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Porcupine – rodent that lives in the South-East Asia, Southern Europe and in the mills of Asia Minor and the Middle East. Also, this animal can be found in Sri Lanka and Indochina. These visible from afar rodents inhabit mostly mountainous terrain, but also they can live in deserts, on plains.
Most of the time porcupine hides in caves, under the roots of trees or between the stones. Rodents are digging themselves a large hole in soft soils – sometimes burrow porcupine can reach 10 meters in length. Agile Pets is trying to find a refuge from which you can get at-least two ways.
To distinguish from other rodents porcupine simple – his body is covered with needles, the length of which can reach half a meter. Porcupine itself thus can reach a meter in length. Needles of this unusual rodent may have a black-and-white, black or brown color. Porcupine quills are replaced in the course of life. Total number of needles on a porcupine’s body can reach 30 000 units. Its needles perform a protective function and help keep rodent on the water – the hollow needle. However, the assumption that the porcupine needles can shoot is incorrect – this animal can only throw away their needles in the case before them touches predator. But oblong face and abdomen porcupine needles no. Like all rodents, porcupine has sharp teeth.
The porcupine is mainly nocturnal. The main food is a rodent vegetation and small insects – in the summer of problems with food from the porcupine does not arise. In winter, these animals move closer to the villages where they can steal food from gardens and cellars of people. Also in the winter porcupines eat bark. In the winter, rodents rarely leave the burrow, and with the onset of March begin to multiply. The female can bring two to five cubs.

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