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Porsche Carrera GT

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The history of Porsche Carrera GT
The appearance of the production version Carrera GT preceded by the concept presented in 2000 at the Paris Motor Show. supercar production Porsche, able to compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini, began in September 2003.
Carrera GT is, in fact, an extreme sports car, which is used when creating the latest achievements of the world of motorsport. This double supercar developed by Porsche specialists, taking into account the famous experience of racing testing and production know-how. Carrera GT – this is the most technically advanced model of Stuttgart manufacturer in the history of Porsche production cars.
Sports car got rapid appearance, while maintaining brand features Porsche. The most interesting lies, of course, in the technical side of the Carrera GT.
Roadster length 4.61, width 1.92 meters and height of 1.16 meters. It weighs just 1,380 kg. These results were achieved through the use of new technologies: the car body designed around the monocoque of reinforced carbon. Carbon is the only material that, after processing can be an excellent material for the creation of rigid, durable and lightweight panels.
The engineers have done everything possible to reduce the weight of the vehicle. The GT fitted Kevlar seats, door panels and instrument panel, the total weight of which is two times less than the same components in the 911th model. Furthermore, installed magnesium wheels, which are 25% lighter than aluminum.
Body has received very good aerodynamic performance. Porsche engineers worked virtually every detail of the body, in order to achieve excellence in aerodynamics. Everything from air intakes and ending diffuser concerned that the car lost traction. Accordingly, matched and tires: 265/35 ZR19 dimension of tires mounted on 20-inch wheels in front and 335/30 ZR20 at the rear.
Carrera GT received a retractable roof consisting of two halves, each weighing 2.5 kg. Once you have them disconnected they can be put in the luggage compartment.
The car is equipped with a 10-cylinder engine of 5.7 liters and 612 hp Up to 100 km / h Carrera GT accelerates in 3.9 seconds, and after another 6 seconds roof speed of 200 km / h. Maximum speed is 330 km / h. In order to disperse the car to such a rate as efficiently and quickly using a six-speed manual gearbox and clutch carboxylic Porsche Ceramic Composite Clutch (PCCC).
There was a place so interesting decisions as automatic raising up the middle of the rear spoiler on the 120 km / h speed, which significantly increases downforce.
In August 2005, the manufacturer announced to limit the release of this model in 1250-th instances.
A May 6, 2006 with the Porsche production line in Leipzig came last supercar Carrera GT. All were released a little more than 1,270 copies of this model. Although originally wanted to build in a Porsche in 1500 of such cars. However, demand for the Carrera GT was slightly lower than expected. In addition, the US imposed new environmental regulations, which did not correspond to the engine Carrera GT.

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