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Luxurious dark-skinned mistress of all trades – singer, actress, businesswoman, TV presenter, model, composer, writer, the first hip-hop artist, whose star was laid on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, it is just the Queen – Queen Latifah.
March 18, 1970 in New Jersey, Dana Elaine Owens was born. Dad and older brother of the actress were police, which later influenced her style in the works and philosophy of life. When Dana was 8 years old, she asked herself called Queen Latifah, queen (queen) in the translation from English means “queen” and Latifah – Arabic for “vulnerable”, “delicate”, so nicknamed her cousin. As a teenager, Quinn had known all the charm of city life black US quarters: “I do not need to return to the sixties. Every time I try to catch a taxi in New York City, cars pass by, to put the white man … Or they just do not want you to bring up to Harlem. What? I grew up with this. ” Once Quinn was arrested for carrying a weapon and possession of marijuana. Laboring in the “Burger King” and serve an burgers, Latifa came to believe that it may well express themselves and their civic position in the hip-hop music.
Queen Sing beginning in childhood, in the church choir in the town BLOOMFIELD (New Jersey). While studying in school, Latif with his mother created a female rap group. It introduced the Queen Mother with a local DJ Mark James, nicknamed by D.J. 45 Mark King, who became the first producer of the first record, Queen Latifah Princess of the Posse and passed the tape on channel MTV Raps. So it all started, one small success entailed the other, and as a result, Queen Latifah has become known as one of the iconic female rappers in history: the first album «All Hail the Queen», which Latifah recorded in nineteen years, and which has sold more than one million copies. In 1994, she received the prestigious “Grammy” for the single “the Unity” from the album «Black Reign». And since then, Queen Latifah is considered to be the first lady of hip-hop.
In film and television Latifah appeared in the early nineties. The first notable film role was the waitress in the “jungle fever” – a film about the difficulties of interracial relations. Then Latifa organized and led his own recording company, headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey. She produces, writes music and scripts for several films with his participation. At the end of the 90th Queen is on television his own television show “Queen Latifah Show”. As already known, she received a nomination for the “Oscar” for supporting actress in the film adaptation of the hit musical “Chicago.” Latifah sang the role of “mother” Morton’s, but the statuette went to played in the same musical Catherine Zeta-Jones.
However, in Latifa music reigns limitless. She slowly moving away from hip-hop, not for long, it can be said, leaves him to do more than jazz. And in the end goes full jazz album, which is called by the name, this singer and actress from birth. “Dana Owens Album”, released in 2004, became the gold and receives a nomination for the “Grammy”. In 2006, the star Queen Latifah was laid on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the singer has once again appealed to the hip-hop culture.
Curiously, when she appeared in the films «Set It Off» and “Sphere”, where her characters die, Latif added to the contract point “antismert”, meaning that it will not appear in the roles of heroes whose story ends in death. In 1992, the elder brother was killed favorite Latifa: He crashed on a motorcycle, which she gave him. This death plunged her into depression, and Quinn start to indulge in drugs, but was able to pull myself out of this hole. Until now, the memory of the brother of the actress wears a chain with a key on a motorcycle.
This magnificent woman-band dreams of family and children. He says that would be a better mother, will protect from all the problems, but the basis for education will put discipline – the hardest part of taking care of loved ones chadah. In the autumn of 2013 it is planned to release a new Queen Latifah Show. The film project, of course, lots of music. The show must not just continue, but simply splashing champagne.

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