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Raul Gazolla

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The actor Raul Oliveira Gazolla was born on August 7th 1955, in Rio de Janeiro.
Debuted on soap operas in the second version of Jungle Stone (86), interpreting Osvaldo. Then, it makes the Beast Radical (88), such as Marcelo, a student resident of the board of Lourdes (Cleyde Blota) and Pact of Blood (89), such as Fernando. But the novel that has marked his career from hunk was Kananga Japan (89), as the main character, Alex, by making a pair with Christiane Torloni.
In 1991, still in the Headline, made the Amazon – Part II (91), interpreting two roles: Daniel and Lily Person. In the following year, back to the Globo tv, and makes God to Help (92), such as Paco, in love with Maria Scandalous (Cláudia Raia), and the target of the love of Clarisse (Regina Braga). In 1993, back to the Headline, and makes War Without End (93), such as Tripod and 74.5 – uma Onda no Ar (94), as Caíque. Already in 1995, back again to the Globe Network, and makes the miniseries Decay (95), interpreting Vítor Silver.
In 1996, makes a novel of the SBT, Reason to Live (96), such as Ruffo, and then back to the Globe for the third time, and participates in the novel Evil Angel (97), living Ciro Furtado, father of Lígia (Lavinia Vlasak), and the husband of Marilu (Mila Moreira) and in the miniseries Labyrinth (98), Franklin, married to Leticia (Helena Fernandes), who ends up being elected president of the company from his father-in-law after his death.
In 2001, he excelled in The Clone (2001), such as Miro, a friend of Xande (Marcello Novaes). At the end of this novel, Nazira (Eliane Giardini) continues the dream with him (Miro), and the two go out on a winged horse through the sky. In 2003, she Kubanacan (2003), as Herrera, a friend of Enrico (Vladimir Brichta). In 2005, he made his last novel in the Globe, America (2005), as Helinho, ex-boyfriend of Nina (Cissa Guimarães), who falls in love with Maria (Camila Rodrigues).
In 2006, he was transferred to the Record, where it is today. In this year, did a small part in Proof of Love (2005), such as Cadu, and then did Vidas Opostas (2006), as the inspector Helium. Then, it makes The Mutants – Ways of the Heart (2008), as João Ricardo, and the Beautiful, the Ugly (2009), such as Armando, the husband of Samantha (Luiza Tome).
Currently living the ex-police officer Evaldo Fael in Masks (2012), making a love triangle with Eliete Cigarini (Nair) and Lívia Rossy (Yara).
Was married to actress Daniella Perez, who was widowed in 1992. Later, married with Mariúza Palhares,.of those who divorced, with whom he had a daughter Rani. Currently lives with Fernanda Loureiro.

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