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Ready Player One

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Description of the film to the first player to prepare

In the courtyard of 2045. The world is mired on the verge of chaos, because most of the population simply survives without sufficient means for existence. To escape from unattractive reality, many spend time in the grandiose virtual game OASIS. It was created by the eccentric and ingenious billionaire James Hollyday. After his death, he bequeathed all his property (and this is half a trillion dollars and power over the game) to the only player – the one who will first get to the carefully hidden Easter egg. The whole world is now ready to fight for these incredible riches. To join the competition and an ordinary orphanage John Watts, who almost immediately was lucky to find the first key on the way to the egg. But now he became a big splinter for some organization that plans to grab money for his own selfish ends. And hunting for Watts will not only be in the virtual world full of references, dangers and incredible adrenaline …

The film is directed by Steven Spielberg. He is best known for the Schindler List (1993, Oscar), Saving Private Ryan (1998, 2 Oscar), Catch Me If You Can (2002).

The film was played by: Tai Sheridan (“Mad” (2012), “Scouts against the zombies” (2015)), Olivia Cook (“I, Earl and the dying girl” (2015), “Golem” (2016), “Motel Bates “), Mark Rylens (” Twelfth Night “(2012),” Spy Bridge “(2015,” Oscar “for” Best Supporting Actor “),” Dunkirk “(2017)), Ben Mendelssohn (” The Place Under the Pines ” , “The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend” (both 2012), “Dark Times” (2017)).

The release of the tape will take place on March 28, 2018.

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