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Reese Witherspoon – American actress and producer. The owner of “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”. The greatest popularity gained for his role in “Legally Blonde” movies, “Walk the Line,” “Cruel Intentions,” “Pleasantville”, “Between Heaven and Earth.”
She was born March 22, 1976 in New Orleans. Her parents were at that time doctors. But as a father at the same time there was also the military, the first few years of childhood, the future actress took place in Germany. And when her daughter was four years old, the family settled in the state of Tennessee. Reese, being little, I wanted to be a doctor, as well as parents. But in the age of seven, she starred in advertising a flower shop, and soon thereafter began attending acting classes. She also loved to read a lot, and after graduation went to study English literature at Stanford University. But in the high school years, she began an acting career. One day in 1990, going to audition in hopes of getting a cameo role in the drama “Man on the Moon”, by fate Witherspoon has been approved by one of the key roles. For her performance Reese was nominated for “young actor”. And the next year, she starred in the television movie “Wild Flower”, followed in the “unbearable choices: Save the baby.”
Career developed, and in 1993, the year Witherspoon was noted in the two films – “Caught in the sands” and “Jack the Bear,” and the miniseries “Lonesome Dove: The Return.” In subsequent years, it came out a few movies with her participation. So she starred in the comedy drama “The Japanese policeman” (1994), as well as the thriller “Highway” (1996), “Fear” (1996) and “Twilight” (1998), where the main role played Paul Newman. Due to a busy work schedule leaves Reese at university a year after admission. Best known at that time she brings part in “Pleasantville” film to be nominated for several awards “Oscar”. The success cemented the popular youth film “Cruel Intentions”, released in 1999, was one of the main roles which also played a husband Witherspoon – Ryan Phillippe. The couple met before the start of filming at a party, and in the summer of the same year already married, and in the autumn they had a daughter. But the break in the Reese’s career was very short-lived, soon on the screens were such a tape with her participation as “upstart”, “best plan” and “American Psycho.”
A significant breakthrough in the career of Reese Witherspoon was the main role in the comedy “Legally Blonde.” The film was a success, and she Witherspoon was nominated for “Golden Globe”. Since its fees have increased substantially, and the proposals for participation are increasingly acted in new projects. In subsequent years there were such tapes, as the film adaptation of the play by Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” the romantic comedy “Sweet Home Alabama”, a continuation of the successful comedy “Legally Blonde 2” and the drama “Vanity Fair”. published romance “Walk the Line”, based on the biography of Johnny Cash and June Carter in the 2005 year. The film was nominated for five awards “Oscar”, and received the coveted statuette Reese Witherspoon, also for this role, she got the “Golden Globe”. In the same year on the screens out the drama “Between Heaven and Earth”, which was warmly received by the audience.
Other notable bands featuring Witherspoon were “Penelope” (2006), “Version” (2007), “Four Christmases” (2008) and the comedy drama “How Do You Know …” (2010). “Monsters vs. Aliens” also voiced by Reese cartoon character. And one of her last works was the picture of “This Means War”, published in 2012, the year.
Besides acting activity at Witherspoon has its own production company, she also pays a lot of attention to charity work and cooperate with Child Protection Fund.

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