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Project Almanac

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In most science fiction films are often affected by the theme of travel in time. Heroes travel to the future, sent back in time and change the present. All this usually happens because the characters are going to change your life or the fate of the entire planet for the better. Approximately the desire seized a young guy from the movie “Project Almanac” While cleaning the house, David finds a small inheritance from his father – an old camera. On it rolls memories of childhood, and the guy decides to see if not preserved in the old device, some video. To his surprise, the cassette from the camera was recording a family holiday. But mysticism – on this video, there is a moment where our hero flashed an adult. He was stunned, and even more it affects the later discovery. In the garage, he and his friends shows drawings of this time machine. What is most surprising, they do manage to collect it. Since then, the group of guys decided to come off at full blast! They do use the capabilities of the machine, while earning huge sums and relaxing in places, which their contemporaries could not think. But every action has its consequences, especially in this global. Unwittingly, the travelers are changing the course of history by launching well-known butterfly effect. Now they just have to fix everything somehow familiar world they have not seen

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