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Born 28.08.2003, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
American actress.
The beginning of the way
Kuavenzhaney Wallis, was born August 28, 2003 in New Orleans, Louisiana in the US state of a large family Klindreyi Wallis and Wallis Vinge. The family, which Kuavenzhaney was the youngest of four children, lived not too rich: his mother worked as a school teacher, and his father – a truck driver, but home is always present family friendly atmosphere.
Vinge Uolees Klindreyn and gave her younger daughter’s name Kuavenzhaney. The name was made up of the names of the parents, as well as the second part of the name from Swahili translated as fairy. Other children and parents come up with the names themselves.
Film career
Already at the age of five Kuavenzhaney Wallis was cast, in which more than 4,000 girls for the lead role in Ben Zaytlina film “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. In a short time the baby became a favorite of the entire crew, and tape the script was even slightly modified to greater exploit the full potential of the young actress.
“Beasts of the Southern Wild”
The film “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” which starred girl, filmed the independent film studio and did not attract much media attention, so that the world learned about the unusual talent of the young actress at the premiere of a picture.
The film raised a number of very important issues. One of the main – abandoned by people that lived in constant fear of the future, for their children’s lives and their futures. But one can not always run away from their fears (in the film, they were in the form of wild beasts).
But as is often the case, a good idea would be buried far from the best formulation. The smooth flow of events, which in the film is not so much (the main content was reduced to describing the daily life of outcasts) in combination with a minimum of dialogue was, apparently, to make the viewer feel the atmosphere of the despair and hopelessness in which the characters stayed.
The role of the protagonist Kuavenzhaney Wallis – Hashpappi girl in the mouth which the director has put far from children’s reasoning. Kuavenzhaney played great for his age. And then, as she crumbled house, and how daring the father, and jumped out of the bus, and tears in my eyes – it was fairly! Her performance caught. At the very end, when her character uttered the words “I’m just a part of the universe!” I just wanted to stand up and clap.
Undisputed breakthrough in her acting career Kuavenzhaney Wallis became nominated to receive an Academy Award nomination for “Best Actress”. At the award ceremony came not only journalists, but also the actors themselves, they wanted to get personally acquainted with the girl, and to express my congratulations to her.
In 2013 Kuavenzhaney starred in two projects: “Shake” and “12 Years a Slave”.
Critics praised the chances Kuavanzhane Wallis on a long and fruitful film career in Hollywood.
On the screens out the film adaptation of the famous musical “Annie” with Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and the youngest nominee for “Oscar” in the category “Best Actress” Kuavenzhane Wallis starring.
“Annie” – this is not a meaningful drama, or even applying for a comic seriousness. It was a musical in which, nevertheless, are reflected such complex and timeless issues as the most important in the life of a man as an individual, objective and their cost.
The film is a musical, but given the history of music was secondary, vazhnabyla story itself. Author of youth comedies, Will Gluck went on to experiment and put it on the big screen a children’s musical, but the director does not take into account one that is impossible to do all of your pictures using the same template.
Group screenwriters tried to modernize the story, which grew themselves. Because adults do clowns, the script turned into a scheme by which the characters move, and children’s dances and songs diversified greasy jokes.
Annie optimist – the heroine Kuavenzhaney Wallis, lived with a group of orphan girls in bitchiness governess Miss Hannigan, the heroine Cameron Diaz, and could only dream of parents with normal facial expressions and without immoderate craving for alcohol. One careless little girl rescued from under the wheels of the machine businessman Will Stax, he is the actor Jamie Foxx, who just ran for mayor of New York.
At the headquarters of Stax we decided that the friendship of the wealthy and the residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods – a good tool to raise the rating in the fight for the seat of rulers, and Will became a temporary guardian Annie. According to the laws of the genre of their relationship from the category of business we have begun to move into the category of the family, but the cruel world of politics threatened to destroy all of this idyll.
Kuavenzhane Wallis tried to bring on itself the whole picture, “Annie”, and that it has worked.
“Fathers and daughters”
Kuavenzhaney Wallis, almost out of nowhere swept to Hollywood and get the first film nominated for an “Oscar”, was the epitome of a great energetic and positive character in a new project by Gabriele Muccino “Fathers and daughters.”
The main roles were invited Aaron Paul, Amanda Seyfried, Russell Crowe. The picture story of a father and daughter has been displayed, living in Manhattan. Character actor Russell Crowe – last famous writer, divorced and suffering from mental disorders, people, and the heroine Kuavenzhane Wallis, matured Seyfried, fought his own demons.
In 2014 Kuavenzhane Wallis took part in voicing cartoon “The Prophet”. Other roles voiced by Liam Neeson, Salma Hayek, John Krasinski. In the center of the plot was a single man, who was hidden from the human eye in a dark and impenetrable forest often. He was in complete harmony with nature, feeling calm, listening to the birds singing or the quiet rustle of leaves.
Personal life
Kuavenzhane Wallis Honduran studied in elementary school, I loved to spend time reading, singing, dancing, acting game, as well as playing on a games console. She practiced volleyball, basketball and athletic dancing. Favorite stars a young talented actress – Chin McClain, Selena Gomez, Hannah Montana, and a favorite dish – braised chicken from Alfredo.
Interesting Facts
“Kuaven” – the first part of the name Kuavenzhane Wallis united names of her parents, the second part – “Janet”, translated from Swahili meaning fairy.
In 2013 Kuavenzhane Wallis became the youngest contender for the “Oscar” in the nomination “Best Actress”. It also is the first nominee of “Oscar”, who was born in the XXI century.
Kuavenzhane Wallis – 10th in the list of black actresses nominated for the “Oscar” for best actress.

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