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Rammstein – the Master of outrageous
I got to know the band Rammstein? Who’s idea was it to play in the style of ‘industrial’? What does the name ‘Rammstein’, and how it is related to a plane crash in 1988? Where was Metallica? Thanks to some film Rammstein first heard in America? What element of the show was the main feature of the group? Why rock musicians have been repeatedly accused of promoting Nazism? Which Rammstein album brought worldwide fame? Why is the video for the song ‘Pussy’ caused a big scandal? Participants Rammstein think about numerous charges, and whether to wait for the next challenge?
The history of the band Rammstein started in one of the most dramatic periods in Germany during the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunification of the country. In East Germany, where was born one of the founders of the group, Richard Kruspe, to make a musical career was impossible. Any attempt to create a group ran into stiff resistance of the Communist nomenklatura, which was in power. So musically gifted Kruspe remained nothing how to move on your own risk in West Berlin.
Richard was a fan of Kiss and wanted to combine favorite hard rock with electronic sound industrial. When the Berlin wall fell, he returned to his hometown Schwerin, where he met with Till Lindemann. In the past, Lindemann was the drummer for First Arsch, but continue to make music not wanted. Kruspe was so impressed with the voice of till, that he persuaded him to return to the stage.
Soon the band joined bass player Oliver Riedel and drummer Christoph Schneider. In 1994 the German ‘four’ went on the young talents competition in Berlin, where he presented on court of spectators and jury several of his compositions. To the surprise of the musicians themselves, they won the contest and became eligible to enroll in the Studio.
After a year the group was joined by keyboardist Christian Lorenz and another guitarist, Paul landers. About when exactly they got the name of the team, is not clear. It is known that it has nothing to do with the town Ramstein, where in 1988 during an Airshow there was a collision of three aircraft that claimed the lives of 80 people. According to Landers, they liked buzzword ‘Rammstein’, which from German translates as ‘Ramming stone’. It was the force and power, what they wanted to see in his music. About the terrible catastrophe of the band found out later, but changing the name did not want.
April 14, 1994 in Leipzig, took place the first performance of Rammstein. And a year later released their debut album ‘Herzeleid’ (1995). To win the audience over, the band went on tour in Europe, where he performed as the opening act Clawfinger.
However, this was not enough, and then the band had sent several copies of the disc known Directors in the hope that someone will want to remove them for the clip. Some time later, they contacted Director David Lynch. As he was busy shooting for ‘Highway to nowhere’, instead of creating a clip asked rock musicians for permission to use several songs in his movie. Thanks to the film ‘lost Highway’, heard Rammstein for the first time in America, and the popularity of the band began to grow by leaps and bounds.
In 1997 they released their second album Rammstein ‘Sehnsucht’, which quickly went platinum. But the band not so much their music as the concert shows, the main attributes were the fireworks and the fire. They not only glorify Rammstein, but gave the musicians a lot of problems.
The fact that at the end of 90-ies some media saw in the works of rock musicians right-wing tendencies. The reason for this was not just a show, in the style of the Third Reich, but also provocative lyrics, saturated with brutality and violence. Oil poured into the fire video for the song ‘Stripped’, which was shown the fragments of a Nazi propaganda film ‘Olympia’. Later Lindemann stated that it was a provocation and it won’t happen again.
The hype around Rammstein coincided with the release of the successful album ‘Mutter’ (2001). Almost all the tracks on the album became hits and brought musicians from Germany worldwide fame. To withdraw from the group the shadow of national socialism Lindemann wrote the song ‘Links 2-3-4’, which has the words ‘my heart beats on the left’.
The success of ‘Mutter’ was forced for a while to forget about the unfolding scandal over Rammstein, but soon a wave of hatred to a group of freewheeling with a new force. This time the reason was the tragic incident in Beslan, when terrorists seized the school. According to investigators, during the siege they were listening to Rammstein, to keep yourself in an excited state. As soon as this became known, a group accused of supporting terrorism. The musicians did not hesitate to answer, saying that it was complete nonsense.
Actually, Rammstein like to shock the audience and succeeded in this most. That only is the video for the song ‘Pussy’, which became the first single of the new album ‘Liebe ist für alle da’ (2009). The clip has gained notoriety thanks to scenes showing sexual acts with the participation of the members of the band. No less excitement arose around the song ‘Ich tu dir weh’. The state Committee for control of the media accused Rammstein is that they praise violence and sadomasochism. The group even had to release a new version of the album without the controversial song ‘Ich tu dir weh’.
Despite numerous provocations and accusations, the image of Rammstein was not injured. Musicians have been able to achieve incredible popularity and today are the leaders of industrial metal. In 2010, the group visited concerts of the country of the former USSR. The greatest resonance had the concert in Belarus, where it tried to ban public organizations. Ultimately, the outrageous performance of the musicians was held, gathering a record number of 11 thousand people.
In December 2012, came video album Rammstein’s ‘Videos 1995-2012’. It included clips of the band, the history of their creation, two new videos on the legendary song ‘Mein Herz Brennt’. This song appeared in a completely different sound and was filled with the piano.
For several years now about Rammstein not hear anything. Is it really a surprise? Given that the last album came out back in 2009, it is time to please the fans. In 2013, Paul landers said that they are working on a new album, but the exact release date is not called. Probably preparing something powerful, explosive and completely insane. Rammstein can’t help it…

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