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All raccoons are divided into two types, this raccoon and raccoon dog.
Ancestors raccoon – poloskuna inhabited the American forest. And today raccoons are very common for this area. Also, this animal feels good in the forests of Belarus, Russia, often found in Azerbaijani forests on the islands of the East Indies.
raccoon’s body reaches a length of up to sixty-five centimeters. The animal has a twenty inch tail and height at the withers of about thirty-five centimeters. The average weight of these animals six kilograms. However, there are individuals who weigh fifteen kilograms and more.
Raccoons are a valuable fur animals, but some peoples raccoon meat is eaten.
In some countries, a very popular sport hunting of these animals, fires back a year to several million individuals.
Poloskun this animal called because the animal that belongs to a fanatical washing.
And so how looks this amazing creature?
It should be noted immediately that the raccoon dog and raccoon, are two different kind of representative. The body of a raccoon stocky, stubby legs, very lush striped tail. Coat color is brownish gray. On the muzzle like a raccoon wearing a black mask with a white rim, from the forehead to the nose and pulled a black stripe. Between the eyes is a dark spot, rings and black girdle and tail of the animal.
Do raccoon very interesting arranged limbs. Though he walks on four paws, the front are arranged in such a way that he could keep them as subjects, he washes them well. Eating raccoon sitting on his hind legs, keeping the food front. Thanks to his long and extraordinarily nimble fingers of these animals can easily find food even in murky water.
During movement raccoon relies only on the fingers on the whole foot rests only when he stands still. Feet raccoon arranged in such a way that they can be turned out for a hundred and eighty degrees, due to this feature they can climb very high in the trees and down, head down.
There are raccoons in mixed forests, where there are a lot of old trees duplyanyh. Preferred locations in the vicinity of water bodies. The animal prefers to nocturnal. Daytime slept in the nest, and at night goes hunting. In the darkness it moves very confident, knows how to swim very well.
Raccoon Eats nearly everything. Can eat small birds, will not give up lizards, frogs, small rodents, and ravages nests are eating their eggs and chicks. He likes to eat fruits and berries, leaves without his attention acorns, nuts, elderberry, and love to eat wild grapes. Raiding the nests of wild bees, ruining nests and happily eats their larvae. I love to come back a raccoon and the fields sown with potatoes or cereals. Before you eat food extracted raccoon will long to rinse it in water.
During the summer – autumn period raccoon need to work up a lot of fat, it is necessary to have enough on its long hibernation. Raccoon is perhaps the only representative of this family that sleeps four, maybe more months. In the winter raccoons climb into a hollow, usually on some pieces. If the weather is warm raccoon can wake up and get out of the hole, but away from the nest, he does not leave, he prefers to sit in the hollow so as not to use up fat reserves.
At the end of winter, the beginning of spring in raccoons rut begins, pregnancy lasts for sixty-three days, after which the female bears from three to seven pups. At the age of four months young become fully independent.
In the wild, the life expectancy raccoon does not exceed five years.
Lowering his paw into the river, raccoon – poloskun lightning lacking swim past fish or frog.

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