambridge); when he was a student of Richard won the prize for the staging and for a year held the position of President of the legendary student theatre ‘Footlights’. The performance of presidential duties, Richard is combined with active participation in the work of theatre; he regularly performed both as actor and as writer.
To work on the script for ‘Garth Marenghi”s Fright Knight’ Ayoade started together with his friend at ‘Footlights’ Matthew Holness. In 2001, work on the continuation of the project brought Richard award ‘Perrier Comedy’.
In 2004 Ayoade and Holness sent invented by Garth Marenghi on television – on channel 4; it was there that the world saw a parody Thriller ‘the Abode of darkness Garth Marenghi’. Ayoade not only acted as the Director of the series, but also played a role.
23 Oct 2001, Richard Ayoade played a role in one of the episodes of the radio project ‘The Boosh’. Subsequently, the serials moved to television; unfortunately, Richard himself to take part in the filming could not – at that time he was busy in another project. Ayoade played in the pilot episode of the series, and then gave place to his colleague in ‘the Abode of darkness’ (and later ‘Computer scientists’) Matt Berry. In the second season, Richard returned to the series in the way of the shaman saboo; later he repeatedly returned to the screen as Saba and took an active part in the work on the scenarios.
Real fame Richard Ayoade brought the role of Maurice moss in a Comedy series ‘Computer scientists’. This series is relatively small – at present time there had been only 4 seasons with 6 episodes each; however, the success was waiting for him a lot. In 2009 Ayoade played Maurice moss in the pilot issue of the American version of the series; however, this version of the success of the British variant is not repeated – in fact, only one pilot issue in the case was limited.
In 2010, Richard Ayoade for the first time acted as the Director of the full-sized feature film; they filmed the film ‘Submarine’ was based on the eponymous work Dunthorne Joe (Joe Dunthorne). Directorial debut Ayoade saw the light of day at the International film festival in Toronto (Toronto International Film Festival); took him there quite warm. Later, the picture came out in wide release in North America; then there was a demonstration at the festival in London and rental for the UK (Great Britain).
‘Submarine’ became the first feature-length directorial work Ayoade, but on smaller projects he’s worked previously — especially in his piggy Bank orchestrated clips of different musical artists.
In 2012 Richard Ayoade starred with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill in the Comedy ‘The Watch’. Soon the screens will be released the Comedy ‘Double’, in which Richard will act as a Director.

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