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Birthday: 07.02.1975 year
Place of birth: Montpellier, France
Citizenship: France
To joke is his job
Someone at school starts to think about future career, afraid to make a wrong step and screw up my future. A few others went through Remi Gaillard, who was fired from the store for theft, and decided not to pursue a career seller, and to engage in a favorite pastime of pranking. So, since then, he has become one of the most successful comedians in the world, and his YouTube videos have been viewed millions of times. And yet, whether jokes to feed a man?
Remy Gaillard (Remi Gaillard) — French comedian and prankster who has got incredible popularity due to the short videos on the popular YouTube video, in which Remy pranks and jokes in the most incredible scale. So, at the very beginning of his career he was just making a joke on passers-by and the occasional counter, but over time he got down to business seriously: so, for example, in one scene, he appears to be a player of football club ‘Lorient’, entered the field, took part in a group photo of the club after winning the French Cup (Coupe de France), lifted the coveted Cup and even shook hands with the President of France Jacque Chirac (Jacques Chirac). Subsequently, Gaillard went on the football theme; so, in one of the videos he dared to challenge — and defeat — the famous Brazilian Ronaldo (Ronaldo) in a match for the best shot. Today, Remi Gaillard is on 17 place in the list of comedians on YouTube.
Remi Gaillard born 7 February 1975 in Montpellier, France (Montpellier, France). From the beginning, life did not Bode Remy special honour: he did not particularly like school and spent more time with friends on the street. He even managed to lose his job at the Shoe store when I stole a pair of sneakers ‘Nike’. Left with almost no money, however, he’s not disappointed: on the contrary, armed with a camera and a list of ideas for jokes, he went into the street. In his first jokes, Gaillard is often dressed in animal costumes and frighten passers-by their behavior, but over time, his sense of humor began to change and in this new video he often engaged in challenging social norms and practices. So, for example, he appeared on the street in a toy car from a computer game ‘Mario Kart’.
The greatest popularity brought him a global joke, in which he entered various sporting events and participated, posing as a player. After successful infiltration on the field during the final match of the French Cup, Remy has several times appeared at important events: when he tried to go for one of the teams in the finals of the French Cup of volleyball, as well as attempted to play one of the matches of the tennis tournament. It is interesting that every time Remy was able to get on the field and stay there for several minutes before guards bring him to the street.
Despite the fact that most of the jokes Remy Gyara is somehow connected with the sport, he often appeared on the streets of French cities in the costumes of superheroes or villains. For example, in one of the commercials he has appeared on the streets in a Batman costume (Batman).
In total his videos have been viewed more than 1.4 billion times, and the most popular ‘Mario Kart’ has collected more than 60 million views. In March 2014, the year Remy released his first feature film ‘N’importe qui’. He also appeared in the popular documentary ‘The Antics Roadshow’, the producer of which was Banksy (Banksy).

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