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The most beautiful man Brazil, fashion model and actor Reinaldo Risotto Gianecchini, Jr. (Reynaldo Gianecchini) was born on the twelfth of November 1972 in the city Birigui (Birigui) that in the state of são Paulo. Reynaldo was born in a family of teachers Reynaldo and Eloise, who taught the children the history and chemistry at a local school. The ancestors of this Brazilian guy was Italian. In addition to Reynaldo in the family Gianecchini also brought up two daughters, Roberta and Claudia.
His childhood and youth Reynaldo Gianecchini spent in his native town, and when he turned eighteen, he decided to go to College in Sao Paulo. In one of the universities the guy was educated at the law faculty. At the same time, Reinaldo started working in the modeling business. Soon, in the mind of a Brazilian, something stirred and he decided to abandon the profession of lawyer in favor of creative pursuits. After graduation, Reinaldo decided to work as a model outside its homeland. Luck he smiled, for two years the Brazilian was working in new York, Paris and Milan, gaining experience and… growing up.
Together with Reynaldo grew his desire to become an actor, which the Brazilian had dreamed since childhood, he even participated in children’s theater productions. As an adult, Reynaldo Gianecchini played in the plays “wow” and “Golden beginning”, under the direction of josé Celso Martinez Correa (José Celso Martinez Corrêa) is a successful Brazilian Director. During a speech in the play “Golden start” aspiring actor was noticed by the producer of the company “Globo” (Globo) and invited to audition. Through this experience Gianecchini got his first role on television. The shooting of the series began three months later. Reynaldo was lucky enough to play the main character – a young doctor in the TV series “family ties.” A partner on the series was famous Brazilian actress Vera Fischer (Vera Fischer). Those two could more than get involved during the filming of the series, as often happens between partners. That’s just sensible and Mature Faith Fisher didn’t let that happen. She’s still in the beginning of a love scene hinted the Brazilian actor, so he is not particularly fond of, and just have fun together.
In “Family ties” Reynaldo and Faith had to play a couple in which the choice is much younger than his sweetheart. Despite the fact that as a man Reynaldo Gianecchini is no stranger to such unequal relations, but as an actor it was difficult. For Brazilians, it was their first experience in front of cameras, he could not integrate into the conveyor when the day had to play forty scenes a day and do it well. Reynaldo could not fully understand their role, to merge with it, made mistakes. The scenes with his character even wanted to cut from the series, afraid that his rating will drop. But a miracle happened that few expected – rating series has become even greater than anticipated. May all this merit of Director Carlos Manuel (Manoel Сarlos). Lucky and Reynaldo, who managed not only to prolong the contract with “Globo”, but also to increase fee from three and a half to ten thousand dollars. As a result, after the release of the series on the screens, the actor has been popular among viewers, it is recognized as “Discovery of the year”, but not funny at the same time was also called “the Worst actor of the year”. Particularly criticized stepped on the scene in the series when the character Reynaldo Gianecchini learns about the loss of his beloved child, and also that she was sick with leukemia. The actor was required only to portray despair, but with his task, he failed, even though he studied with the acting teacher. After such criticism Gianecchini even thought to quit the job, but fortunately for his fans he changed his mind. Reynaldo decided to use criticism for the benefit of the business, namely to account for the punctures and make mistakes.
Following the work of Reynaldo Gianecchini was part in 2001, the year in the series “Children of eve” (As Filhаs da May), in which he got the role of Ricardo. Unfortunately, this series was not as successful, and the creators had to shut it down ahead of time. After that, a Brazilian actor starred in small roles, sometimes even in the movies. Reynaldo also decided to recall the days of his youth when he worked as a model. He accepted several invitations to participate in fashion shows, acted in commercials. A year later, the actor got the role of immigrant Tony in the TV series “Land of love, land of hope” (Erhaps). Again the main role, the actor relied a great hope and a second failure no one would have forgiven. In addition, Reynaldo knew about the rigors and demands of the Director Luiz Fernando Carvalho (Luiz Fernando Carvalho). It is not strange, but the Brazilian actor and Director gave a very nice tandem. By the way, originally for the role of Tony in the series was assigned the actor Thiago Lacerda (Tiago Lacerdo), but in some strange way, Reynaldo managed to “move”. Acting in the TV series “Land of love, land of hope” Reynaldo was able to “touch” to their roots. Ancestors Reynaldo Gianecchini were Italians, and, acting in series, he seems to have lived their life, when according to the script he had to go on the ferry from Italy to Brazil. Especially for this show the actor had to take Italian lessons and learn to play the piano. During the filming of the series was not without injuries. Somehow, in one of the scenes with actress Ana Paula Arosio (Ana Arosio Paulа) a fragment from a broken statue of the actress landed Reynaldo in the tooth. After leaving the series the actor was nominated for “Соntigо” as “Best actor”, but to get it and not been sued.
After the series “Land of love, land of hope” in 2003, Brazilian actor appeared in a cameo role in the series “Women in love” (Mulhеrеs Араixоnаdаs). Reynaldo got a character named Ricardo. 2004-the first year was noted for Reynaldo Gianecchini part in the series “the Colour of sin” (Da Cor do Pecado) Director Denise Saraceni. In this series of Brazilian actor had to play two characters – Paco and Apolo, two opposites, but very similar in appearance. An innovative approach to telenovela writer of the series, the love story and high rating ensured. In addition, after the role in this series, blowing with the actress Tais Araujo (Tais Araujo) Reynaldo Gianecchini awarded the prize of “Best couple”. In addition, the Brazilian finally recognized as an actor. But the real critical acclaim the actor was able to earn after participating in the series “the Most beautiful” (Belíssima). In this project, Reynaldo went to the comic character – mechanic Pascual Silva. It is in this character actor was given to show skills and experience gained over the years and do it brilliantly. Partner Gianecchini in the series was Claudia Raya (Claudia Raia). Their tandem was recognized as the most bright and colorful.
In 2007, the year released the series “Seven sins” (Sete Pecados). During work Reynaldo Gianecchini again met with their partners in the previous works – Priscilla Fantin (Priscila Fantim) and Giovanna Antonelli (Giovanna Antonelli). After this work, Renaldo starred in several films. It was: “Cousin Basilio” (RGM Ваsíliо), “Sex or love?” (Eho som Amor?), “Between the handkerchiefs” (Еntrе Lеnçóis) and Diva (Divа). The latest work Reynaldo Gianecchini is the series 2010-a year of Passion (Passione), where the actor got the role of Fred.
Over the years, the emergence of Brazilian actor on television he became a subject of dreams of millions of women, the standard of male beauty. Some fans just went crazy at the sight of the actor they broke through to him, tried to touch, kiss, and sometimes even tore his clothes. As for the popularity Reynaldo among women in his youth, it’s hard to say for sure. Tracking the publication with an interview about the Brazilian actor can be seen absolutely the opposite of his comments. In the same interview he admits that as a teenager he was a fat kid, and not popular with girls. In other States that problems with women he never had. But we can say only one thing – he was always interested in girls older. Almost all of with whom Reynaldo Gianecchini having Affairs was at least two years older than him.

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