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The history of the band Queen
The band Queen are a British rock band who achieved mega-popularity in the 70-90-ies and still has millions of fans all over the world. The most famous songs by the group Queen: “We Are the Champions”, “We Will Rock You”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “The Show Must Go On”. Widely known and popular video clips the Queen, and the video for the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” is considered the first video in the history of world music (and even earlier, in 1974, trying to advertise Queen released the first video for the song “Killer Queen”), which was listed in the Guinness book of records. Also, the band Queen is considered to be the best concert performers in the history of rock music.
The Queen traces its history back to 1967, when Brian may and Tim Staffel (London students) decided to organize a rock band, which was called “1984”. In 1968, in search of a drummer, they placed a note on the Bulletin Board at your College, which responded Roger Meddows Taylor, also a student. He was immediately struck by may’s and Staffel the accuracy of the adjustment of the drums and the Duo became a trio, which was renamed “Smile”. Signed in 1969, a contract with Mercury Records “Smile” began to work in a recording Studio Trident. The main achievement of “Smile” was the performance of the opening act for Pink Floyd. In the same year, Tim Staffel introduced the band with his fellow students at the College of art named Freddie, real name farrokh Bulsara (Farookh Bulsara). Freddy was in awe of their music. Unfortunately, he is Tim because of hard studying left the band in 1970 and due to the lack of an experienced organizer Smile practically disintegrated.
May and Taylor initially came to the conclusion that they do not Shine, but here and displayed organizational talent Freddy. He joined Brian and Roger, changed his last name to mercury (Mercury), and the name of the QUEEN. In February 1971, after three unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable bass player, the group came to John the deacon, a fourth candidate, who became the fourth member of the team, lasted nearly 21 years. So it all started.
Four constantly rehearsed and participated in several small concerts for close friends in College – the same place where rehearsals were held. Then they had the opportunity to try out a new recording Studio, De Lane Lea. As payment for checking new equipment they were able to make your trial account, and, of course, did not miss such a great opportunity. Then, in 1972, the future Queen signed a contract with the recording Studio Trident, which included a recording of their albums, and publication. Also under the contract the Studio has carried out and management of the group and during the year the musicians had been only 60 quid a week each. But when the Studio was free, they could work on their first album.
The debut of the Queen took place a year later in 1973. This “Opera” music never before heard their music surprised many. The album “A Night At The Opera” marked in 1975, “hour of triumph” of the group. The following Queen CDs became bestsellers, as it were by inertia. Although it should be noted that the Queen is still more preferred to work in the Studio on the shows they really couldn’t hold on to higher quality their own albums. A striking example is their first recorded live concert – “Live Killers”.
In 1980, the Queen style of music has changed significantly – the album “The Game” sounded different. Queen started working with synthesizers that they have fundamentally rejected. Earlier on the cover of every vinyl disc adorned with the inscription of “Nobody plays on sinthezators!” or “No sinthezators!”. Since the formation of the group until his death, Freddie mercury Queen composition remained unchanged: Freddie mercury – vocals; Brian may – guitar, vocals; Roger Taylor – drums, vocals John deacon – bass, vocals. The undeniable fact that the vocals of “Queen” have no equal. It is enough to remember “Bohemian Rhapsody”, to be sure.
After the London concert, the musicians “Queen” was presented to Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Most of all happy this John the deacon, who had previously said many times that he is a fan of lady Di. Interview with the Royal couple was free, and pleasant, but John always stood on the sidelines, scared nervous, and was the only one who didn’t say a word. Later, when Roger Taylor was pry it off, deacon was only able to squeeze out: “I made a fool of himself. And all because of shyness”.

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