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Birthday: 22.08.1971 year
Place of birth: Leicester, United Kingdom
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Height: 187 cm
Original name: Richard Crispin Armitage
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Thorin Oakenshield from ‘the Hobbit’
In Britain, Richard Armitage is known for the series ‘North and South’, a role which earned the actor popularity almost from scratch. Known Richard and outside the country – role in the new film adaptation of ‘the Hobbit’ made him famous literally all over the world.
Richard Crispin Armitage is an English actor of theatre, film, television and dubbing. At the international level is primarily known for the role of Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s trilogy The Hobbit; in the UK famous image of John Thornton in the British TV show ‘North & South’.
Armitage was born in Leicester, England; his father was an engineer, her mother a Secretary. At a local school, Armitage was fascinated by music; he actively played cello in school and local orchestras, in parallel, studying the flute. To 14 years Richard managed to obtain a grant from leistershire authorities and to convince his mother to transfer to an independent boarding school in Coventry . As later recalled Armitage, the school that gave him a lot of useful information – especially in terms of discipline and self-control. By the time of graduation, Richard is not only perfectly mastered music and native language – and he gained absolutely invaluable experience in acting, playing in several Amateur and professional productions.
After graduating from College Armitage for six months went to Budapest, where I made a special document required for all professional actors in Britain. Returning to England, Richard became interested in musical theatre; he worked as an assistant choreographer at Kenn Oldfield and participated in various projects on a local scale. In parallel, he studied and acting more classic format, participating in theatrical productions.
To 1992-mu Armitage began to suspect that the world of musical theatre may fit loosely; this suspicion and led him to enroll in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. In the Academy Richard planned to improve their acting skills even more. After a three-year course he returned to the stage; now he already played second fiddle in the productions of the Royal Shakespeare Company and Repertory Theatre of Birmingham, in parallel acting in film and on television. In 2002 Richard received the main role in the production ‘Use Me As Your Cardigan’ ‘Charm Offensive’. In the same year he got the first major TV role Armitage played John Standring in the BBC’s ‘Sparkhouse’. Following were a number of relatively small roles, and then Richard finally had a real breakthrough – he got the role of a textile worker John Thornton in the BBC released forces teleadapt works of Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘North & South’.
To some extent, Director and producer pretty took a risk by choosing to lead a little-known actor; the risk of this, however, was justified – Armitage coped with the role brilliantly. The show was unexpectedly successful; Armitage almost overnight became a real star on a national scale. Audiences and critics praised it as ‘new Mr Darcy’, in honor of the legendary romantic character. It’s funny that he, Armitage did not expect such a warm reception for his character; he does not perceive it as a character of a romantic nature. To some extent, Armitage is very well aware of Thornton – on my father’s side his family was a lot of textile craftsmen. Working on way Thornton, Richard has invested in a very interesting and vivid dichotomy – the hero was both successful and terrible powerful businessman in fact, very vulnerable, vulnerable boys in the shower.
In 2005, the actor played Peter Macduff in ‘Macbeth’, filmed in the framework of the project the BBC ‘ShakespeaRe-Told’; in the same year he got the role of a recovering gambling addict in one episode of ‘Inspector Lynley Mysteries’. His first really big film role the actor played in the independent project ‘Frozen’. In 2006 Richard got another pretty good role – he became the Guy of Gisborne in the next version of the adventures of Robin hood. Again Armitage had to play the hero quite versatile – in General, stretching good Gisborne regularly makes serious mistakes because of his irrepressible desire fame and popularity.
In the project ‘Spooks’ Richard Armitage played a Lucas North; behind the attractive looks of the new of his character was concealed an impressive bouquet of psychological problems. During the filming of the seventh season of the show Richard even tried his hand as a sacrifice is quite real water torture. The last season of the show was shot in July 2010; it also found that true North was killed before his first appearance and all the time Armitage was playing the impostor.
In may 2010, Armitage played John porter in the draft ‘Strike Back’. Porter, on the one hand, he was a highly trained killer; on the other hand, he was quite an ordinary family and normal everyday life. Back in the second season of the show Richard failed due to the filming of ‘the hobbit’, although as a guest star, he still flashed. The image of the porter, by the way, gave Richard the opportunity to act also in the comic adaptation of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ in the role of Nazi spy Heinz Kruger.
That Armitage will play Thorin Oakenshield, Peter Jackson announced in October of 2010. Shooting, albeit with interruptions, was from March 2011 to July 2012; the movies came out in December in 2012, 2013 and 2014. On the books of Tolkien Armitage almost grown, and in the early stages of a theatrical career he had the opportunity to play in a production of ‘the Hobbit’ one of the elves. Psychologically Thorin Oakenshield was so complex a character, how much would Armitage; here was a place and complex scenes and much-loved actor of duality nature.
13th January 2015 it became known that Armitage will play Francis ‘Tooth fairy’ Dolarhyde’s in the television series ‘Hannibal’.

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