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Pygmy hippopotamus

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The pygmy hippopotamus, hippopotamus little brother
Uninformed people it may seem that the pygmy hippopotamus is the result of genetic engineering, and were bred by artificial means. But in fact, a small copy of our usual hippos Mother Nature created it two representatives of the same species. So little known dwarf hippos are due to the rarity – today they account for no more than a thousand individuals.
In their natural habitat
For the first time the New World learned of the existence of these unusual animals from the German zoologist H. Schomburgk in 1911. In their natural populations in West Africa, civil wars are conducted, are deforestation and land from nature inning people, poverty makes it impossible to provide protection at the state level. Locals call them MBE, MBE, or nigbve.
Pygmy hippos are very similar to their huge relatives, they also prefer the day to spend time in the water, leaving the land to support the night. But there is a significant difference – the lack of aggressiveness, and because there are no wars for territory. Of course, pygmy hippos also mark their territory droppings on one individual is given about two square kilometers, but if it and invade other behemoth, the owner will be indifferent to watch him. Anyway, the intruder will soon go away, do not worry.
This is a rather secretive animal, the most active at night, which made quite a little information about his lifestyle. Fortunately Hippo bad feeling in captivity, and many zoos over the world can boast of them.
Features animal
The size of pygmy hippopotamus with a pig. To be precise, then:
Height – 75 cm;
Weight – up to 280 kg. For comparison, a conventional hippopotamus to 4500 kg;
Length – 190 cm;
Color – like the hippopotamus;
Life expectancy – 35 years.
As is clear, the nature of the baby calm, balanced. The brain is underdeveloped, training can not be, but people will remember perfectly through time can respond to the nickname.
A female can not wake up the maternal instinct, as happened in the South African Reserve, and the kid had to artificially nurture.
A special curiosity and playfulness are no different, preferring water treatment at a shallow depth, so that you can lie down, just watching everything around half asleep.
The contents in the home
Not for background information, but merely as food for thought, let’s look at the content of the pygmy hippo at home. Suddenly, your relative – the director of the zoo, and he will need to overexpose somewhere the animal until disinfect complex.
Due to the characteristics of the skin, which requires constant moisture, to its content need shallow pool or pond. If a cat or dog adapts to the conditions of detention, in the case of the hippopotamus have on the contrary adjust the conditions under it.
If climatic conditions allow, the best option would be to build a large aviary, surrounded by a solid fence. Land no special requirements, but the best approach is usually soft hay.
The other home pets, they are indifferent, and at a young age may even become friends and a little frolic. Strangers hippos are not afraid, so you can make a small views, of course, if the animal is on your legal conditions.
All hippos – herbivores, and at night go to the edge of the forest to chew on fresh grass. If you teach from childhood to vegetables and fruits, the diet will be more varied, as in the photo below, but do not offer meat and fish products, it is unacceptable for the hippo.
In a separate drinkers they do not need, because they drink water from a pond in which a rest. If there was a dirty water, the feeding cup with pure water needs.
It should be understood that the calorie content of such food little, and for a body weight have to eat almost half of all waking hours.
For comparison, you can ask friends owners of pigs – appetite in these animals is almost identical.
And in the end we say that if you still decide to purchase such an animal as the pygmy hippopotamus, the “give in good hands” it will not work. Soberly assess their strengths and abilities to be able to guarantee to keep it nice and very rare creation of half of your life.

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