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The actress was born in San andré, Metropolitan region of são Paulo. She is the daughter of the Manager josé Monteiro Alves and housewife Mary Aparecida Lima Alves. Regiane early became interested in artistic activities. In childhood, she participated in poetry contests and dance festivals in College, while winning prizes.
Her dream is to work in the art world started with thirteen. It is the beginning of her career as a model and began to invest money in family capital. In the short time it has become a real star. But she Regiane understood that due to the low growth (1.55 m) success in the modeling industry it can not be achieved. Thus she decided to change a little professional area.
At the age of 17, still leaving his dream, Regiane passed the audition and began her studies in theater not far from his native city.
In 1996 Regiane tried to pass the samples to the Globo, but it never was adopted in the Brazilian youth TV series “Malhação”. After that, the decision to become an actress was never extinguished and she moved to são Paulo, where he continued the courses theatrical skill. At this time, the actress was doing tours around the country with a theatrical production and was able to afford housing in one of the largest cities in Brazil.
In 1998 Regiane first plays the main role in the novel, but so far only on the channel SBT. Her character was successfully executed, that convinced Telekritika in her professionalism. Thus began the career of the actress.
Next year she has a chance to fulfill his role in the film “Meu Pé de Laranja Lima”.
Further, the actress settles on the largest canal Brazil, Globo. For a start in the mini-series “the Wall”, and then in the popular TV series “family ties”, where the actress worked with a famous writer Manuel Carlos, who later invited her again in his series “Women of love”.
In 2002 Regiane Alves starred in a candid photo shoot for the magazine “VIP”.
After roles in the “Women of love” on Regiane fell success. And for good reason. The actress with ease was given to the role of arrogant, spoiled girl, which was condemned on every corner.
In August 2003, PlayBoy magazine invites already at that time famous Regiane for a photo shoot in honor of the 28th anniversary of the magazine. The following year, the actress starred Nude in a movie, and then admits that she is not so easy, because she considers herself shy.
The image of bad girls Regiane destroys in his next series “Cabocla”. Here she gives life to a cute character Belini, who is in love with the character of Danton Mello. The most interesting pair of them the audience was much more interesting main characters Zuka (Vanessa Giacomo) and Louis (Daniel de Oliveira). Regiane won the audience such a delicate and sensitive nature of the character.
In 2006 Regiane plays the role in the series “Pages of life”, returning to the strong negative character. It should be noted that the writer of this series was the same Manuel Carlos.
In 2008, the actress finally plays her first lead character on the channel Globo in the short story “a Perfect Beauty”. She played the role of orphans Joany, which in the end found not only a mother but a lover.
In 2010 Regiane plays a Comedy character in the TV series “Novesia times.” After this novel the actress decided to devote himself to a while the theatre and cinema.
In 2012, the actress returned to television in the series “A Vida da Gente”.
Personal life
In 1996 and 1999, the actress was married to Carlos Augusto Nogueira.
In 2000, she married a second time for Andre Felipe bende. But marriage as well did not last long and they broke up in 2004.
Since 2005, the actress was romantically involved with the musician Thiago Antonisa. On October 10, 2009, she marries him. And in may 2010 they were filing for divorce.
Currently the actress is Dating John Duarte, Elis Regina arena theater son of the actress Duarte.

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