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Everyone talked about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017. The game was in the early access for a long time, and its official release took place only on December 21 (actually, that’s why our review comes out now). Despite the long beta testing, the game has now acquired a huge fan base around the world, sold on Steam with a circulation of 25 million copies and has broken all records of simultaneous online players. PUBG is not just a game, it is a whole phenomenon.

If you haven’t heard about PUBG yet or haven’t tried to play it, then you either just demobilized, or you are a staunch fan of consoles, or an ardent haiter of every hyip. Over the past four months, I almost every evening found an opportunity to parachute over Erangel (a fictional island in the Black Sea) to try my luck and outrun a hundred people in pursuit of a “chicken dinner”. “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” – encourages the game of every winner. Luck here means a lot, there is a place for annoying accidents, but even with a loss, the language does not turn to scold PUBG for random: too much buzz brings victory in spite of not only opponents, but also randomness. But first things first.

On the road from early access
In the early access Steam games live for years. Developers get money for the sale of the product, as well as free testers who are up and down studying the game and whining about bugs. In this case, all claims have an answer: well, no one forced you to buy the beta version of the game. The popular survival Rust has been in early access for four years now, but this did not prevent it from spreading over 6 million in circulation. Over 3.5 years, the Forest has been acquired by more than 3.5 million people. The developers of the long-suffering DayZ Standalone for four years and close did not get close to the release, but they also managed to “push” the game to almost 4 million people.

PUBG prophesied the same fate. The game started in the spring with early access to Steam, and very few people believed that the developers would keep their promises and not fail the deadline, which they themselves had set for the end of the year.

To be honest, we haven’t tasted PUBG the first time. Purchased in April, she was returned to Steam due to shoddy optimization and an abundance of bugs that simply prevented her from revealing her potential. Over the summer, the developers were able to achieve a tolerable optimization through weekly updates, and most of the bugs were exacted.

True, another problem appeared: there was not enough server capacity. Already in August, PUBG surpassed Dota 2 in terms of the simultaneous number of players on the servers, and in September it broke the absolute record – the peak was 1.34 million players simultaneously. Then – just up: the game crept up to 2.9 million peak online. During this time, the capitalization of developers from Bluehole (and now PUBG Corp.) has grown to several billion dollars.

But the influx of players on the server was not such a big problem. Popularity has two sides, and the number of cheaters has increased in the game. Sometimes, after five rinks on emotions, you simply pressed Alt + F4, when the next narrow-eyed “flash” with a speedhack was finished with a dozen players. Fortunately, the developers didn’t sleep in a hat, and by November they had blocked 700 thousand accounts using cheat programs.

December was set to 1.0 point when the game goes into official release. Naturally, it did not go smoothly: the servers fell, players teleported around the map, the game crashed with errors. But it seems like the FPS in the game has grown, and the new map has added diversity, and the game interface has become much nicer.

Hyde for demob
And what do we get in the end? PUBG – session survival-shooter giant by today’s standards of size, which are responsible for the map and the number of warring players on it. The latter is usually typed under a hundred. The plane flying over the island evenly unloads paratroopers over the map. Someone decides to fly away, to have enough time to loll around alone and with relative safety: find a pair of barrels (preferably AKM or M416), and ideally a sniper rifle with zoom-sights.

But not only you, but also your opponents most often apply for good loot. And because the most “delicious” locations on the map (military base, prison, bunkers and big cities) attract more adventurers. Accordingly, it is the most important task to go down first and acquire at least some weapon in such situations.

The game has an abundance of both firearms and body kits to it: handguards, silencers, compensators, enlarged shops, collimators, and more. It is more comfortable to shoot from a weapon with such a body kit
Depending on the point where you land, the first stage of the game can turn into either a cruel masakra “frying pan versus shotgun”, or into a simulator of an aggressive homeless person who systematically carries around the houses of the gardening community.

Wanted to warm up your fingers? We fall on the school or military base of Sosnovka. There are always enough hunters and victims. That’s just the role in the first minute distributes the great Korean rand: you either immediately find a weapon, or you will immediately die at the hands of the one who found the weapon faster.

Want to play a little longer? We fly to ZHarki, calmly collect loot at home, and then try to run away from the oncoming border of the zone.

The highlight of the “royal battle” is precisely the gaming space that decreases with time. The safe circle is getting smaller each time, and beyond it, players each time get more permanent damage. In addition, the new zone appears within the limits of the existing in a random place, and therefore sit out the whole game in most cases will not work.

Such variability in the dynamics of the gameplay does not get bored. And a huge map and random landing of opponents each time generate new game situations. Have fun yourself and entertain the other – the main principle of PUBG. Perhaps, therefore, it is much nicer to play by company. In a squad of four people you will not be killed the first time: there is always a chance that partners will have time to pick you up. Yes, and collect loot much more fun for the exchange of vigorous remarks in voice chat.

Second highlight
The “royal battle” would not be such if it were not for the huge cards on which the matches are played. Since March, the first and for a long time the only card in PUBG has been Erangel. It resembles Chernorus from DayZ: shabby houses, UAZ and rusty “Zaporozhtsy” on the side of the road, here and there flashed inscriptions in Cyrillic: here “Police”, there “Barracks”, around the corner “Clothes for the whole family.”

In PUBG 1.0, the second map appeared – Miramar – with a bias in the Mexican wastelands. The blessing for the release of the colors on the map was made richer – the desert no longer brings that impetuous longing for birch trees and green grass.

It is noticeable that this map was made with an emphasis on the system for overcoming obstacles by characters. Yes, now and in the main client of the game (and not just on the test), you can climb onto the boxes and roofs. This has opened up much more room for maneuver and vertical gameplay in the densely and randomly built-up cities of Miramar.

Batya “royal battle”
Born Irishman Brendan Green lived for several years in Brazil, where he worked as a photographer, graphic and web designer. He devoted his free time to computer games like Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and America’s Army. He was attracted to this militaristic theme in games, and therefore it is not surprising that Green was familiar with the Arma series and the DayZ mod – a survivalist on an island in a zombie apocalypse. He liked DayZ. Most of the shooters he calls repeating, they have small cards that are easy to remember. And he wanted to create something more, where users would not know what to expect. Large cards, according to Green, should increase the degree of replayability. A randomly scattered loot will save players from a sense of ordinariness.

So a mod for fashion appeared – DayZ: Battle Royale (2013). There was no disembarkation from the aircraft, but there was already a narrowing safe zone. If a player was outside of it, then he began to bleed, and zombies appeared next to him. True, there were not many players on the servers. Green does not deny that he drew inspiration from the film “The Royal Battle” of the Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku.

Chicken Dinner
When DayZ released a separate project in early access to Steam, Green’s fashion popularity plummeted, but Sony Online Entertainment showed interest in it, which invited him as a consultant to develop one of the H1Z1 modes. Parachutes have already appeared here. True, the players just appeared in random sky areas with open parachutes, and the choice of locations for disembarkation was limited.

As soon as Brendan Green finished advising the creators of H1Z1, he received an offer from Korean studio Bluehole, which also wanted to create its own Battle Royale. Guru “royal battles” was appointed creative director of the company and received complete creative freedom. Never before has a foreigner held such a high position in an exclusively Korean company.

Each match is a separate story.
This part can be skipped. Seriously. Here is just one of those tales that friends exchange in smoking rooms when they brag about the top 1 taken. But why this little story should be here? Because this is what they love PUBG for. Like any sandbox, it generates dozens of unique situations and stories that everyone will have their own. There is no given narrative here, there are no universal tactics or points that guarantee victory. Hundreds of people are invested in the unfolding royal slaughter, creating unique plots in each session.

Suppose we fall on Mount Stalber. On the balcony of the radio point, convulsively recharge the raised Mini-14. An unarmed paratrooper is already rushing to the garages below. Unfortunately, for him this landing was unsuccessful. The first easy-frag in the piggy bank. Next quickly we loot the neighborhood. In the one-story barracks the doors are open: we are not alone. And the truth is that the guy with the UMP9, who gets a couple of shots in the back, blithely loses on the ruins. The location has been cleaned, we collect nishtyaki from the corpse, while a blue zone is approaching us. There is no luck with transport, there is no spawn at the traditional place. It remains to throw energy and headlong to run for the area that goes in the direction of Sosnovka.

There are no motors on the wooded hills. It seems that this session has already been spent when someone is jamming the motorcycle engine on the next hill behind us: we were definitely noticed, because no one in their right mind would slow down in a deserted place behind the zone. So it is, because of the stones, a head in a third-level helmet peeps out from above, which is trying to check through the trees. The guy is sure that we did not hear him and fled further down, he decided to jump. But only the corpse reaches the ground: it is difficult to survive the clip from the Kalash. Thanks for the transport, buddy.

The edge of the zone stops at the bridge to Sosnovka. There we change the motorcycle to a UAZ: on it you can still try to drive alive over the bridge, which cunning googies control in 90% of cases. There was no exception this time. We are not shot from an ambush, but another UAZ is tied in pursuit, the driver of which aggressively bolsters us and signals. We recall YouTube highlighting: press Ctrl + 2 and shoot the pursuer from the passenger seat almost point-blank. This is definitely the road to the top one!

And yes, it was the first top. That is why he crashed into memory in such detail. Sweaty hands are shaking, heart pounding beats right on the ears. This adrenaline rush last gave DayZ-mod almost six years ago. And this is a wonderful feeling that not every online shooter can provide you.

From PUBG you can not build a fair and skill-dependent cyber discipline. Despite all the statements of the developers, this is not the competitive mode in which you can get rid of the strong influence of the case. Yes, in the long run the best players will show the best result. But it will not save on random matches at crucial matches.

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