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You ever seen a dog that jumped on the sheep’s back, and so moves along with it? This is not a trick or a plot of some film. That’s sometimes prefer to move in the middle of the herd Hungarian Puli shepherd. The breed is very old, but loved and in today’s time. What attracts breeders this unusual breed, something reminiscent of those very shaggy sheep, in which it is so convenient to go?
History of breed
Not one century the world famous unique breed bullets. This dog has other names. Often it is called Hungarian Puli shepherd dog, or floating. And then, another name to knit with her way of life, as discussed below.
It is said that the first dog, similar to the present Bullets were in ancient Rome, but their main habitat is still considered Hungary, where the dog came in the company of the Magyars from the Urals.
Shepherd dog always needed a person who was engaged in grazing. About a thousand years ago, near the Hungarian cowherd began to notice an unusual dog, which cleverly managed by a herd, helping the person. Shepherd dog Puli has an innate instinct that gets inherited, so it is convenient it is to care for the flock. Her invaluable help with the stretch of the flock from one place to another. Shepherd dog quickly understands what place it will have to surpass the naughty sheep. In addition, it inhibits the rate of movement of animals if it is very fast, and accelerates it, by slowly moving the group. Unlike other breeds Cattle Dogs Bullets smartest deftly jumping on the backs of sheep and so unusual driving animals and move with it. Working in gorahs shepherds, the day the dog is passed to run more than a dozen kilometers away, and that she is resting in such an unusual way, and along with their work is controlled. Sometimes, showing their mischievous nature, it can jump over the animals back, driving them to a new location. If the bullets will be ahead of the herd, she did not obbegat it around, and quickly turns the other end of the flock and will hold her, deftly jumping from the back on the sheep’s back.
As the dog’s residence Bullets in close proximity to man and it was found out another option – the ability to keep the house or farm. So shepherd’s dog became more and watchdog. He was devoted to his owner, so no one will even come close to his goodness.
Such beauty can not be deprived of the attention of those interested in breeding dogs in the house. Sweet Bullets becomes beautiful human companion ate it does not limit it in motion.
Appearance Puli dog
Description Bullets always begins with a shaggy dog. This is true. All animal bodies covered by a kind of coat forming a thin strands called dreadlocks. They are not in young puppies, fully forming braids completed by 2 – 3 years. Though many consider the covering of wool braids decoration rocks, it actually protects it from the cold and moisture. No predator can not bite the bullets, because it gets to the skin through the hair such protection. Oddly shaped cover is perfectly disguises dog to herd sheep, not allowing a predator guard issued a notice. Even the eyes of dogs of this breed are covered with hair, which saves them from the dust raised by the flock during the stretch to a new location.
For such a smart woolen cover is difficult to see the outline of the body. Like any herding dog, she has a lean body, well-formed musculature.
Bullets relatively small dimensions for Hungarian sheepdogs. At the withers the adult reaches 35 – 50 cm, and therefore is considered a mini-dog. Up to 15 kg adult male weighs. Weight females slightly smaller.
Standard two kinds of bullets color set. The breed can be pure white with a touch of ivory or other colors. In this broad notion of “the other” true black color, gray. All puppies are born bullets gray or white, and over time can dramatically change the color of fur and become a shaggy little miracle with black dreadlocks.
Character and habits of Bullets
Having a root herding dogs, bullets loves freedom. An ideal place for its content becomes a vacation home, where she will be able to walk freely in the yard and move without restriction. Living in a city apartment, it should not always lie on the couch. She requires daily walks. The longer they are, the better it feels like this dog. Sometimes she did not run away next to his master, who is riding a bicycle. Physical activity during walks dog delivered pleasure and promote health.
Bullets – breed of dog that loves to learn new things, so happy to perform the host team and quickly memorize them. Since it is quite affectionate, something extra friendly word, a gesture, or a biscuit will not spoil it with a clear performance of commands.
Puli breed loves to play. Do not bore her infinite execution of commands. Sometimes she just wants to be free and feel the joy of self-invented game.
Caring for a dog
Do not be afraid of thick wool, thinking about caring for Hungarian Puli dog. Her hair did not deliver a host of trouble. Combing should be little puppy while his woolen blanket soft and fluffy. This procedure will prevent toppling wool mats Any dirt prevent twisting braids. Once formed hairstyle, combing brush can not be an animal. Sometimes arms dreadlocks can be dismantled at the base, so that they are not connected in a heap.
Though called Puli shepherd water, bathing is not recommended. This can be done only in cases of severe contamination of the coat. Use detergents designed for people in any case inadmissible because they attenuate the hair and impair its structure.
Bullets in the house: to do with children and pets
Puli dog is quite compatible with their owners, if felt their love. She is so devoted to the person that is ready to be with him all the time, but he would not hurt her. If she felt an evil in itself, then quickly go into a corner and becomes closed.
Usually dog is tied more to someone one in the family, and it becomes obvious. The rest, he also would not hurt, and aggression against them will not show, but to love more the host will not be. In this regard, the animal is a dual attitude towards children. Quiet dog suffers a child, but not always ready to sacrifice himself, he ate carelessly drawn to her. Young children left alone is not recommended with bullets.
There will feel comfortable and bullets in the elderly community who can not walk with her for a long time. It will be closed due to inactivity. But young people, loves walks and sports activities in the open air, this friend will like. They understand each other from the first day of exploring.
Strangers in the house for the bullets are not enemies, but their behavior she observes. Do not miss the opportunity to evaluate the pet owner to do with him. If it is well to strangers, their dog will not touch. As soon feel the danger, as the Bullets bristle or ready to pounce without warning bark.
Bullets love attention to themselves because of other dogs did not want to see next. Her house belongs only to her and she was going to keep him one. For cats nourishes indifference, but a rat or hamster may destroy. After all, it is for her hunting thing!

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